Shippensburg results 2005-05-21

Most 11 yr. old racing fans or drivers would love to trade places with Patrick Milikowski. The Somers, CT. youngster not only gets behind the wheel of a 270 Micro, but also doubles the evenings ventures by powering a 600 Micro around a tight 1/4...

Most 11 yr. old racing fans or drivers would love to trade places with Patrick Milikowski. The Somers, CT. youngster not only gets behind the wheel of a 270 Micro, but also doubles the evenings ventures by powering a 600 Micro around a tight 1/4 oval. On Saturday nite, the young talent proved that he could hold his own by withstanding numerous charges by the racing veteran Mike Holley to capture his first ever 270 event at Shippensburg. Milikowski, followed that up by leading most of the 600 event before settling for second behind winner Drew Heistand. Milikowski, started the 270 event from the second row, and wasted no time in moving to the front. Once in front, Milikowski opened up a sizable lead. Holley, who started 4th had to battle both pole sitter Rick Brehm and Jason Stahl before moving into the second spot on lap 11. He then to reel in Milikowski. On lap 17 lap traffic came into play, as Milikowski got caught behind a back marker, and Holley was able to pull alongside and pass Milikowski. Just as Holley was making his move, the caution flag flew, and Holley placed behind Milikowski for the restart as that lap had not been scored. On the retart, Milikowski was able to hold the point and at the line he won by half a car length. Holley settled for second, while Rick Brehm came home third. Fourth place went to Bo Gordon, and fifth went to last weeks winner Marcus Defreitas Sixth thru tenth were B.J. Brehm, Kyle Moody, Jason Stahl, Michael Dougas, and Scott Watkins. The heat winner was Defreitas.

In the 600 event, it was Drew Heistand becoming the first repeat winner in that division this year. Heistand who hails from Wrightsville, PA. started the feature from the seventh starting spot. Race leader Patrick Milikowski had taken the lead from the opening lap and was setting a torrid pace. Heistand very patiently worked his way up to the runner up spot by lap 10. A caution bunched up the field, and that was all that Heistand needed. Once taking over the top spot on lap 12 and opened up a sizeable lead and won going away. Milikowski who had an outstanding evening came home second. Bo Gordon also had a fine evening doing double duty to grab the third finishing spot. Fourth went to Kevin Lamphere, while Dennis Landvater, making his initial appearance this year completed the top five. Sixth thru tenth were Eddie Rice, Dustin Foust, Zachary Newlin, Gary Cramer, and William Racine, who was also making his first oval appearance. 600 Heats went to Foust and Rice.

In Thunder car action, it was Chris Smith making his first trip to the winners circle this year. Smith who hails from Palmyra, PA. started on the outside row, and immediately assumed the top spot. He was able to maintain a five length advantage throughout the entire feature. The excitement on the race was for the remaining top 10 spots as runner up finisher Donnie Stine had his hands fill holding off Jason Jumper last weeks winner, Tina Ingram, and Donald Stoudt. Spots three thru five battled back and forth but at the line, that is the way they finished. Sixth thru tenth went to Keith Armolt, Russ Clavey, Mike Brindle, Nick Ruhl, and Jason Armolt. Heats went to Clavey and Ingram.

In Mini Stock action, it was Mike Kershner finally shaken the bad luck monkey off his back to score a hard earned victory. The Hagerstown, MD. driver's victory did not come easily. Kershner, who started from the fifth spot shot in front on the opening lap. Back in the pack Ronnie Buck, who had started eighth, was battling Larry Stine, Bryan Michael as these drivers had fans on their feet with spot swapping postions. Buck was finally able to work his way to the runner up spot by lap 14, and was able to pull alongside Kershner sevreral times, but Kershner was able to maintain the point, to capture his first win of the year. In victory lane Kershner gave thanks to Buck for his sportman like driving style. Buck finished second, while Stine settled for third. Fourth went to Michael, and Austin Kirby, making his initial appearance was very impressive by taking the fifth spot following a early spin. Sixth thru tenth were Crales Wengard, Larry Long, Mike Create, newcomer Grant Adams, and Dave Edwards. Heats went to Stine and Michael.

In Modified Lite action, it was Mount Joy, PA.'s Gary Funck capturing his first win of the year. Funck, had to battle multi time feature winner Todd Rahley throughout the event. Rahley settled for second, followed by Josh Sigman, Eddie Benedict, and Barry Shearer. Rounding out the field was Kirk Grahm, Dennie Kaylor, and Jimmy Foard. The Modified Lite heat went to Sigman.

Next week, to honor our Military on Memorial weekend, all spectators who show a military ID will be admitted free of charge to enjoy the action.

Complete Field Rundown

Micro 270
1) Patrick Milikowski , 2) Mike Holley, 3) Rick Brehm, 4) Bo Gordon, 5) Marcus Defreitas 6) B.J. Brehm, 7) Kyle Moody, 8) Jason Stahl, 9) Michael Dougas, 10, Scott Watkins, 11) Ken Poff

Micro 600
1) Drew Heistand, 2) Patrick Milikowski, 3) Bo Gordon, 4) Kevin Lamphere, 5) Dennis Landvater 6) Eddie Rice, 7) Dustin Foust, 8) Zachary Newlin, 9) Gary Cramer, 10) William Racine, 11) Brenden Bright, 12) Jason Heckert, 13) Alex Bright, 14) Kerry Schanz

1) Chris Smith, 2) Donny Stine, 3) Jason Jumper, 4) Tina Ingram, 5) Donald Stoudt 6) Keith Armolt, 7) Russ Clavey, 8) Mike Brindle, 9) Nick Ruhl, 10) Jason Armolt 11) Carl Rowe, 12) Rusty Neil, 13) Chris Edwards, 14) Travis Heckman, 15) Shawn Updegraff 16) Sheila Bertucci

Mini Stock
1) Mike Kershner, 2) Ronnie Buck, 3) Larry Stine, 4) Bryan Michael, 5) Austin Kirby 6) Charles Wengard, 7) Larry Long, 8) Mike Crate, 9) Grant Adams, 10) Dave Edwards 11) Bill Bass, 12) Joe Linn, 13) Tony Linn, 14) Mark Lenker, 15) Dave Friedrich 16) Bryan Neff, 17) Gary Newell

Modified Lite
1) Gary Funck, 2) Todd Rahley, 3) Josh Sigman, 4) Eddie Benedict, 5) Barry Shearer 6) Kirk Grahm, 7) Dennie Kaylor, 8) Jimmy Foard


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