Selinsgrove results 2004-09-25

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Nate Snyder of Halifax became this season's leading sprint car feature winner at Selinsgrove Speedway when he drove to a convincing victory in Saturday night's Fourth Annual Paul Stine Chevrolet National Open for 358 Sprint ...

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Nate Snyder of Halifax became this season's leading sprint car feature winner at Selinsgrove Speedway when he drove to a convincing victory in Saturday night's Fourth Annual Paul Stine Chevrolet National Open for 358 Sprint Cars.

Snyder started the 2004 season seeking his first career win and ended the year as the track's leading winner with his fourth victory of the year in the $3,000-to-win Open at the wheel of the Highland's Tire Service No. 3 entry.

Former three-time track champion Chad Layton of Harrisburg returned to his old stomping grounds and set fast time with a lap of 18.140 on the half-mile oval. Mark Freeland of Newport won the six-lap dash to earn the pole position and also set a new track record of 1:57.66 for the distance.

The 358 Open ended the 2004 season for the Cindy Rowe Auto Glass sprint cars at Selinsgrove Speedway with Jason Shultz of Carlisle clinching the track championship.

Peanut Heintzelman of Troxelville won his first race of the season in the 20-lap pro stock main event.

Polesitter Mark Freeland powered into the lead at the start of the sprint car main event. Freeland was chased by second-place starter Jason Shultz and fourth-place starter Nate Snyder. The pace was slowed after one lap when Dave Emory crashed his No. 50E in turn three.

When the race resumed, Freeland continued to set the pace with Shultz and Snyder in tow. As the event neared the halfway point, the leaders began to encounter slower traffic, creating a thrilling high-speed chase for the lead.

On lap 15, Tony Smolenyak's No. 48 stopped on the backstretch, breaking up the battle between Freeland, Shultz, Snyder, sixth-place starter TJ Stutts and third-place starter Mike Walter. On the restart, Freeland continued to set the pace while Snyder charged into second and set his sites on the leader.

On the 19th circuit, the caution unfurled when Stan Fleming spun in turn three. Under caution, Shultz entered the pit area to change a flat tire and rejoined. On the lap 22 restart, Snyder stormed around the outside of Freeland in turns three and four for the lead.

The next caution on lap 26 necessitated a fuel stop. For the final four laps, Snyder streaked away from the field and posted a 2.78 margin of victory over Freeland, Stutts, Walter and eighth-place starter Davie Franek.

Second-place starter Matt Johnson took the lead at the start of the pro stock feature and led through lap 13 when third-place starter Peanut Heintzelman drove underneath him for the lead in turn four.

Heintzelman and seventh-place starter Jake Buck raced in Johnson's shadow up until that point in the event. When Heintzelman secured the lead, he was able to pull away from the field and post a one-second margin of victory over Johnson, Cory Kepner, Tim Krape and Jason Schmidt.


Sprint Cars -- 35 Entries

30-Lap A-Main: 1) 3 Nate Snyder $3,000 2) 4R Mark Freeland 3) 11 TJ Stutts 4) 7V Mike Walter 5) 28F Davie Franek 6) 81 Bob Beidleman 7) 12 Blane Heimbach 8) 87 Alan Krimes 9) 55 Chad Layton 10) 4B Adrian Shaffer 11) 1J Jake Raudabaugh 12) 18 Ryan Bohlke 13) 2 Jason Shultz 14) 7J Justin Zimmerman 15) 25 Duane Mausteller 16) 8F Stan Fleming 17) 3M Dan Massey 18) 71 Charlie Anderson 19) 28 Keith Prutzman 20) L70 Larry Kelleher 21) 11C Cory Haas 22) 99 Kyle Bachman 23) 48 Tony Smolenyak 24) 50E Dave Emory

Heat Winners: Larry Kelleher, Duane Mausteller, Ryan Bohlke, Kyle Bachman

B-Main: Chad Layton
Dash Winner: Mark Freeland

Time Trials: 55 Chad Layton 18.140; 81 Bob Beidleman 18.199; 28F Davie Franek 18.241; 7V Mike Walter 18.241; 11 TJ Stutts 18.257; 48 Tony Smolenyak 18.265; 54 John Wagner 18.265; 2 Jason Shultz 18.306; 4R Mark Freeland 18.307; 3 Nate Snyder 18.309; 12 Blane Heimbach 18.310; 4B Adrian Shaffer 18.325; L70 Larry Kelleher 18.338; 7J Justin Zimmerman 18.394; 28 Keith Prutzman 18.525; 11C Cory Haas 18.543; 87 Alan Krimes 18.564; 8F Stan Fleming 18.577; 18 Ryan Bohlke 18.583; 71 Charlie Anderson 18.676; 1J Jake Raudabaugh 18.681; 25 Duane Mausteller 18.687; 3 Dan Massey 18.704; 99 Kyle Bachman 18.861; 1W John Westbrook 18.889; 1A Cale Reigle 18.969; 15 Adam Wilt 19.120; 9C Mike Carber 19.150; 50E Dave Emory 19.187; 84 Chad Criswell 19.213; 28A Brian Suchy 19.318; 8C Troy Long 19.404; 65 Bob Gutshall 19.794; 00P Bill Brown NO TIME; 34 Dar Shoner NO TIME

Pro Stocks -- 26 Entries

20-Lap A-Main: 1) 99 Peanut Heintzelman 2) 70 Matt Johnson 3) 12 Corey Kepner 4) 30 Tim Krape 5) 17 Jason Schmidt 6) 76 Dave Bowsman 7) 44 Harry Peffer 8) 77 Nate Kerstetter 9) 6 Dan Jensen 10) 70G Bill Glass 11) 05 John Schmidt 12) 21 AJ Hoffman 13) 14 Bill Conrad 14) 111 Daryl Naiman 15) 54 Sammy Troup 16) 1W John Wert 17) 39 Adam Jacobs 18) 18 Roger Stoneroad 19) 23 Todd Snook 20) 11 Jake Buck 21) 8 Brad Trump 22) 13 Jason Bowersox 23) 19 Gary Beward 24) 26 AJ Stroup

Heat Winners: Jake Buck, Nate Kerstetter, Corey Kepner
Consolation Winner: AJ Hoffman


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