Selinsgrove results 2003-08-30

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Kyle Purks of Langhorne, who celebrated his 17th birthday last Monday, drove a MOPAR-powered sprint car to victory in Saturday night's 25-lap main event at Selinsgrove Speedway. The win for Purks was his second of the season...

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Kyle Purks of Langhorne, who celebrated his 17th birthday last Monday, drove a MOPAR-powered sprint car to victory in Saturday night's 25-lap main event at Selinsgrove Speedway.

The win for Purks was his second of the season at Selinsgrove and the third of his career at the Snyder County track. He was at the wheel of the No. 64K owned by Dave Trutt and sponsored by Speed Equipment/Valley AG & Turf/Klinger Lumber/Cody Turkey Calls and Lynch Tours.

Terry Neitz of Watsontown held off Jeff Rine of Danville for his first win of the season in the 25-lap late model feature. The win was Neitz's fourth career at the track.

Gary Beward of Thompsontown was also a first-time winner at the track this season in the 15-lap pro stock feature, while Rick Bixlier of Tower City won his third 12-lap roadrunner event of the year.

Saturday's final point race of the season was sponsored by the Golden Corral Family Steakhouse. Selinsgrove Speedway's 2003 divisional track champions are Chad Layton of Harrisburg (sprints), Dale Kerstetter of Liverpool (late models), Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove (pro stocks) and Matt Drum of Port Trevorton (roadrunners).

Selinsgrove Speedway's remaining events on the 2003 schedule include the Labor Day Classic for 410 sprints and Super Sportsman on Sept. 1; the Alexander Family Dealerships National Open for 410 sprints and pro stocks on Sept. 13; and the Insinger Racing Fuels National Open for 360 sprints and pro stocks on Sept. 20.

Purks started sixth in the sprint car feature and powered into the lead by the completion of the first lap. Purks was trailed by fourth-place starter Vince Snyder for the first lap before eighth-place starter Rick Hench moved into second.

Blane Heimbach, who started 12th, raced into the top five by lap four. On the fifth circuit, however, ninth-place starter TJ Stutts began to show his speed and moved by Heimbach for the third position.

On the 15th circuit, Stutts advanced to second and began to reel in Purks. Meanwhile, Heimbach, Hench and fifth-place starter Jake Radabaugh competed in the top five. At the finish, Purks was victorious by a mere .69 of a second over Stutts, Heimbach, Radabaugh and Hench.

In the late model feature, polesitter Terry Neitz wired the field for his first victory of the season. Fourth-place starter Glen Heddings chased Neitz in the second spot, with third-place starter Brian Cochran maintaining the position.

On the 11th circuit, Scott Haus' race car made an impact with the backstretch guardrail. The race was stopped for EMT's to evaluate Haus for a possible shoulder injury.

When the race resumed, Neitz led Heddings for an additional circuit, until seventh-place starter Jeff Rine advanced to second. Rine reeled in Neitz, but Neitz had the faster car and took the checkered flag by just .44 of a second over Rine. Dale Kerstetter, Heddings and Cochran completed the top five.

Gary Beward started the pro stock race in the sixth position and horsepowered his way into the lead on the first lap. Beward had polesitter Jason Phillips trailing him until the third lap when 10th-place starter Jason Schmidt moved into second.

A lap later, 11th-place starter Kyle Bachman advanced to third and made it a three-car battle at the front of the pack. At the checkered flag, Beward was victorious by 1.06 seconds over Schmidt, Bachman, Daryl Naiman, and Matt Drum.

In the roadrunner race, fourth-place starter Rick Bixlier led the first nine laps. Third-place starter Jim Somers made it a dual-car battle for the lead and the win. It was on the final lap when sixth-place starter Brad Mitch reeled in the leaders.

On the final lap, Bixlier edged out Mitch and Somers for the win in the non-stop event (5:49.00). Jason Zook and Chris Eckert rounded out the top five.


Sprint Cars - 22 Entries

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 64K Kyle Purks 2) 11T TJ Stutts 3) 12 Blane Heimbach 4) 4B Jake Radabaugh 5) 1 Rick Hench 6) 28F Davie Franek 7) 1M Babe Mader 8) 17 John Smith 9) 21 Duane Mausteller 10) 10 Donnie Beaver 11) 15 Vince Snyder 12) L70 Larry Kelleher 13) 56 Nate Snyder 14) 13 Jen Yinger 15) 0M John Miller 16) 48 Tony Smolenyak 17) 16 Cliff Brian 18) 45 Greg Lotosky 19) 31 Tim Higgins 20) 54 John Wagner 21) 80 Todd Reed 22) 6F Bill Fannasy

Heat Winners: Jen Yinger, Kyle Purks

Late Models - 21 Entries

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 75T Terry Neitz 2) 2J Jeff Rine 3) 7 Dale Kerstetter 4) 8H Glen Heddings 5) 16 Brian Cochran 6) 45 Eric Hons 7) 111 Tony Adams 8) 32 Jeff Smith 9) 8 Jimmy Adams 10) 19J Pen Kester 11) 6 Donnie Schick 12) 44 Tony Smith 13) 14 Dave Reed 14) 5 Erick Metzger 15) 33 Scott Haus 16) 27 Jim Yoder 17) 29 Dick Houtz 18) 88X Chris Wilkinson 19) 92 Randall Paxton 20) 77 John Troxell 21) 4S Dave Schulski

Heat Winners: Brian Cochran, Terry Neitz

Pro Stocks - 25 Entries

15-Lap A-Main: 1) 19 Gary Beward 2) 2 Jason Schmidt 3) 99 Kyle Bachman 4) 111 Daryl Niaman 5) 48 Matt Drum 6) 70 Matt Johnson 7) 38 Rob Baker 8) 10 Gerald Kratzer 9) 54 Sammy Troup 10) 14 Bill Conrad 11) 4 Jim Adams 12) 26 AJ Stroup 13) 17 John Heane 14) 11 Jake Buck 15) 47 Eric Cauffman 16) 81 Todd Kiger 17) 44 Harry Peffer 18) 70 Matt Johnson 19) 9 Doug Benner 20) 66 Jason Phillips 21) 6 Frank Reisser 22) 77 Nate Kerstetter 23) 7 Meade Hahn 24) 7W Gary Welsh 25) 88 Jason Davis (DNS)

Heat Winners: Kyle Bachman, Gary Beward, Jason Schmidt

Roadrunners - 13 Entries

12-Lap A-Main: 1) 1 Rick Bixlier 2) 10M Brad Mitch 3) 23 Jim Somers 4) 28 Jason Zook 5) 58 Chris Eckert 6) 48 Matt Drum 7) 00 Cory Long 8) 48X 9) 49 Craig Imes 10) 41 Dennis Conrad 11) 111 Jim Niaman 12) 4 Jake Smulley 13) 3 Jason Brosius 14) 7 Jeff Baney 15) 115 Don Scheib


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