Selinsgrove results 2003-08-23

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Kevin Nouse of Lewisberry powered to his third win of the season in Saturday night's Penn-Selin Air 30-lap Summer Championship for sprint cars. Eric Hons of Benton won his second feature of the season in the 25-lap late model...

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Kevin Nouse of Lewisberry powered to his third win of the season in Saturday night's Penn-Selin Air 30-lap Summer Championship for sprint cars.

Eric Hons of Benton won his second feature of the season in the 25-lap late model event, while Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove won the 20-lap Summer Championship race for pro stocks.

Rick Bixlier won his second 12-lap roadrunner feature of the season.

Selinsgrove Speedway returns to racing action this Saturday, August 30, with a racing program of sprints, late models, pro stocks and roadrunners starting at 7 p.m. The race, sponsored by the Golden Corral Family Steakhouse, will be the final point race of the 2003 season. Going into Saturday's event, Chad Layton of Harrisburg and Kyle Bachman have clinched the sprint car and pro stock titles, respectively.

On the initial start of the sprint car feature, a violent double-flip occurred in the first turn of the speedway involving Cale Reigle and Bob Beidleman. Reigle's No. 1A race car flipped out over the speedway's three-tier guardrail, while Beidleman's car flipped over several times inside the track. Both drivers escaped injury.

Second-place starter Duane Mausteller powered into the lead on the restart. Mausteller was trailed by polesitter John Wagner. Wagner then passed Mausteller for the lead in turns one and two on the fifth circuit.

On lap nine, Mausteller got sideways in turn one and collected Nate Snyder and Chad Layton. Both Mausteller and Snyder were sidelined, while Layton was able to rejoin.

By lap 10, 10th-place starter Blane Heimbach was racing second, only to have the front nose wing come loose on the race car. As a result, Heimbach struggled with the handling of the car and saw ninth-place starter Kevin Nouse and 15th-place starter TJ Stutts drive by him. Later in the race, Heimbach pitted during a yellow flag to have the wing repaired and was able to rejoin.

On lap 16, Donnie Beaver spun in turn one and collected Layton. Both drivers were forced pitside as a result of the incident.

When the race resumed, Nouse stormed by Wagner for the lead in turn three. On lap 18, Wagner struck the third turn guardrail and was forced to withdraw from the race. For the remaining laps, Nouse led Stutts, fifth-place starter Cliff Brian, 22nd-place starter Davie Franek and 16th-place starter Babe Mader.

Nouse's margin of victory was 1.47 seconds over Stutts.

Outside front row starter Chris Wilkinson drove into the lead at the start of the late model race. Wilkinson led polesitter Donnie Schick for the first seven circuits. On lap eight, sixth-place starter Eric Hons moved into second and set his sites on Wilkinson.

On the 14th circuit, Hons made an inside pass by Wilkinson in turns one and two for the lead. Once in front, Hons drove away and posted a 3.75-second margin of victory over Wilkinson, eighth-place starter Jeff Smith, fifth-place starter Glen Heddings and seventh-place starter Jeff Rine.

Polesitter Gary Kerstetter took the lead at the start of the pro stock championship. Kerstetter was chased by second-place starter Meade Hahn until the third circuit, when seventh-place starter Nate Kerstetter moved into second.

The two Kerstetters dueled for the lead through the eighth circuit, then ninth-place starter Kyle Bachman took command of the field. Bachman contended with 10th-place starter Gary Beward for the duration of the extra-distance event.

At the finish, Bachman was victorious by 3.75 second over Beward, sixth-place starter Jake Buck, Jason Schmidt and Gerald Kratzer.

Polesitter Don Scheib led the first lap of the roadrunner feature. On the second circuit, third-place starter Rick Bixlier took command of the field. Bixlier drove to the victory over sixth-place starter Matt Drum and second-place starter Jim Somers.


Sprint Cars - 25 Entries

30-Lap Summer Championship: 1) 21 Kevin Nouse 2) 11T TJ Stutts 3) 16 Cliff Brian 4) 28F Davey Franek 5) 1M Babe Mader 6) 12 Blane Heimbach 7) 4B Jake Radabaugh 8) 6F Bill Fannasy 9) 46 James Layton 10) L70 Larry Kelleher 11) 31 Tim Higgins 12) 13 Jen Yinger 13) 45 Greg Lotosky 14) 54 John Wagner 15) 10 Donnie Beaver 16) U1 Chad Layton 17) 64K Kyle Purks 18) 0M John Miller 19) 21 Duane Mausteller 20) 56 Nate Snyder 21) 8C Troy Long 22) 1A Cale Reigle 23) 81 Bob Beidleman 24) 7J Justin Zimmerman (DNS) 25) 98 Jamie Schwarz (DNS)

Heat Winners: John Wagner, Duane Mausteller, Kyle Purks

Late Models - 22 Entries

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 45 Eric Hons 2) 88X Chris Wilkinson 3) 32 Jeff Smith 4) 8H Glen Heddings 5) 2J Jeff Rine 6) 7 Dale Kerstetter 7) 8 Jimmy Adams 8) 24 Al Shawver 9) 14 Dave Reed 10) 4S Dave Shulski 11) 44 Tony Smith 12) 16 Brian Cochran 13) 6 Donnie Schick 14) 41 Lou Schultz 15) 5 Kirk Ryan 16) 71 Bill Sube 17) 2 Jeff Rayson 18) 29 Dick Houtz 19) 111 Tony Adams 20) 77 John Troxell 21) 75T Terry Neitz 22) 15 Jason Covert

Heat Winners: Chris Wilkinson, Eric Hons, Jeff Rine

Pro Stocks - 22 Entries

20-Lap Summer Championship: 1) 99 Kyle Bachman 2) 19 Gary Beward 3) 11 Jake Buck 4) 2 Jason Schmidt 5) 10 Gerald Kratzer 6) 19K Corey Kepner 7) 26 Kevin Leitzel 8) 48 Matt Drum 9) 9 Gary Kerstetter 10) 38 Rob Baker 11) 7W Gary Welsh 12) 70 Matt Johnson 13) 4 Jim Payne 14) 14 Bill Conrad 15) 54 Sammy Troup 16) 77 Nate Kerstetter 17) 81 Todd Kiger 18) 115 Troy Miller 19) 7 Meade Hahn 20) 99H Peanut Heintzelman 21) 66 Jason Phillips 22) 06 Dave Newcomer (DNS)

Heat Winners: Peanut Heintzelman, Kevin Kratzer, Kyle Bachman

Roadrunners - 15 Entries

12-Lap A-Main: 1) 1 Rick Bixlier 2) 48 Matt Drum 3) 23 Jim Somers 4) 115 Don Scheib 5) 58 Chris Eckert 6) 00 Cory Long 7) 4 Jake Smulley 8) 111 Jim Nieman 9) 7 Jeff Baney 10) 3 Jason Brosius 11) 77 Barry Schrader 12) 10M Brad Mitch 13) 41 Dennis Conrad 14) 48X Kyle Bachman 15) 110 Joey Keister (DQ)


The 21st Annual National Open for 410 sprints sponsored by Alexander Family Dealerships as part of the Middleswarth Potato Chips 410 Series will take place Sept 13, closing the Middleswarth Series with a bang for both the fans and the drivers as fireworks will be on the agenda and the purse has been dramatically increased over season's past.

The 3rd Annual event for the Cindy Rowe sprint cars will take place as an added show, on September 20 and will allow a 360 c.i. engine maximum.

The winner of the 21st Open for 410's on September 13 will receive $5,000 with time trials setting the grid. Tenth finishing position will pay $1,000 and the 30-lapper will post $325 to start. The Open is raindated for September 14 and is accompanied by pro stocks . In an expanded National Open format, speedway officials have announced that the tracks weekly marquee 358 sprints will compete in their 3rd Annual 30-lap event on Saturday, September 20. The Alexander Dealerships Open will pay $3,000 to win and time trials will set the staring grid. The event will be open to sprint cars with an engine maximum of 360 cubic inches.

The limited sprint Open has coincided with the 410 Open the past two years. More details of the Alexander Open purses and format will be released in the coming days.

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