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8/25/01, SELINSGROVE, PA -- For the 11th time this season, Harrisburg's Chad Layton roared to victory Saturday night at Selinsgrove Speedway aboard his U1 sprint car. For the 25-year old Layton, the win was worth $1,400 on Penn-Selin Air night at...

8/25/01, SELINSGROVE, PA -- For the 11th time this season, Harrisburg's Chad Layton roared to victory Saturday night at Selinsgrove Speedway aboard his U1 sprint car. For the 25-year old Layton, the win was worth $1,400 on Penn-Selin Air night at the Snyder County oval.

In late model action, Don Schick drove to his first ever speedway win in the divisions 20-lap main event in a convincing run that saw him wire the field for a $1,200 payday. Elsewhere, Kyle Bachman picked up a win in the pro stock feature.

Selinsgrove Speedway returns to action on September 1 with a special holiday five-division program of sprint cars, late models, pro stocks, roadrunners and vintage cars, getting underway at 7 p.m. Sprints will compete in a 30-lap championship paying $1,200 to win and general admission for the show will be just $9.00.

Selinsgrove's Blane Heimbach jumped into the lead at the start of the 25-lap sprint car feature over Daryl Stimeling and Kevin Nouse. In only his fourth week behind the wheel of a sprint car, Heimbach looked like a winner during the early stages of the event as he entered the backmarkers on the seventh lap with over a straightaway lead.

Heimbach was threading his way through traffic two laps later when the red flag appeared for a multi-car accident in turn three that collected four of the top six cars including Bob Camilli, Nouse and Rick Hench. All four fleet running pilots piled into a spin as performed by Vince Snyder. Heimbach found himself followed by seventh starter Brian Buckwalter, Jimmy Layton and Chad Layton for the restart, the latter of whom was running eighth before the stoppage. When green replaced the red, it was Buckwalter moving into second with his sights set on the leader as Joe Whitcomb moved around Chad Layton for fourth.

With ten to go however it was Layton who drew attention to himself, moving to second before tracking down Heimbach with five to go to drive off with the lead after making a lowside turn four pass. Once in front, Layton maneuvered through traffic to record his 11th speedway win of the season over Buckwalter, Heimbach, Whitcomb and T.J. Stutts. Sixth through tenth went to Dale Hammaker, Jimmy Layton, Nate Snyder, Buzz Wilson and Jamie Schwartz.

Joe Whitcomb, Rick Hench, Daryl Stimeling and Chad Layton won heats for the 33-car field. Vince Snyder took the consolation event.

The initial start of the 20-lap late model feature was red-flagged for a 14-car pileup in the first corner. Despite some hard contact from the rear of the field, all drivers escaped injury.

The second attempt at a start yielded better results with Sunbury's Don Schick pacing the field over Dale Kerstetter. After five laps, Schick remained in control, having pulled away from Kerstetter, Eric Hons, Steve Campbell and Jeff Rine when the races first yellow appeared.

Subbing for Tony Adams, Schick maintained control on the restart, again pulling away after five more laps had been completed. At the halfway point, Schick held a half straightaway advantage over the rest of the field. With just five circuits remaining, Schick began feeling pressure for the lead from Kerstetter as he worked the backmarkers. After clearing the slow cars however, Schick again pulled away, this time to notch his first ever Selinsgrove Speedway win.

Following Schick to the line was Kerstetter, Hons, Campbell and Chris Shuey. "I hope Roy and Tony (Adams) stay at the shore the rest of the year," exclaimed Schick after climbing from his racer. "I owe them this win, they called me yesterday and said drive the car."

Travis Dillman, Dale Kerstetter and Jeff Rine picked up late model qualifying events. Steve Earnest won the consolation event. Bachman's win in the feature was his seventh of the season. Kyle Bachman and Troy Miller took heats for the pro stocks.

In speedway news, tickets for the 2001 Selinsgrove Speedway/Selinsgrove Raceway Park awards banquet are now on sale. At a price of $28.00, tickets can be purchased at the speedway office on race nights or by calling 570-374-2999 and leaving a message.

The 2001 banquet will be held on Saturday, November 24 at the Harrisburg-Hershey Marriott. Along with championship rings courtesy of Foss Jewelers and Hoosier jackets and trophies, a total Hoosier Point Fund in excess of $14,000 will be distributed at the banquet.

<pre> RACE SUMMARY Sprint Cars -33 -entries Heat winners: Joe Whitcomb, Rick Hench, Daryl Stimeling, Chad Layton. Consolation: Vince Snyder. Feature finish: 1. Chad Layton, 2. Brian Buckwalter, 3. Blane Heimbach, 4. Joe Whitcomb, 5. T.J. Stutts, 6. Dale Hammaker, 7. Jimmy Layton, 8. Nate Snyder, 9. Buzz Wilson, 10. Jamie Schwartz, 11. Rick Hench, 12. Bob Beidleman, 13. Denny Gross, 14. Tim Higgins, 15. Kenny Myers, 16. Charlie Anderson, 17. Vince Snyder, 18. Brian Powell, 19. James Layton, 20. J.R. Berry, 21. Daryl Stimeling, 22. Bob Camilli, 23. Kevin Nouse, 24. Tim Hershey.

Late Models -- 26 - entries Heat winners: Travis Dillman, Dale Kerstetter, Jeff Rine. Consolation: Steve Earnest. Feature finish: 1. Don Schick, 2. Dale Kerstetter, 3. Eric Hons, 4. Steve Campbell, 5. Chris Shuey, 6. Jeff Rine, 7. Bobby Croop, 8. Tim Gray, 9. Steve Earnest, 10. Butch Campion, 11. Dan Stone, 12. Travis Dillman, 13. Jeremy Stone, 14. Roger Meyers , 15. Dave Reed , 16. Eric Balliet , 17. Glen Heddings , 18. Jim Farley , 19. Brian Coffey , 20. Robbie Smith , 21. Jeff Leiphart , 22. Chris Byers 23. Dave Shulski, 24. Donnie Farling Pro Stocks -20-entries Heat winners: Kyle Bachman, Troy Miller. Feature finish: 1. Kyle Bachman, 2. Tim Krape, 3. Troy Miller, 4. Doug Hendricks, 5. Harry Peffer, 6. Scott Dorman, 7. Jake Buck, 8. A.G. Hasko, 9. Brad Thrump, 10. Billy Shipman, 11. Will Simmers, 12. Don Murphy, 13. Matt Drum, 14. Gary Kerstetter, 15. Dave Brouse Jr., 16. Meade Hahn, 17. Mark Benson, 18. Neil Langtry, 19. Greg Brouse, 20. Bob Baumgardner.


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