Selinsgrove report 2001-08-1

SELINSGROVE, PA -- Run each season in honor of the former stock car driver and owner, Danville's Jeff Rine drove to victory in Saturday night's 25-lap, 15th Annual Bob Bender Memorial for Late Models. The convincing win was Rine's fourth of the...

SELINSGROVE, PA -- Run each season in honor of the former stock car driver and owner, Danville's Jeff Rine drove to victory in Saturday night's 25-lap, 15th Annual Bob Bender Memorial for Late Models. The convincing win was Rine's fourth of the year at Selinsgrove Speedway and it came after an impressive run to the front.

"I always wanted to win the Bender Memorial race," exclaimed a tired Rine after climbing from his racer. "It means alot to me to win this. I don't know if I could have made too many more laps. After that, I'm out of breath!"

In sprint car action, Chad Layton drove to yet another victory in the divisions 25-lap main event while Kyle Bachman picked up a win in the pro stock feature. Selinsgrove Speedway returns to action on August 18 with Auto Locator Night.

Sponsored by the Mt. Joy based, new and used car buyers guide, the program features sprints, late models and pro stocks, getting underway at 7 p.m. On the heels of a successful August 11 reduced admission promotion, speedway tri-promoters will again allow general admission to remain at just $7.00 for this Saturday. Courtesy of Auto Locator, free pens will be given to the first 1,000 fans passing through the gates and additional giveaways are also slated as provided by the Locator.

After the initial start of the 25-lap Bender Memorial was marred by an 11-car pileup in the second corner, the second attempt yielded a horrifying crash on the frontstretch involving Sunbury's Tony Adams. After restarting eighth, Adams got bottled up behind Benton's Eric Hons and turned sideways in the middle of the pack only to be hit broadside by Glenn Heddings and Jim Farley. After a deafening double impact, all drivers escaped injury. When action resumed safely, it was Don Schick who paced the field for the first three laps ahead of a rapidly advancing Rine. After starting seventh, Rine was streaking around the half-mile in wild fashion, making holes that would eventually snare him the lead.

In a breathtaking move, Rine went three-wide into the first corner, on the outside of Schick and Dan Stone to blast into the lead on the fourth go-around. Once in front, Rine drove away from the competition but was halted with ten down for a stopped Stone. Rine found seven-time winner Dale Kerstetter on his tail for the restart.

The restart and the rest of the race proved academic for Rine, who bested the field by a half-straightaway for his first ever Bender Memorial win. Rine's win was only endangered once, with five to go when he was stunted briefly by lapped traffic but another three-wide move netted the young pilot the $1,200 win aboard his neon deuce.

"It got hairy a couple times on the starts," noted Rine. "But I am here to win races and that's what we did tonight." The triumph was Rine's second in a row at the Snyder County oval.

Following Rine to the line was Kerstetter of Liverpool, followed by Hons, Robbie Smith, Jimmy Adams, Jeremy Stone, four-time event winner Bobby Croop, Dave Shulski, Billy Wampler and Don Schick.

Rine, Hons and Dan Stone picked up late model qualifying events. Sixth starter Joe Whitcomb of Elizabethville wasted little time taking the early lead in the 25-lap sprint car feature. Whitcomb had amassed nearly a straightway lead with only two laps complete when the races first caution flew for a stopped Troy Long. Running in front of Bob Beidleman, Whitcomb drove off on the restart but was slowed a lap later when Billy Dietrich spun and nailed the inside front stretch guardrail. Dietrich was transported for treatment of a possible broken arm.

A return to action saw Whitcomb again drive away while heavy hitters T.J. Stutts and Chad Layton entered the picture. With six away, Whitcomb had again opened up nearly a straightaway over the pack when Babe Mader slowed, putting Bob Camilli, Stutts and Layton on his tail.

Whitcomb held his own when green replaced the yellow and although Stutts and Layton moved to second and third respectively on the 11th circuit, both were failing to close on the leader with 11 laps to go when the pace was slowed once more. Stutts slammed the door on Layton at the new green, allowing Whitcomb to sneak away before another yellow with ten to go.

The final ten laps of the event went non-stop and amazingly, after loosing the second spot to Stutts with five to go in traffic, Layton regrouped to somehow run down the leader on the last lap. And just like last week, Layton made his win dramatic, taking the lead in the last corner from Whitcomb just as he did from Jim Nace on the last lap a week earlier. Whitcomb finished a fine second, followed by TJ Stutts, Jim Nace, Bob Camilli, Brian Buckwalter, Scott Ausherman, Daryl Stimeling, Vince Snyder and Kevin Knouse.

Bob Beidleman, Camilli and Chad Layton won sprint car heats. Rick Hench took the consolation event.

In the 12-lap pro stock feature, Selinsgrove's Kyle Bachman took the lead from Troy Miller on the fourth lap to speed to his sixth Selinsgrove win of the season. Gerald Kratzer moved to second on the fifth lap but failed to challenge the rapid running Bachman for the win. Kratzer rode home second followed by Miller, Don Murphy and Jake Buck.

Kratzer and Bachman took heats for the pro stocks.

In speedway news, tri-promoters Earl and Carl Zechman and Charlie Paige continue to reinforce their commitment to staging quality racing programs at Selinsgrove at an affordable price. After opting to set general admission for the Bender Memorial at just $7.00, a favorable turnout will yield yet another week of racing for fans at the lowest admission price in the mid-state this Saturday.

"We want the fans to realize just how good our shows here at Selinsgrove are," said promoter Earl Zechman. "Racing needs to be fun for everybody and this deal seems to be working so if the fans continue to support us, we will stay with $7.00 for this week and evaluate it again next Saturday." Paige echoes Zechman's sentiments. "I hear quite often that it costs less to go to the movies than it does to the races," said Paige. "Now that has changed and given the choice, I'd take the races anytime!" <pre>

RACE SUMMARY Sprint Cars -26 -entries Heat winners: Bob Beidleman, Bob Camilli, Chad Layton. Consolation: Rick Hench. Feature finish: 1. Chad Layton , 2. Joe Whitcomb , 3. TJ Stutts , 4. Jim Nace , 5. Bob Camilli , 6. Brian Buckwalter , 7. Scott Ausherman , 8. Daryl Stimeling , 9. Vince Snyder , 10. Kevin Knouse , 11. Jimmy Layton , 12. Blane Heimbach , 13. Jeremy Gardner , 14. Jim Layton , 15. Charlie Andersen , 16. Joe Ross , 17. Rick Hench, 18. Brian Powell , 19. Bill Fannasy , 20. Bob Beidleman , 21. Bob Sanso , 22. Babe Mader , 23. Billy Deitrich , 24. Troy Long.

Late Models -- 23- entries Heat winners: Jeff Rine, Eric Hons, Dan Stone. Feature finish: 1. Jeff Rine, 2. Dale Kerstetter, 3. Eric Hons, 4. Robbie Smith, 5. Jimmy Adams, 6. Jeremy Stone, 7. Bobby Croop, 8. Dave Shulski, 9. Billy Wampler, 10. Don Schick, 11. Dave Reed, 12. Chris Shuey, 13. Dan Stone, 14. Dick Houtz, 15. Bryan Coffey, 16. Doug Miduri, 17. Tony Adams, 18. Chris Byers, 19. Jim Farley, 20. Glenn Heddings, 21. Mike Bingamin, 22. Bill Karp, 23. John Troxell.

Pro Stocks -10-entries Heat winners: Gerald Kratzer, Kyle Bachman. Feature finish: 1. Kyle Bachman, 2. Gerald Kratzer, 3. Troy Miller, 4. Don Murphy , 5. Jake Buck, 6. Matt Drum, 7. Darrel Nieman, 8. Meade Hahn, 9. Mark Benson, 10. Doug Hendricks.


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