Selinsgrove report 2001-07-14

7/14/01, SELINSGROVE, PA -- Harrisburg's Chad Layton proved victorious in Saturday night's 25-lap sprint car feature at Selinsgrove Speedway. For Layton, the convincing win extended his point lead over challenger T.J. Stutts while netting him a...

7/14/01, SELINSGROVE, PA -- Harrisburg's Chad Layton proved victorious in Saturday night's 25-lap sprint car feature at Selinsgrove Speedway. For Layton, the convincing win extended his point lead over challenger T.J. Stutts while netting him a cool $1,000 on a night sponsored by Kreamer Construction of Middleburg.

Elsewhere, in stock car action, Dale Kerstetter drove to victory in the late model division and Kyle Bachman picked up the win in the regularly scheduled pro stock feature. Jake Buck took a make-up main event for the pro stocks, which was spun off first on the nights program.

Coming up on July 21 at Selinsgrove Speedway will be another three-division program of sprint cars, late models and pro stocks, getting underway at 7 p.m. The evening's program is proudly sponsored by Advanced Concrete Systems of Middleburg, the areas manufacturing leader in prefabricated concrete walls.

Polesitter Vince Snyder of Lewistown jumped into the lead at the start of the sprint car feature over fellow front row starter Tim Higgins. Snyder was trying to motor away at the front of the field during the early going as eighth starter Jim Nace made tracks towards the front.

Nace had already blistered into fourth after the completion of the first circuit and took third from two-time winner Brian Buckwalter just two laps later. Moving to the front while running on the bottom, Nace was side by side with leader Snyder for the top-spot on the sixth lap when Buckwalter rolled to a stop while holding down fourth.

Nace went back to work trying to claim the lead on the restart as six-time winner Layton raced fifth. Nace tasted success two laps later when he bolted under Snyder for the lead in the first corner as Layton moved into third.

Layton had nearly claimed the second spot when last weeks winner, T.J. Stutts flipped violently with Joe Whitcomb in turn four, halting the pace again with 15 to go. On the restart, Bill Fannasy launched his 6F in the first turn, performing a series of flips while leaving the speedway. Luckily, both Stutts and Fannasy escaped injury and miraculously, Stutts tagged to the rear after the extended red.

Layton appeared to be shot out of a cannon on the restart, zooming around Snyder for second and then sweeping past veteran Nace for the win in turn two with nine laps to go to drive off from the field for his seventh Selinsgrove win of the season. Nace rode home second followed by 11th

starter Dale Hammaker, Vince Snyder and Nate Snyder. Sixth through tenth went to Bob Beidelman, James Layton, Tim Higgins, Denny Gross and Stutts.

Vince Snyder and Whitcomb picked up sprint car qualifying events. Front row starter Jimmy Adams of Sunbury paced the field for the first 12-laps in the 20-lap late model main. Adams was pressured throughout by sixth starter and six-time winner Dale Kerstetter before giving way to the one-time champion on a restart with eight laps to go.

With Kerstetter at the helm, Adams failed to allow the leader any breathing room while trying to record his first career win. In contrast, Kerstetter was racing for his 26th at the venerable oval, which he did pick up by less than six car-lengths over Adams.

"Adams didn't need that caution," noted the rejuvenated Kerstetter. "This place has really been racy this year." The win was Kerstetter's seventh of the year in Snyder County.

Bobby Croop rode home third followed by Eric Hons and Robbie Smith. Sixth through tenth went to Don Schick, Lou Schultz, Mike Bingaman, Donnie Farling and Dave Shulski.

Adams and Dan Stone won late model heats.

After four attempted starts in the 12-lap pro stock main, Jake Buck took control on the second lap over Scott Dunham, Scott Dorman and 14th starter Kyle Bachman. After blasting to the front early, Bachaman was clearly the man on the move, taking second from Dunham with four down while setting his sights on the leader.

Despite having the apparent fastest car on the track and pulling along side Buck for the lead numerous times over the last half of the distance, Bachman failed to steal the win until the last circuit. Once in front however, Bachman drove to a comfortable margin over Troy Miller and Buck. Miller and Scott Dorman took heats for the pro stocks.

Front row starter Gary Kerstetter of McClure assumed command at the drop of the green in the 12-lap, make-up pro stock feature. Kerstetter paced the field for the first three circuits before giving way to fourth starter Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove.

Bachman was speeding away from the field when mechanical ills sidelined his No. 99, handing the point back to Kerstetter at the half-way point. The leader was pressured over the last half of the event by fifth starter Gerald Kratzer and appeared headed to his first career win only to see Kratzer draw even on the last lap.

Kerstetter's bid came to an end moments later however when he looped his mount in the final turns, setting up a one-lap dash to the finish. Unfortunately for Kratzer, overheating forced him to surrender the point under the yellow, handing the win to point leader Jake Buck over Troy Miller and Dave Brouse Jr.


Sprint Cars - 19-entries
Heat winners: Vince Snyder, Joe Whitcomb.
Feature finish: 1. Chad Layton, 2. Jim Nace, 3. Dale Hammaker, 4. Vince Snyder, 5. Nate Snyder, 6. Bob Beidelman, 7. James Layton, 8. Tim Higgins, 9. Denny Gross, 10. T.J. Stutts, 11. Roland Snyder, 12. Billy Heltzel Jr., 13. Troy Long, 14. Bill Fannasy, 15. Joe Whitcomb, 16. Tracy Templin, 17. Jon Keller, 18. Brian Buckwalter, 19. Bob Camilli.

Late Models -15 - entries
Heat winners: Jimmy Adams, Dan Stone.
Feature finish: 1. Dale Kerstetter, 2. Jimmy Adams, 3. Bobby Croop, 4. Eric Hons, 5. Robbie Smith, 6. Don Schick, 7. Lou Schultz, 8. Mike Bingamin, 9. Donnie Farling, 10. Dave Shulski, 11. Dan Stone, 12. Brian Cochran, 13. Bryan Coffey, 14. Jeff Rine, 15. Glen Heddings.

Pro Stocks -21-entries
Heat winners: Troy Miller, Scott Dorman.
Feature finish: 1. Kyle Bachman, 2. Troy Miller, 3. Jake Buck, 4. Peanut Heintzelman, 5. Greg Brouse, 6. Gerald Kratzer, 7. A.G. Hasko, 8. Will Mitch, 9. Matt Drum, 10. Jeff Jurasich, 11. Gary Kerstetter, 12. Billy Shipman, 13. Scott Dorman , 14. Freedom Rahmer, 15. Doug Hendricks, 16. Mark Benson, 17. Dave Brouse Jr., 18. Ken Stitt Jr., 19. Darrel Nieman, 20. Scott Dunham, 21. Don Murphy.

Make-up feature finish: 1. Jake Buck, 2. Troy Miller, 3. Dave Brouse Jr., 4. Freedom Rahmer, 5. Gerald Kratzer, 6. Will Mitch, 7. Gary Kerstetter, 8. Jeff Jurasich, 9. A. G. Hasko, 10. Matt Drum, 11. Doug Hendricks, 12. Donnie Murphy, 13. Greg Brouse, 14. Kyle Bachman, 15. Darrel Nieman.


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