Selinsgrove makeup results 2004-08-18

SELINSGROVE, PA -- Fred Rahmer of Salfordville won his second sprint car feature of the season Wednesday night at Selinsgrove Speedway in a program held over after rain hit prior to the main event on August 1. Rahmer took the lead with a bold...

SELINSGROVE, PA -- Fred Rahmer of Salfordville won his second sprint car feature of the season Wednesday night at Selinsgrove Speedway in a program held over after rain hit prior to the main event on August 1. Rahmer took the lead with a bold move to the inside of the track after a lap 11 restart before stretching out a margin of victory of 3.78 seconds at the checkered flag.

Kevin Nouse of Lewisberry flipped in the fourth corner to start the 25-lap main event, escaping injury. Second starting rookie Justin Seigler of Port Royal then appeared ready to pull off an upset during the first 11 laps as he led over Greg Hodnett and Mark Smith early before opening up a sizable margin over the pair with eight completed as he entered traffic.

However Hodnett of Memphis, Tenn., fell off the pace with nine down advancing Smith into second when the first of two caution flags regrouped the field with Rahmer now third.

The move everyone expected by Smith materialized on the restart as the Newville driver went to the top in an effort to drive by Seigler in the first and second turns. But the high road opened up the low road for Rahmer who jumped at the chance, to be running second with 12 down before being scored the leader with 12 to go.

Rahmer endured a restart with three laps left for a stopped Lance Dewease to pull away to the 52nd win of his career at the speedway and 22nd of the season overall.

Just back from running solidly in the sprint car nationals in Knoxville, Iowa, Rahmer liked the win but showed some exhaustion in victory lane, "I'm tired and I could use a break but we might as well keep racing since we're doing so good," he said.

"We were really good in clean air and once I got out there something we tried on the car at Knoxville really came around. I thought it was Mark's race once I saw Greg drop out, we're just really fortunate to be going so well."

Smith was second followed by Chad Layton, Harrisburg; Lucas Wolfe, Mechanicsburg; and Todd Hestor, Middleburg.

Sixth through tenth went to Alan Cole, Berwick; Keith Kauffman, Mifflintown; Todd Shaffer, Millerstown; Dewease, Fayetteville; and Blane Heimbach, Selinsgrove. Dewease, Heimbach and Shaffer joined at the rear after suffering flat tires during the event.

Heats for the sprint cars on August 1 went to Blane Heimbach, Mark Smith and Lucas Wolfe.

The 20-lap super sportsman feature was an exciting race with four different leaders. Danny Hager led laps one through five before stopping on the speedway giving the lead to Paul Troutman for one lap before Ryan Rupp took over.

Rupp then dropped out with ten down handing Steve Cannon of Tewksberry Township, NJ., the lead which he rode to the checkered flag over Greg Foster, Smokey Snellbaker, Paul Miller and Frankie Herr.

Brian Boughter and Danny Hager won heats for the super sportsman on August 1.

Jim Somers won the roadrunner feature.

The Susquehanna Valley 410 Sprint Series concludes on September 18 with the 22nd annual National Open. The race is raindated for September 19.

8/1 RACE SUMMARY (features completed August 18)

Sprint Cars -- 23 Entries (19 returned for August 18)

Feature finish (25 Laps): 1. Fred Rahmer, 2. Mark Smith, 3. Chad Layton, 4. Lucas Wolfe, 5. Todd Hestor, 6. Alan Cole, 7. Keith Kauffman, 8. Todd Shaffer, 9. Lance Dewease, 10. Blane Heimbach, 11. Mike Walter, 12. Justin Seigler, 13. Ron Kramer, 14. Dustin Hoffman, 15. Rod Stroup, 16. Curt Stroup, 17. Greg Hodnett, 18. Mike Erdley, 19. Kevin Nouse.

Did not return for make up -- Brian Bossinger, Randy Baughman, Jim Campbell, Brian Nornhold
Heat winners (8 Laps): Blane Heimbach, Mark Smith, Lucas Wolfe

Super Sportsman -- 21 Entries (17 returned for August 18)

Heat winners (10 laps): Brian Boughter, Danny Hager

Feature finish (15 laps): 1. Steve Cannon, 2. Greg Foster, 3. Smokey Snellbaker, 4. Paul Miller, 5. Frankie Herr, 6. Mark Zimmerman, 7. Brian Boughter, 8. Rick Barr, 9. Dave Berkheimer, 10. Rich Eichelberter, 11. Pat Cannon, 12. Leroy Martin, 13. Jason Fry, 14. Ryan Rupp, 15. Paul Troutman, 16. Danny Hager, 17. Dave Ort

Roadrunners -- 16 Entries (14 returned for August 18)

Feature finish (12 laps): 1. Jim Somers, 2. Gary Kerstetter, 3. Keith Bissinger, 4. Doug Minium, 5. Brad Mitch, 6. Tom Broson, 7. Matt Keister, 8. BJ Bohner, 9. Dennis Conrad, 10. Jeremey Brouse, 11. Randy Huber, 12. Lonnie Hile, 13. Will Mitch


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