SCRA Perris Auto Speedway Results 98-09-12

WILLIAMS SPOILS THE PARTY by Robert Mayson PERRIS, CA., September 12 Troy Cline appeared to be on his way to giving himself a nice birthday gift Saturday night...

WILLIAMS SPOILS THE PARTY by Robert Mayson PERRIS, CA., September 12 Troy Cline appeared to be on his way to giving himself a nice birthday gift Saturday night at the Perris Auto Speedway. Unfortunately for Cline, someone forgot to tell Rip Williams about the pending party that he spoiled with the help of a late yellow flag. "Whose birthday? Troy's? Someone should have told me that," smiled Williams upon learning in victory lane of Cline's special day. The surrounding crowd laughed knowing that such prior information wouldn't have deterred Williams from driving the Sharon Jory owned, John Jory Corporation No. 3 Stinger to it's seventh Sprint Car Racing Association (SCRA) win of the year. Track conditions for the 30 lap feature were tricky to say the least. No one seemed to have their car setup exactly the way they wanted. Teams that were close throughout the race moved forward, teams that struggled, even in small segments, quickly went backward. "The track was kind of dry getting in (the turns) and you had to be kind of careful," Williams later said. "Once you got the car under control, you were going so slow and it was so tacky (after you got into the turn) that you would do a lot of wheelies...It was a real physical race." After winning the JE Piston Dash, Rodney Argo took the lead from the pole position after sliding up in front of outside front row starter Cline, heading into turn one for the first time. Argo received a big tap in the tail tank from Cline, as Cary Faas slipped into second. Faas aggressively charged after Argo at the completion of lap, but just after passing the flagstand, the "Tamale Wagon" nearly spun around. Remarkably, Faas regained control, but not before Cline and Williams had pushed him back to fourth. Running the cushion in turns one and two, Argo used a middle groove in turns three and four to keep Cline at bay. Previously content to just watch and wait, Williams finally decided to make it a three car battle for the top spot on lap ten, when the trio approached lapped traffic. Cline pulled under and even with Argo for a moment along the front straight on lap 13. On the verge of being trapped behind a slower car, Argo responded by diving to the bottom of turn one. Seemly caught off guard by Argo's move, Williams got too far sideways and nearly spun after being struck by Faas. With a third straight main event accident staring him in the face, Williams avoided stalling and kept his victory hopes alive by driving through the infield. Faas, who earlier in the evening won his first career Sander Engineering Fast Time Award, spun to a stop as a result of the contact and was hit hard by Cory Kruseman. Neither driver was hurt, but both were out of the race. "I drove down in there and ran over the berm, hooked the frame rail and got sideways," recalled Williams of the incident. "Somebody T-boned me in the back, but I was able to keep it running. I almost ran over all the photographers, but I kept it going and got my spot back." Argo went back to the cushion on the restart. Cline kept his Haas CNC Machine Tools No. 11 Meli on the bottom and launched off the second corner as the race leader. Argo would later lose second to Williams on a lap 15 restart, after he bounced through the bottom of the first turn. Cline was enjoying a huge lead when Argo dramatically slowed to a stop on lap 23 when his sprinter ran out of fuel. After starting tenth, SCRA point leader Richard Griffin now had the Ron Chaffin / Madera Produce No. 50 Ellis up to third. Thanks in part to a lapped car, Cline and Williams quickly pulled away from Griffin on the restart. When he could, the "Ripper" showed Cline a wheel. This eventually forced Cline to protect the bottom. Three laps from the finish, Williams hooked-up using the middle of turn three and took the lead. "Troy was doing a heck of a job and the race was pretty much his," said Williams. "He got sucked down to the bottom after hearing me down there a couple of times, so I started running the middle. He pushed the front end just a little bit and I got around him. I was just in the right part of the race track at the right time and was able to capitalize on it." Even though he couldn't run down Griffin, Ed Patterson, III drove the Oil Country No. 56 Okie to a career best fourth place finish ahead of the Harlan Willis owned Selway Machine Tool No. 4 Okie/Drake driven by John Scott. After starting 15th, Steve Ostling brought the Gard Acoustic Co. No. home in sixth. _________________________________________________________________ RACE #29 PERRIS AUTO SPEEDWAY- PERRIS, CA Date of Race: 9/12/98 SANDER ENGINEERING TIME TRIALS 1. Cary Faas, Yorba Linda CA, Morales 27 , 16.810 2. Cory Kruseman, Ventura CA, Willis 45 , 16.829 3. Troy Cline, Hawthorne CA, Cline 11 , 16.891 4. Rip Williams, Yorba Linda CA, Jory 3 , 16.897 5. Tony Jones, Corona CA.,Cowherd Racing 48 , 16.898 6. Richard Griffin, Silver City NM, Chaffin 50 , 16.901 7. Rodney Argo, El Segundo CA.,Argo 19 , 16.905 8. John Scott, Hesperia CA, Willis. 4 16.910 9. Verne Sweeney, Lomita CA, Sweeney 98 , 16.927 10. Ed Patterson, III, Oakview CA, Patterson, Jr 56, 16.939 11. Rickie Gaunt, Torrance CA, Gardner Jr. 96 , 16.941 12. Troy Rutherford, Ojai CA, Lloyd. 41 , 17.052 13. Mike Kirby, Lomita CA, Geurin 5 , 17.068 14. Chad Jones, Murrieta CA, Scott Mtrsprts. 24 , 17.130 15. Steve Ostling, Corona CA, Pratt 12 , 17.157 16. Keith Williamson, Pomona CA, Williamson 95 , 17.252 17. Mike English, Norwalk CA, Priestley 7 , 17.279 18. Bobby Michnowicz, Harbor City CA, MRT 21 , 17.377 19. Gary W. Howard, Fontana CA, B.J, Racing 14 , 17.378 20. Dwight Cheney, Arcadia CA, Cheney 42 , 17.380 21. Danny Ent, Big Bear City CA, Ent Racing 81 , 17.442 22. Rick Byler, Phoenix AZ, Byler 03 , 17.452 23. Brian Venard, Tustin CA, Venard 97 , 17.470 24. Marc Hart, Ventura CA.,Hart 15 , 17.490 25. Paul Beregszaszy, Glendale AZ, Bereg Racing 54 , 17.640 26. Sid Carlson, San Diego CA.,Carlson 73 17.680 27. Jordan Hermansader, Long Beach CA, Franklin 20 , 17.708 28. Greg Giardina, Riverside CA.,Giardina 58 , 17.713 29. Steve Alexander, Torrance CA, Alexander 89 , 17.715 30. Tom Downing, Lakewood CA.,Downing 90 , 17.755 31. Adam Mitchell, Escondido CA, Mitchell 99 , 17.763 32. Richard Harvey, Jr, Hanford CA.,Hasebe 20S , 17.773 33. Wally Pankratz, Orange CA, Keene 84 , 17.848 34. Matt Felio, Alpine CA, Felio 21M, 17.904 35. Ricky Johnson, Phoenix AZ, Johnson 51A , 17.987 36. Rick Hinrichsen, Lakeside CA, Core Mtrsprts. 22 .,18.249 37. Dean Crabb, Norco CA, Crabb 88 , 18.370 38. Jimmy Voitel, Covina CA, Meli 71 , 18.562 39. Tony Everhart, El Cajon CA, Everhart 55 , 18.778 40. Hal Engstrom, Valley Center CA, Engstrom 47H , 18.983 41. Frank Kovacevic, Indonesia, DiDonato 57 , 19.519 42. Jeremy Sherman, Phoenix AZ, Clark 78, No Time

SUPERTRAPP HEAT 1 1. Paul Beregszaszy, Mike English, 3. Mike Kirby, 4. Cary Faas, 5. Steve Alexander, 6. Danny Ent, 7. Tony Jones, 8. Verne Sweeney,

SHAVER RACING ENGINES HEAT 2 1. Cory Kruseman, 2. Ed Patterson, 111, 3. Bobby Michnowicz, 4. Sid Carlson, 5. Rick Byler, 6. Tom Downing, 7. Chad Jones, 8. Richard Griffin,

SYSTEM ONE HEAT 3 1. Gary W. Howard, 2. Troy Cline, 3. Steve Ostling, 4. Rodney Argo, 5. Jordan Hermansader, 6. Adam Mitchell, 7. Brian Venard, 8. Rickle Gaunt,

KSE PRODUCTS HEAT 4 1. Marc Hart, 2. Rip Williams, 3. John Scott, 4. Greg Giardina, 5. Troy Rutherford, 6. Richard Harvey, Jr, 7. Dwight Cheney, 8. Keith Williamson

JE PISTONS PASSING MASTERS DASH 1. Rodney Argo. 2. Troy Cline. 3. Cary Faas. 4. Rip Williams. 5. Cory Kruseman. 6. Mike Kirby. 7. Ed Patterson, III. 8. John Scott.

B FEATURE \1. Richard Griffin. 2. Troy Rutherford. 3. Verne Sweeney. 4. Tony Jones. 5. Rickie Gaunt. 6. Chad Jones. 7. Danny Ent. 8. Dwight Cheney. 9. Jordan Hermansader. 10. Keith Williamson. 11. Adam Mitchell. 12. Richard Harvey, Jr. 13. Wally Pankratz. 14. Ricky Johnson. 15. Tom Downing . 16. Brian Venard. 17. Rick Byler. 18. Steve Alexander.

A FEATURE 1. Rip Williams. 2. Troy Cline. 3. Richard Griffin. 4. Ed Patterson, III. 5. John Scott. 6. Steve Ostling. 7. Marc Hart. 8. Rickie Gaunt. 9. Tony Jones. 10. Mike Kirby. 11. Mike English. 12. Bobby Michnowicz. 13. Chad Jones. 14. Verne Sweeney. 15. Rodney Argo. 16. Gary W. Howard. 17. Sid Carlson. 18. Greg Giardina. 19. Troy Rutherford. 20. Paul Beregszaszy. 21. Cary Faas. 22. Cory Kruseman. Laps Led: Argo 1-12, Cline 13-27, Williams 28-30

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