SCRA Perris Auto Speedway 98-06-27

SPRINT CAR RACING ASSOCIATION - SCRA GRIFFIN'S BACK AT THE PAS by Robert Mayson PERRIS, CA., June 27 - Richard Griffin entered Saturday night's race at the Perris Auto Speedway as the current Sprint Car Racing Association...

SPRINT CAR RACING ASSOCIATION - SCRA GRIFFIN'S BACK AT THE PAS by Robert Mayson PERRIS, CA., June 27 - Richard Griffin entered Saturday night's race at the Perris Auto Speedway as the current Sprint Car Racing Association (SCRA) point leader despite being winless in his last 20 appearances at the PAS. Running a three race old car that is designed to do one thing, win races at Perris, Griffin held back a last lap charge from Rip Williams to give the Ron Chaffin / Boot Jack Equipment Rental No. 50 Ellis a hard fought 30 lap main event win. "The PAS has been our weak point," said Griffin after claiming his first victory at SCRA's home track in over a year. "We've been struggling here at Perris, so a few weeks back we decided that we we're going to win some races here even if it meant sacrificing a few things at some other tracks." The car's Perris debut two weeks ago was less than spectacular. In fact, Griffin floundered to a mid-pack finish. After his win, Griffin credited his crew chief for giving him a car capable of winning on this night. "We didn't know if we even wanted to keep the car after the last race here," said Griffin, "but Bruce Bromme, Jr. has been working real hard and he got on our new Ellis car dialed-in tonight. After running tenth the last time we were here, winning tonight is a pretty good accomplishment." Griffin also accomplished his third JE Pistons Dash win of the year to earn a front row starting spot for the feature. The "Gasman" got the jump at the drop of the green flag and lead Cary Faas into turn one. Looking like the man who just recently claimed his third Hulman Classic win, Faas dove to the bottom of turn two and grabbed the lead from Griffin on the second circuit. Faas pulled away momentarily, but Griffin soon closed the gap. Using the same line Faas had passed him with, Griffin darted off the bottom of the second corner and took back the lead on lap ten. Troy Cline gave Faas little time to regroup and moved his Haas CNC Machine Tools No. 11 Meli into the runner-up spot one lap later. Cline caught Griffin and raced side-by-side with him on lap 13. They continued to battle in this fashion until Cline inched ahead at the halfway point of the event. Cline was in control of the race and looked like he might be on his way to his first win of the season when the action was halted on lap 26 after Gary A. Howard and Charlie Zabinski tangled and came to a stop on the entrance of the main straightaway. Mike Kirby was running third and hoping to make a move on the restart, but pushed up the track and clipped a lapped car driven by Gary W. Howard. Fourth place Faas couldn't avoid the spinning Howard and flipped Andy Morales' "Tamale Wagon" in the fourth turn. None of the drivers involved were injured. Cline headed to the cushion to accept the green flag on the restart as Griffin sliced down to the bottom. Griffin pushed slightly in turn one but hit the low line exit of turn two good enough to once again take the lead. Cline recomposed himself to reassume the lead at the expense of Griffin on the following lap. Unluckily for Cline, the yellow flag negated his pass after Tony Jones rolled to a stop on the racing surface after contact with another car. "That was probably the biggest key to the whole race for us because Cline had a good car. If the yellow didn't come out there, it would have been very difficult for us to get by him," Griffin reflected. Griffin protected the low groove on the restart. Cline worked the cushion only to be passed by Williams in the Sharon Jory / Skydive Elsinore No. 3 Stinger. With two laps to go and Griffin now running solely the high line, Williams was within striking distance. Griffin accepted the white flag and popped down to the bottom. Griffin and Williams bumped wheels in turns one and two, and again down the back straight. Griffin won the big battle to the turn three cushion and carried enough momentum out of turn four and to take the checkered flag. "That's probably as hard as you can race without getting into an accident," Griffin said later with a smile. "It just shows how much both of us wanted to win the race. We pushed it to the limit." Cline finished third ahead of Cory Kruseman who pushed the Harlan Willis / Selway Machine Tool No. 45 Drake from the 17th starting spot. Mike English fifth place finish gave the Llumar Window Films No. 7 Stinger it's fifth top five finish in the last six races. Earlier in the evening, Mike Boat earned his first career Sander Engineering Fast Time Award. It was also the first ever SCRA fast time for his car owners, Tom & Lauri Sertich. _________________________________________________________________ RACE #19 PERRIS AUTO SPEEDWAY- PERRIS, CA Date of Race: 6/27/98 SANDER ENGINEERING TIME TRIALS 1. Mike Boat, Peoria AZ, Sertich 92 , 16.988 2. Rodney Argo, El Segundo CA, Argo 19 , 17.015 3. Steve Ostling, Corona CA.,Pratt 12 , 17.145 4. Mike Kirby, Lomita CA, Geurin 5 , 17.173 5. Ed Patterson, III, Oakview CA, Patterson, Jr 56 , 17.177 6. Troy Cline, Hawthorne CA, Cline 11 , 17.200 7. Billy Felts, Jr., Rialto CA, Felts 31 , 17.222 8. Jay Drake, Canyon Country CA, Fischer Mtrspts 29 , 17.260 9. Verne Sweeney, Lomita CA, Sweeney 98 , 17.290 10. Adam Mitchell, Escondido CA, Mitchell 99 , 17.316 11. Cary Faas, Yorba Linda CA, Morales 27 , 17.356 12. Richard Griffin, Silver City NM, Chaffin 50 , 17,381 13. Mike English, Norwalk CA, Priestley 7 , 17.384 14. Rip Williams, Yorba Linda CA, Jory 3 , 17.412 15. Danny Ent, Big Bear City CA, Ent Racing 81 , 17.485 16. Charlie Zabinski, Garden Grove CA, Gardner Jr 93 , 17.504 17. Gary A. Howard, Anaheim CA, Howard 94 , 17.515 18. Bobby Michnowicz, Harbor City CA, MRT 21 , 17.521 19. Tony Jones, Corona CA, Cowherd Racing 48 , 17.619 20. Cory Kruseman, Ventura CA, Willis 45 , 17.645 21. Jeremy Sherman, Phoenix AZ, Clark 78 , 17.782 22. Rickie Gaunt, Torrance CA, B.J. Racing 14 , 17.820 23. Greg Giardina, Riverside CA, Giardina 59 , 17.832 24. Alex Grigoreas, Chino CA, Ruth 25 , 17.833 25. Jordan Hermansader, Long Beach CA, Gardner Jr. 96 , 17.850 26. Paul Beregszaszy, Glendale AZ, Bereg Racing 54 , 17.880 27. John Scott, Hesperia CA, Scott Mtrsprts 83 , 17.887 28. Richard Harvey, Jr, Hanford CA, Hasebe 20H 18.022 29. Dwight Cheney, Arcadia CA, Cheney 42 , 18.113 30. Cal Smith, Montclair CA, Pratt. 39 , 18.143 31. Curtis Brown, Tucson AZ, Brown 47 , 18.216 32. Tony Everhart, El Cajon CA., Everhart 55 , 18.289 33. Danny Stratton, Fontana CA, Stratton 49 , 18.300 34. Chad Jones, Murrieta CA, Scott Mtrsprts. 24 , 18.342 35. Joe Custer, Fountain Valley CA, Cline. 30 , 18.419 36. John Franklin, Huntington Bch. CA.,Franklin 20 , 19.020 37. Duane Marcum, Corona CA, Jones 38 , 19.155 38. Brian Venard, Tustin CA.,Venard 97 , 21.797 39. Rick Cresse, Castaic CA, Cresse 18 , No Time 40. Gary W. Howard, Fontana CA, Lloyd 34 , No Time 41. Eddie Tafoya, Chino Hills CA, Tafoya 51 , No Time

SUPERTRAPP HEAT 1 1. Jeremy Sherman, 2. Jordan Hermansader, 3. Mike English, 4. Gary A. Howard, 5. Mike Boat, 6. Verne Sweeney, 7. Ed Patterson, III, 8. Dwight Cheney,

SHAVER RACING ENGINES HEAT 2 1. Rip Williams, 2. Bobby Michnovicz, 3. Troy Cline, 4. Rodney Argo, 5. Rickie Gaunt, 6. Cal Smith, 7. Adam Mitchell, 8. Paul Beregszaszy,

KSE PRODUCTS HEAT 3 1. Cary Faas, 2. John Scott, 3. Tony Jones, 4. Steve Ostling, 5. Billy Felts, Jr., 6. Danny Ent, 7. Greg Giardina, 8. Curtis Brown,

SYSTEM ONE HEAT 4 1. Cory Kruseman, 2. Charlie Zabinski, 3. Richard Griffin, 4. Mike Kirby, 5. Jay Drake, 6. Alex Grigoreas, 7. Tony Everhart, 8. Richard Harvey, Jr

JE PISTONS PASSING MASTERS DASH 1. Richard Griffin. 2. Cary Faas. 3. Troy Cline. 4. Mike Kirby. 5. Steve Ostling. 6. Rip Williams. 7. Rodney Argo. 8. Mike English.

B FEATURE 1. Mike Boat. 2. Jay Drake. 3. Billy Felts, Jr.. 4. Ed Patterson, III. 5. Gary W. Howard. 6. Cal Smith. 7. Alex Grigoreas. 8. Greg Giardina. 9. Paul Beregszaszy. 10. Chad Jones. 11. Curtis Brown. 12. Dwight Cheney. 13. Tony Everhart. 14. Danny Ent. 15. Verne Sweeney. 16. Adam Mitchell. 17. Rickie Gaunt.

A FEATURE 1. Richard Griffin. 2. Rip Williams. 3. Troy Cline. 4. Cory Kruseman. 5. Mike English. 6. Bobby Michnowicz. 7. Jordan Hermansader. 8. Rodney Argo. 9. Jeremy Sherman. 10. Mike Boat. 11. Jay Drake. 12. Steve Ostling. 13. Mike Kirby. 14. Gary W. Howard. 15. John Scott. 16. Charlie Zabinski. 17. Tony Jones. 18. Cary Faas. 19. Cal Smith. 20. Gary A. Howard. 21. Ed Patterson, III. 22. Billy Felts, Jr.

Laps Led: Griffin 1, Faas 2-9, Griffin 10-14, Cline 15-26, Griffin 27-30

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