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HANNAGAN EARNS KING OF CALIFORNIA VICTORY AT SAN JOSE "Leads King of California standings by 38 points over BK" San Jose, CA (August 8) - Randy Hannagan passed Bud Kaeding with less than two laps remaining, to notch top ...

HANNAGAN EARNS KING OF CALIFORNIA VICTORY AT SAN JOSE "Leads King of California standings by 38 points over BK"

San Jose, CA (August 8) - Randy Hannagan passed Bud Kaeding with less than two laps remaining, to notch top honors in Saturday's exciting Budweiser Golden State Challenge 30-lap King of California sprint car feature at San Jose Speedway.

Hannagan, who also set quick time in Terry Hannagan's ICORE Autosports Gaerte-Hurricane, started eighth in the 24-car grid, before locking horns with Kaeding in a no holds barred war during the final laps. The slugfest culminated with the two colliding in the final turns and only Hannagan able to finish the race.

The duo powered into the third corner on the final lap side by side, both attempting to negotiate the lowest groove on the one-third mile oval. Kaeding's right front tire made contact with the leaders left rear, resulting in Kaeding's mount spinning over the fourth turn berm and Hannagan caroming down the front straightaway at the checkered flag.

The $3,000 victory was Hannagan's third King of California feature victory and sixth NARC-sanctioned win of the season. More importantly, Hannagan extended his point lead over Brent Kaeding to a stout 38 point (526-488) margin with only an August 22 Golden State Challenge date remaining on the schedule.

"We had a great race going, but we just got together in the corner," said Hannagan, explaining the controversial bump with Bud Kaeding. "It wasn't anything that has not been done to me before. It was just a racing thing and a good victory for my team."

Polesitter Todd Bammer paced the field for the first 20 circuits, pressured by Br. Kaeding and Steve Kent. Kaeding brought out the first of only two caution flags on lap 14, suffering from a faulty steering system that would ultimately hurt his chances of earning a sixth consecutive Golden State crown.

At that point, Kent turned up the heat on Bammer fighting for the point. The younger Kaeding moved into the hunt a few laps later, and rode the high groove past Hannagan, Kent and Bammer to swipe the lead on the 21st lap. Hannagan moved back into the runner-up spot a lap later, setting the stage for the two car dogfight to the checkered.

Kent, driving the McMillen & Mitchell Pioneer Concrete Gambler ended up earning the second place money. Jim Taves posted his best ever NARC finish with his podium performance in his Maxco Supply/Alta Oil & Propane Maxim.

Brian Coelho followed suit, scoring his best night of his NARC career in the Central Valley Meat Company sprinter. The Moeller Brother Body Shop mount piloted by Bammer rounded out the top five. The second five finishers included earlier flip victim Randy Tiner, Steve Coelho, Bobby McMahan, Craig Dillard, and 23rd starter Tommy Tarlton.

McMahan earned the best passing job of the feature after taking the Tailgater Challenge and starting dead last. As a result, he earned 16 passing points and moved within four points of Tiner in the race for third place in the point standings.

Bud Kaeding was scored 17th.

The 10-lap heats were picked off by McMahan, Jason Meyers, and Taves.


FAST TIME: Randy Hannagan - 14.261 seconds; MALLARD WINGS FIRST HEAT (10 laps): Bobby McMahan, Brent Kaeding, Sparky Howard, Kevin Pylant, Graydon Cross, David Fowler, Charlie Breshard, Hannagan; ICORE AUTOSPORTS SECOND HEAT (10 laps): Jason Meyers, Steve Kent, Randy Tiner, Todd Bammer, Craig Dillard, Mark Monico, Greg DeCaires, Keith Nafzger; DONOVAN ENGINEERING THIRD HEAT (10 laps): Jim Taves, Bud Kaeding, Steve Coelho, Lee Brewer, Brian Coelho, Kurt Nelson, Daniel Hood, Tommy Tarlton; SEMI-MAIN EVENT (12 laps): Hannagan, Riley, Nelson, DeCaires, Fowler, Nafzger, Monico, Breshard, Hood, Tarlton; 30-LAP BUDWEISER SHOOT OUT: Hannangan, Kent, Taves, B. Coelho, Bammer, S. Coelho, McMahan, Dillard, Tarlton, Meyers, DeCaires, Cross, Riley, Pylant, Howard, Bu. Kaeding, Fowler, Nelson, Nafzger, Brewer, Hood, Br. Kaeding, Monico.

LAP LEADERS: Bammer 1-18, Bu. Kaeding, 21-28, Hannagan 28-30.

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