Road to Knoxville ToC to begin in March

KNOXVILLE, IOWA (March 3, 2004) - The "Road to the Brodix Tournament of Champions" kicks off this month with events at Union Hill (Louisiana), Tunica (Mississippi), and Mercer (Pennsylvania). At this point, there are 228 events to...

KNOXVILLE, IOWA (March 3, 2004) - The "Road to the Brodix Tournament of Champions" kicks off this month with events at Union Hill (Louisiana), Tunica (Mississippi), and Mercer (Pennsylvania). At this point, there are 228 events to go before the entry deadline for the August 8th invitational event at the Knoxville Raceway, which will feature the top winged 360-cubic-inch sprint car drivers from a record sixteen sanctioning bodies. In fact, the road to the sixth Brodix ToC leads through 27 states and two Canadian provinces in order to determine the 'best of the best' international invitees.

On March 13th, the American Sprint Car Series -- Gulf South (ASCS-GS) drivers head to Union Hill, La., while the ASCS national tour visits Tunica, Miss., on March 27th. The National Racing Alliance (NRA) Sprint Invaders make an early season appearance at Mercer, Pa., on March 27th as well. 2004 marks the first time that NRA will be participating in the Brodix ToC since the 1999 event at Lima, Ohio. The Southern Ontario Sprints (SOS) will also be making a first-ever Brodix ToC appearance at Knoxville in 2004.

The August 8th Brodix Tournament of Champions invitational, and the August 7th Casey's Night Before the Tournament, will feature a new eligibility rule this season. Drivers must enter the Brodix ToC and have competed in a minimum percentage of their sanction's events by July 26th in order to even be eligible to compete at Knoxville. The percentage will vary according to the number of races completed by the sanction by the entry deadline. One to five races completed by a sanction will require 100% attendance for eligibility, 6 to 10 races completed by a sanction will require 90% attendance, 11 to 15 races completed will require 80%, 16 -- 20 races will require 70%, 21-25 races will require 60%, and 26+ races will require just 50% attendance. A maximum of fifteen invitations will then be issued from each affiliate's point standings, in order, from the point leader on down. The Brodix ToC, won last year by Sprint Invaders Association (SIA) representative Terry McCarl, will pay $4,000 to win and will feature one common set of technical rules incorporating the ASCS Brodix spec head.

The sixteen participating sanctions, and the number of events that they currently have scheduled before the July 26th entry deadline, are: American Sprint Car Series (ASCS, 26), ASCS-Gulf South (ASCS-GS, 13), ASCS-Rocky Mountain (ASCS-RM, 16), ASCS-Sooner (ASCS-S, 12), Empire Super Sprints (ESS, 16), Eagle Sprint Touring Series (ESTS, 8), Knoxville Raceway (KNOX, 12), Montana Sprint Tour (MST, 8), National Racing Alliance (NRA, 13), Northern Sprint Tour (NST, 10), Sprint Invaders Association (SIA, 10), Sprints On Dirt (SOD, 18), Southern Ontario Sprints (SOS, 8), United Racing Club (URC, 20), WISSOTA Promoters Association (WISSOTA, 28), and Winged Outlaw Warriors (WOW, 15).

According to Knoxville's director of racing Ralph Capitani, "We are very pleased with all of the participating sanctions this year. They have really made an effort to book a significant number of shows prior to the entry deadline. With the sliding eligibility rule based on the number of shows completed, qualification will be a little more fair to the sanctions and their teams in 2004. There should be no 'easy pass' into the Tournament this year!"


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