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Lincoln Speedway, 7 September 1996 Lincoln Speedway ran the Pennsylvania State Sprint Car Championship on Saturday night, paying $5,000.00 to the winner of the 40 lap feature. Keith Kauffman won the 29th Annual State Championship race against...

Lincoln Speedway, 7 September 1996

Lincoln Speedway ran the Pennsylvania State Sprint Car Championship on Saturday night, paying $5,000.00 to the winner of the 40 lap feature. Keith Kauffman won the 29th Annual State Championship race against most of the top competitors in Central Pennsylvania.

Time Trials 1. Don Kreitz 69K 13.873 2. Fred Rahmer 77 14.022 3. Keith Kauffman 12 14.024 4. Tim Kuhn 12$ 14.043 5. Cris Eash 17E 14.069 6. Todd Gracey 1J 14.131 7. Jesse Wentz 2W 14.232 8. Lance Dewease 461 14.241 9. Bill Brian Jr. 16 14.278 10. Kevin Gobrecht 92 14.324 11. Bobby Fletcher 66A 14.352 12. Bobby Allen 1A 14.387 13. Jeff Rohrbough 45 14.391 14. Alan Cole 17 14.435 15. Todd Shaffer 88 14.450 16. Brook Weibley 15D 14.466 17. Jeff Thompson 10N 14.492 18. Rod George 5G 14.500 19. Lonnie Ryan 73 14.540 20. Cliff Brian 16C 14.543 21. Sean Michael 88X 14.573 22. Bob Howard 49 14.682 23. Dan Jones 8 14.821 24. Dave Haight 07 14.897 25. Mike Lehman 95 14.945 26. Jason Clauss 08 14.953 27. Shawn Weaver 69 15.005 28. Frank Stella 19 15.015 29. Larry Shive 43 15.073 30. Becca Anderson A18 15.348 31. Brian Seidel 61 15.396 32. Jeremy Trout 33 15.527 33. Ron Kramer 27 15.808 34. Scott Ausherman NT

Heat One Lineup 1. Bob Howard 2. Lonnie Ryan 3. Brook Weibley 4. Jeff Rohrbough 5. Kevin Gobrecht 6. Jesse Wentz 7. Tim Kuhn 8. Don Kreitz 9. Mike Lehman 10. Frank Stella 11. Brian Seidel

At the end of the first lap it was Ryan, Howard, Rohrbough, Wentz, Kreitz, Weibley and Gobrecht in seventh. Rohrbough went a bit too high on the second lap and allowed Wentz to pass for third. Kreitz passed Rohrbough on the next lap and Rohrbough tried to stay with Kreitz in order to regain his position. Brook Weibley spun in turn two and the yellow flag made its first appearance of the evening. Jesse Wentz reported to the pits to replace a left rear tire during the yellow and then rejoined the field. With four laps in the book, the order was Ryan, Howard, Kreitz, Rohrbough, Gobrecht and Kuhn in sixth. On lap six, Kreitz went low through turns one and two and passed the 49 of Bob Howard for second. One lap later Kreitz continued to make the bottom of the track work for him as he passed Ryan for the lead.

Heat One Results - 10 laps - 6 to transfer to feature 1. Don Kreitz 2. Lonnie Ryan 3. Jeff Rohrbough 4. Bob Howard 5. Jesse Wentz 6. Kevin Gobrecht 7. Tim Kuhn

Heat Two Lineup 1. Dan Jones 2. Cliff Brian 3. Jeff Thompson 4. Alan Cole 5. Bobby Fletcher 6. Lance Dewease 7. Cris Eash 8. Fred Rahmer 9. Jason Clauss 10. Larry Shive 11. Jeremy Trout

Cliff Brian took the lead at the green. Dan Jones who has been competing on the URC tour followed in second. Alan Cole, who was in third, was follwed by Jeff Thompson, Lance Dewease and Bobby Fletcher. On the second lap, Dewease was passed by Bobby Fletcher and Fred Rahmer. Dewease continued to lose ground, being passed by Eash on the next lap. At half distance, Cliff Brian opened up a big lead over Alan Cole who had a distanced himself from Bobby Fletcher in third. Dan Jones continued his run in fourth with Jeff Thompson and Fred Rahmer applying intense pressure from behind. The competition was fierce as Rahmer made it into fifth posititon on lap six. Cris Eash tried to follow Rahmer past Thompson in the 10N car but Thompson held his ground until late in the race.

Heat Two Results 1. Cliff Brian 2. Alan Cole 3. Bobby Fletcher 4. Fred Rahmer 5. Cris Eash 6. Jeff Thompson 7. Dan Jones 8. Lance Dewease

Heat Three Lineup 1. Dave Haight 2. Sean Michael 3. Rod George 4. Todd Shaffer 5. Bobby Allen 6. Billy Brian Jr. 7. Todd Gracey 8. Keith Kauffman 9. Shawn Weaver 10. Becca Anderson 11. Ron Kramer 12. Scott Ausherman

Scott Ausherman scratched.

Keith Kauffman made an incredible start and was second on the second lap. Shawn Weaver stopped on the backstretch bringing out the yellow with two laps in the book. The order on the restart was Dave Haight, Keith Kauffman, Sean Michael, Todd Shaffer, Billy Brian, Todd Gracey, Rod George and Bobby Allen. Dave Haight held off Kauffman until the last lap when Keith took the lead coming off turn four. Todd Shaffer moved to third on the lap three restart with Todd Gracey moving into fourth. Shaffer and Todd battled side by side in the best racing of the evening. On lap eight, Gracey gave Shaffer the slide job through turn four briefly gaining the third spot. Shaffer then repassed down the front straight. Both Todds came to the checkered side by side with third place going to Gracey.

Heat Three Results 1. Keith Kauffman 2. Dave Haight 3. Todd Gracey 4. Todd Shaffer 5. Billy Brian Jr. 6. Sean Michael

Sprint Consi Lineup 10 laps - 6 to transfer 1. Tim Kuhn 2. Lance Dewease 3. Bobby Allen 4. Brook Weibley 5. Rod George 6. Dan Jones 7. Mike Lehman 8. Jason Clauss 9. Shawn Weaver 10. Frank Stella 11. Larry Shive 12. Becca Anderson 13. Brian Seidel 14. Jeremy Trout 15. Ron Kramer 16. Scott Ausherman

Scott Ausherman scratched

Tim Kuhn started in the front and never looked back. Brook Weibley was able to pass Lance Dewease early. Dewease and Weibley raced side by side with the edge going to Weibley until lap seven when Weibley hooked the cushion in turn two allowing Dewease to take the position. Dewease reeled in Kuhn and both drivers dove low into turn one on the last lap. Kuhn was able to hold off the charging Dewease when the yellow appeared for Larry Shive who slowed on the backstretch. On the restart, Bobby Allen went to the high side which allowed Rod George to pass underneath for fourth place.

Sprint Consi Results 1. Tim Kuhn 2. Lance Dewease 3. Brook Weibley 4. Rod George 5. Bobby Allen 6. Dan Jones

Sprint Feature Lineup 40 laps 1. Tim Kuhn 2. Keith Kauffman 3. Fred Rahmer 4. Don Kreitz 5. Cris Eash 6. Todd Gracey 7. Jesse Wentz 8. Lance Dewease 9. Billy Brian Jr. 10. Kevin Gobrecht 11. Bobby Fletcher 12. Jeff Rohrbough 13. Alan Cole 14. Todd Shaffer 15. Jeff Thompson 16. Lonnie Ryan 17. Cliff Brian 18. Sean Michael 19. Bob Howard 20. Dave Haight 21. Brook Weibley 22. Rod George 23. Bobby Allen 24. Dan Jones

Lonnie Ryan spun in turn two bringing out the yellow. With two laps on the board Kauffman lead over Kuhn, Rahmer, Kreitz, Eash, Gracey, Dewease and Wentz in the eighth position. By lap seven Kreitz had moved into second and Eash into fourth. Lance Dewease usually runs Port Royal Speedway on Saturday nights and has had trouble running at Lincoln. After starting fourth, Dewease fell back into seventh position. Several yellow flags allowed Dewease to gain positions late in the race. Eash and Kreitz raced for the second position most of the race. Late in the race, Kreitz got caught behind traffic in turn two which allowed Eash to get a run on Don going down the backstretch. Eash easily passed Kreitz into turn three. Eash got by Kauffman on a restart but a car spun bringing out yet another yellow flag. Kauffman was returned to the lead and on the next restart Keith made sure that Eash did not have a chance to repeat the move.

Pennsylvania State Sprint Car Championship Results 1. Keith Kauffman 2. Cris Eash 3. Don Kreitz 4. Lance Dewease 5. Fred Rahmer 6. Jesse Wentz 7. Jeff Rohrbough 8. Tim Kuhn 9. Billy Brian Jr. 10. Todd Shaffer 11. Jeff Thompson 12. Kevin Gobrecht 13. Rod George 14. Cliff Brian 15. Todd Gracey 16. Bobby Fletcher 17. Dave Haight 18. Bob Howard 19. Bobby Allen 20. Brook Weibley 21. Alan Cole 22. Sean Michael 23. Dan Jones 24. Lonnie Ryan

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