Patriots Ransomville results 2007-06-29

Jared Zimbardi Takes Ransomville For Second-Straight ASCS Patriot Win RANSOMVILLE, N.Y. (June 29, 2007)- For the second race in a row, Jared Zimbardi had a fast Chuck Hebing on his tail for most of the A-Main; for the second race in a row, he...

Jared Zimbardi Takes Ransomville For Second-Straight ASCS Patriot Win

RANSOMVILLE, N.Y. (June 29, 2007)- For the second race in a row, Jared Zimbardi had a fast Chuck Hebing on his tail for most of the A-Main; for the second race in a row, he held him off and picked up right where he left off two weeks ago with another win.

Jared Zimbardi led all 20 laps to capture his second career victory with the ASCS Patriots to pull even closer to the top spot in the point standings that runner-up Chuck Hebing holds. It took the Little Valley, NY driver exactly 100 starts to win his first, it took him just one to win his second.

"My crew just has this car simply hooked up right now and I definitely have a lot more confidence after getting the win," said the driver of the potent No. 35 F5 Chassis. "The car was awesome all night and I finally figured out how to run this place."

Zimbardi's lane of choice was the topside, which few dared to venture up to over the course of a beautiful night in Niagara County, but hanging it on the edge was an adventure even for the top competitors.

Five laps into the 20-lap A-Main, Zimbardi smacked the turn 1 wall while commanding a 0x00bd lap lead on the big 0x00bd mile speedway. It would break the W-Link on the Hull Electric sponsored-mount, but to Jared's surprise, would not slow him a bit the rest of the way. His win at "The Big R" would earn Zimbardi another $1,400 with contributions from Shuttleworth Asphalt Sealing and Red Bear Hand Cleaner.

"It took me five years to figure out how to run the topside but I still hit the wall there and figured that our night was over," said the back-to-back winner. "I really thought I was going over there cause I saw the wall and knew there was no way I was going to miss it."

Zimbardi scored a second place finish in National Parts Peddler Heat No. 2, but by virtue of passing points landing himself in the Arrow Express Six Nations Showdown Pole Dash. He started fourth and still was able to claim the Engler Machine and Tool Pole for the A-main by winning the 4-lap event.

In the seventh race of the 2007 season, Zimbardi continued his streak of never finishing worse than his previous race. His finishes this season are as follows in this order: 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1.

For the second-straight race, Chuck Hebing was the prime challenger for the top spot. "The Cobra" struggled in his heat and had to start 10th for the feature, a position he would not hang in for long. By the completion of lap four, the 2006 Champion would be in the runner-up spot and chasing down Zimbardi.

Lapped traffic helped the No. 45 catch "The Juice" for the lead but Hebing was never able to make a legitimate bid for the top spot.JAfter slapping the turn four wall on lap 15, Hebing would fall back and would have to settle for second, claiming the KSE Racing Products Hard Charger of the Night Award.

Ray Preston continued to prove that Ransomville is one of his best tracks as he came home in third. "Rapid Ray" won heat two and was stagnate in fifth in the A-Main until the second half of the race, where the driver of the Shuttleworth Asphalt Sealing No. 22 rocketed into third and pulled away from a slew of cars behind him. It was the best finish for Preston in over a year.

John Schuyler scored his best career ASCS Patriot finish with a solid fourth place showing in the No. 3T. Schuyler did not start in his only other appearance at Ransomville so definitely improved on 2006.

Blake Breen rounded out the top-five in his Pearl Technologies No. 8, the first top-five for Breen in just over a year. Breen also won his first heat race since the last ASCS Patriot event at Ransomville.

Kyle Moffit was again solid for sixth, with Scott Kreutter coming home seventh for the second straight event. Keith Dempster was third for the first 12 laps of the feature but settled for eighth. Brad Knab and Rob Pietz completed the top-10.

The A-main was slowed only once, coming on lap 12, when Geoff Quackenbush turned over in turn four for the third straight race.Twenty-three cars were on hand for a beautiful night of racing at Ransomville, a welcomed sight after 2006 when there were two downpours on the nights the ASCS Patriots attempted to tackle the 0x00bd-mile. Eileen Smith broke during hot laps and was forced to load up and not able to start in any competitive events. Chris Muhleisen was dominating heat one when he slapped the turn one wall and broke his mount, sidelining him for the A-Main.

Glenn Styres made sure to put his No. 0 in the dash he sponsored by winning heat one from his sixth place starting position.The ASCS Patriots will return to Ransomville in five short weeks on August 3. For more information, please visit or

ASCS Patriots Results: 6/29/07, Ransomville Speedway, Ransomville, NY.

A-Main (20 Laps)- 1. Jared Zimbardi (35), 2. Chuck Hebing (45), 3. Ray Preston (22), 4. John Schuyler (3T), 5. Blake Breen (8), 6. Kyle Moffit (77), 7. Scott Kreutter (52), 8. Keith Dempster (5), 9. Brad Knab (38), 10. Rob Pietz (69), 11. Glenn Styres (0), 12. Don Adamczyk (21), 13. Bobby Breen (9), 14. Gary Troutman (44), 15. Stan Zanchin (94), 16. Jeremy Barnard (86), 17. Derek Jonathan (81), 18. James Whittaker (83w), 19. Jay Pietz (71Jr), 20. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 21. Tim Zack (9Jr), 22. Chris Muhleisen (10M). DNS: Eileen Smith (57).

Lap Leaders- Zimbardi 1-20.

Arrow Express Six Nations Showdown at Ohsweken Pole Dash (4 Laps)- 1. Jared Zimbardi (35), 2. Glenn Styres (0), 3. Keith Dempster (5), 4. Ray Preston (22), 5. Blake Breen (8), 6. John Schuyler (3T).

National Parts Peddler Heats (8 Laps Each)-

Race 1: 1. Glenn Styres (0), 2. Keith Dempster (5), 3. John Schuyler (3T), 4. Kyle Moffit (77), 5. Stan Zanchin (94), 6. Tim Zack (9Jr), 7. Bobby Breen (9), 8. Chris Muhleisen (10M).

Race 2: 1. Ray Preston (22), 2. Jared Zimbardi (35), 3. Brad Knab (38), 4. Chuck Hebing (45), 5. Gary Troutman (44), 6. Jay Pietz (71Jr), 7. James Whittaker (83w), DNS: Eileen Smith (57).

Race 3: 1. Blake Breen (8), 2. Scott Kreutter (52), 3. Rob Pietz (69), 4. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 5. Don Adamczyk (21), 6. Jeremy Barnard (86), 7. Derek Jonathan (81).

Contingency Awards-

Shuttleworth Asphalt Sealing Sealing the Deal Award- Zimbardi

Red Bear Hand Cleaner Clean Finish, Clean Hands Award- Preston

Mangus Precision Pumps Pumped Up Award- Preston

Saldana Racing Products Half Way Leader- Zimbardi

KSE Racing Products Hard Charger of the Night- Hebing (+8)

ASI Sportswear Sharpest Move of the Race- Preston

Engler Machine and Tool Pole Award- Zimbardi

Keizer Aluminum Wheels Passing Points Award- Styres

Kinser Air Filters Hard Luck Award- Quackenbush

ISC Racer's Tape Keeping Things Rolling Award- Troutman, Preston, Styres

DMI Rear End Award- Muhleisen

M&W Aluminum Products Top-5 Award- Preston

Big Toob Bleeders Lucky 7th Award- Kreutter

Pancho's Racing Products J&J of the Race- Bl. Breen

Rod End Supply 19th Anniversary Award- J. Pietz

Ultra-Shield Race Products Top-10 Award- R. Pietz

Leaf Racewear 11th Place Award- Styres

Leaf Racewear Well-Suited Finish- Schuyler

Dri Wash 'n' Guard Waterless Car Best Appearing Car Award- Dempster

Pro-Syn Oil Technology/ Mother's Car Wash Clean Race Award- Moffit

Tully's Good Times Restaurants Good Time of the Night Award- Hebing 15.58 (115.569 MPH)ASCS Patriot Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Chuck Hebing 1,161, 2. Jared Zimbardi 1,139, 3. Ray Preston 1,063, 4. Don Adamczyk 1,027, 5. Geoff Quackenbush 1,013, 6. Chris Muhleisen 847, 7. Scott Kreutter 783, 8. Bryan Howland 715, 9. Dave Wickham 705, 10. Jeff Cook 683.

-credit: ascs

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