Patriot Sprint Jamestown results 2006-05-27

Swarthout Back in ASCS Patriot Victory Lane at Stateline JAMESTOWN, NY, (May 27, 2006) - Rich Swarthout won the first Sprint Car "A" Feature event he ever competed in back in April of 2004. On Saturday night, Swarthout finally got win number...

Swarthout Back in ASCS Patriot Victory Lane at Stateline

JAMESTOWN, NY, (May 27, 2006) - Rich Swarthout won the first Sprint Car "A" Feature event he ever competed in back in April of 2004. On Saturday night, Swarthout finally got win number two and got a growing monkey off his back in the process.

In front of a packed house on Bear Lake Inn night for third event of 2006, the Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group brought a strong group of sprinters to Stateline Speedway, the track where the series ran its first race four years ago.

Swarthout finished fourth in a loaded heat, but was not concerned after running used tires to save his new Hoosiers for the feature. Starting sixth in the 20-lap "A" Main, he would need all the bite he could get.

The Geneva, NY, driver of the Kriner's Racing Engines/ Clearway Mortgage/ DMI No. 5s quickly moved up toward the front, ready to strike early on. After a great run off of turn two on a lap four restart, Swarthout moved around both Geoff Quackenbush and race-leader Brad Knab in the fourth corner to get out in front. After one last challenge from Knab, the "Phatman" was out in front the rest of the way.

"I threw a new setup in the car tonight and it worked pretty well I'd say," said Swarthout in victory lane. "I'm just so glad I finally have another win."

Since the end of 2004, Rich Swarthout has not finished an ASCS Patriot "A" Main outside the top ten, but until Saturday night no wins were included in the streak.

"I'm always up in the top five, but it was really getting to me that I hadn't won one of these," said Swarthout. "This Kriner was really cranking though and I didn't even use up the right rear."

Swarthout moved up two spots on lap three when point leader and winner of the first two ASCS Patriot races, Chuck Hebing, spun while battling with Brad Knab for the lead and collected Bryan Howland, the driver right behind him in the standings. Hebing was done for the night and while Howland would continue and move back up to as high as eighth, he dropped out of the event on lap thirteen when the right rear tire went flat on the Filtrec Corporation No. 51.

Brad Knab was able to hold on to his best career PSG finish, coming home in second. The Delevan, NY, competitor took the initial lead and got back out in front when Chuck Hebing spun. The driver of the No. 38 wanted the win, but was still ecstatic with a runner-up finish.

"I ran an old tire and the car was still good," Knab noted after the race. "I just pushed up that one time in (turn) three and Swarthout got by me and that was it."

Geoff Quackenbush was another driver to put together a career-best run, bringing his No. 25 home in third. Prior to Saturday, Quackenbush had only scored one top ten finish in PSG competition, a ninth-place finish at Canandaigua in 2005.

"The setup was great on the car and it was a blast out there," said the Warwick, NY, driver. "It was good finally to put a solid finish together."

Dave Wickham also rekindled his old ways, finishing fourth. It was the first top five finish for the National Parts Peddler Newspaper No. 80 since August of 2004.

Nick Bashford rounded out the top five in his No. 24x. The 2005 ASCS Patriot Rookie of the Year moved up quickly but used up his tires and was stagnant for the remainder of the race.

Finishing in the second-five were Jared Zimbardi, Chris Muhleisen, Ken Swan, Don Adamczyk and first-time ASCS Patriot runner Joe Middlemiss.

There were two first-time heat winners and another by a driver who hadn't picked up one in a while. Chris Muhleisen picked up the win in heat one, the first time one for the Hornell, NY, driver since September 4, 2004. Ironically, that date was the last time John Schuyler competed with the Patriot Sprint Group, the driver who won heat two. Nick Bashford won his first career heat win in heat three.

Heat one saw the first car tip over in ASCS Patriot Sprint Group action this year, with Pup Nystrom bringing out the red flag in turn three. John Schuyler also made hard contact with the turn three wall in the feature while attempting to avoid the stopped cars of Hebing and Howland.

The next race for the Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group is Tuesday at the Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, with the World of Outlaws also on the card as part of the "Sprint Car Spectacular." In addition to the excitement of the ASCS Patriot Sprint Group event will be drivers such as Chuck Hebing and Jared Zimbardi entering 410's to pull double-duty on the night. Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group Results:

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. 10m-Chris Muhleisen, 2. 41-Mike Lauterborn, 3. 80-Dave Wickham, 4. 11m-Joe Middlemiss, 5. 45x-Tim Barnard, 6. 55-Pup Nystrom, 7. 33-Jamie Collard.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. 3T-John Schuyler, 2. 51-Bryan Howland, 3. 45-Chuck Hebing, 4. 5s-Rich Swarthout, 5. 21-Don Adamczyk, 6. 86-Jeremy Barnard, 7. 9jr-Tim Zack.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. 24x-Nick Bashford, 2. 38-Brad Knab, 3. 42s-Ken Swan, 4. 25-Geoff Quackenbush, 5. 35-Jared Zimbardi, 6. 69-Rob Pietz.

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 5s-Rich Swarthout, 2. 38-Brad Knab, 3. 25-Geoff Quackenbush, 4. 80-Dave Wickham, 5. 24x-Nick Bashford, 6. 35-Jared Zimbardi, 7. 10m-Chris Muhleisen, 8. 42s-Ken Swan, 9. 21-Don Adamczyk, 10. 11m-Joe Middlemiss, 11. 69-Rob Pietz, 12. 55-Pup Nystrom, 13. 86-Jeremy Barnard, 14. 9jr-Tim Zack, 15. 51-Bryan Howland, 16. 41-Mike Lauterborn, 17. 45-Chuck Hebing, 18. 3T-John Schuyler, 19. 45x-Tim Barnard, 20. 33-Jamie Collard.

Lap Leaders- Knab 1, Hebing 2, Knab 3, Swarthout 4-20.

National Parts Peddler Hard Charger of the Night- Zimbardi (+8)

Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group Points (Top Ten): 1. Rich Swarthout 451, 2. Chuck Hebing 450, 3. Bryan Howland 439, 4. Dave Wickham 418, 5. Nick Bashford 387, 6. Don Adamczyk 378, 7. Jared Zimbardi 373, 8. Geoff Quackenbush 357, 9. Jeremy Barnard 330, 10. Jeff Cook 306.


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