Patriot Sprint Black Rock results 2006-08-12

Hebing Hauls to ASCS Patriot Victory Lane at Black Rock DUNDEE, NY (August 12, 2006) -- Atop one of the smoothest and fastest race surfaces at Black Rock Speedway in recent memory, lap times went low as Chuck Hebing stayed on the...

Hebing Hauls to ASCS Patriot Victory Lane at Black Rock

DUNDEE, NY (August 12, 2006) -- Atop one of the smoothest and fastest race surfaces at Black Rock Speedway in recent memory, lap times went low as Chuck Hebing stayed on the high side to cruise to his sixth win of the season with the Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group.

Hebing earned the front row outside position for the 20-lap "A" Main, which is the preferred groove at Black Rock, allowing "Cobra" to get out front and stay there the entire way.

"It's great to see the rut in turn three go away, that was the smoothest I've ever seen this racetrack," said Hebing. "The car was fast all night long and we never had much of an issue."

Twenty-six cars made it into the pits for a special Saturday evening event for the return of the Patriots to their home facility in 2004 and the track that has hosted more PSG event than any other facility, a track that allowed most of the drivers, including Hebing, to adapt quickly.

"Cobra" set a lap time of 13.815 seconds in the hot laps, which would have been fast enough to take quick-time at the Bully Hill Vineyards Fall Sprint Nationals last year. Even though the track went away as the night wore on, Hebing still posted a lap in the feature that was under 14 seconds around the 4/10th-mile oval.

Hebing was back in his Ford-powered, F/A Products, Southcott Properties, Northcoast Performance Maxim Chassis that is owned by Dan Deming. The victory was his third-career at Black Rock, and his 15th with the Patriots, putting him once again in front of Rick Wilson as the winningest driver in series history.

Hebing did face a challenge in the late stages of the event as young Bobby Breen moved up to second and caught the break of a caution when Jared Zimbardi slapped the backstretch wall to put him to the tail of the Hebing No. 45 with four laps to go. However, when the green came back out, the Ontario, NY driver left no doubt that he was the class of the field on the night.

Breen won heat one early in the night and was the only driver to make a real move through the front of the pack, starting in sixth and getting up to the runner-up position at the site of his only career PSG win back in 2004.

"I liked running the high side but I still was worried about getting around some of those guys up there," said Breen after the race. "I like this track and we run well here."

Breen had just cleared pole-sitter Rich Swarthout for second on lap 16 when the caution flew, which relegated the "Phatman" back to third, where he would finish. The run was the third consecutive top-five finish for the Geneva, NY driver.

Ray Preston was another local competitor that fared well in his No. 22 as he hung on for his third top-five of the season, finishing in fourth.JPreston also won his second-straight heat earlier in night.

2005 Champion Bryan Howland finished in fifth, which felt like a win for his crew at a track that they have historically struggled at. The finish, coupled with a heat win holding off Hebing, moved Howland back into second in the standings.

Justin Barger made major adjustments to his No. 32 to climb to a solid sixth place finish, as he moved around Don Adamczyk in the closing laps. Adamczyk's seventh place finish is his first ever top ten at a track he has run at now 17 times. Rounding out the top ten were Doug Emery, Blake Breen and Mike Stelter.

Two drivers retired early in the night in a four-car crash in heat one. Mike Lutz spun heading off of turn four into a blinding sun and collected Kyle Drum who blocked the track for Geoff Quackenbush and Dave Wickham, both of whom flipped. Lutz and Quackenbush would continue but Drum and Wickham were done for the night.

Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group Results: 8/12, Black Rock Speedway-

Heat Results (8 Laps, 6 Transfer, 4 Reorder)-

Race 1- 1. Bobby Breen (9), 2. Jared Zimbardi (35), 3. Tommy Wickham (75), 4. Rich Swarthout (5s), 5. Steve Lapine (69x), 6. Mike Lutz (58), 7. Kyle Drum (47), 8. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 9. Dave Wickham (80).

Race 2- 1. Bryan Howland (51), 2. Chuck Hebing (45), 3. Doug Emery (33), 4. Don Adamczyk (21), 5. Mike Stelter (36), 6. Jeremy Barnard (86), 7. Tim Zack (9Jr), DNS: Stan Zanchin (94).

Race 3- 1. Ray Preston (22), 2. Blake Breen (8), 3. Justin Barger (32), 4. Bubby Kerrick (4u), 5. Gary Troutman (44), 6. Nick Bashford (24), 7. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 8. George Ely (90), 9. Derek Jonathan (81).

B-Main (8 Laps, 4 Transfer)- 1. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 2. Stan Zanchin (94), 3. George Ely (90), 4. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 5. Tim Zack (9Jr), 6. Derek Jonathan (81), DNS: Kyle Drum (47), Dave Wickham (80).

A-Main (20 Laps)- 1. Chuck Hebing (45), 2. Bobby Breen (9), 3. Rich Swarthout (5s), 4. Ray Preston (22), 5. Bryan Howland (51), 6. Justin Barger (32), 7. Don Adamczyk (21), 8. Doug Emery (33), 9. Blake Breen (8), 10. Mike Stelter (36), 11. Tommy Wickham (75), 12. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 13. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 14. Steve Lapine (69x), 15. Gary Troutman (44), 16. Bubby Kerrick (4u), 17. Stan Zanchin (94), 18. Jared Zimbardi (35), 19. George Ely (90), 20. Jeremy Barnard (86), 21. Nick Bashford (24), 22. Mike Lutz (58).

Lap Leader- Hebing 1-20.

National Parts Peddler Hard Charger- Geoff Quackenbush (25)- +9

Current Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group Points (Top Ten): 1. Chuck Hebing 1,967, 2. Bryan Howland 1,797, 3. Don Adamczyk 1,791, 4. Nick Bashford 1,729, 5. Geoff Quackenbush 1,687, 6. Jared Zimbardi 1,649, 7. Rich Swarthout 1,534, 8. Chris Muhleisen 1,476, 9. Ray Preston 1,419, 10. Jeremy Barnard 1,287.

-credit: ascs

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