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Bryan Howland Escapes Eriez with Win, King of OH/PA and 2009 ASCS Patriot Championship ERIE, Pa. (September 6, 2009) - When Bryan Howland won his heat to qualify for the feature, he knew he had locked up the 2009 Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Title;...

Bryan Howland Escapes Eriez with Win, King of OH/PA and 2009 ASCS Patriot Championship

ERIE, Pa. (September 6, 2009) - When Bryan Howland won his heat to qualify for the feature, he knew he had locked up the 2009 Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Title; with points no longer a worry, he focused in on going for the win and came through with a wire-to-wire win.

Howland, of Auburn, NY, celebrated his record-breaking third Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Championship in style Sunday Night at Eriez Speedway as he held off some intense challenges from Bubba Broderick and Trevor Lewis for his fifth win of the year. Along the way Howland would collect $2,009 in the final points race of the season also capture the King of OH/PA $heriez point title.

Howland has never found immense success at Eriez Speedway, but on another glorious night for racing he drew well, ran well and finished the job as Bubba Broderick stalked him for all 25 laps.

"I heard (Broderick) back there the entire race, I was hoping it was my motor but he was right there," said the elated 22-year-old in Victory Lane. "He showed a wheel under me once and I had just enough time to get down to the bottom.

"Flyin' Bryan" drew the outside pole for the 22nd feature of the season, with local favorite Scott Bonnell on the pole. Howland rim rode around the No. 3B in the opening turn and after a caution on the second lap would slice the Filtrec Corporation/ Jimmy D Powered Maxim through a slew of lapped cars, all the while with Broderick in his tire tracks.

Broderick jumped for fourth to second on the opening lap and from that point to the finish was never more than five car lengths from the No. 51. The two navigated through lapped traffic masterfully and made life difficult for Howland.

As the two former Patriot Rookie of the Year's held the top two spots, Trevor Lewis was on a mission to pass them and pick up $5,000.Lewis, the May winner at Eriez, redrew eighth and on a difficult track to pass laid low in sixth place for the first 1/3 of the race on the 1/3-mile. On lap eight he cleared Gordy Button for fifth after a spirited battle; for the next 10 laps Lewis hit a new gear and began chomping down his deficit on the leaders.

The No. 21L got together with the lapped car of Doug Bowman while moving by Scott Bonnell and Kyle Drum to get to third. By lap 16 the five time Patriot winner in 2009 had caught the leaders and began to work on Broderick. The Connecicut kid was up for the battle though.

Lewis tried a pass on the outside of turns 3 and 4 when Broderick decided to take the bottom line in an attempt to pass Howland for the lead in lapped traffic. The two would come together and a lap later as they were side-by-side, Lewis slammed in to the front stretch wall but continued.

When the caution flew on lap 20 for fourth place Scott Bonnell breaking in turn four, Lewis appeared ready to make his run for the money but instead was able to accurately diagnose that his rear end was broken and took it pit side.

With Lewis out, the win, as well as the King of OH/PA Crown came down to Howland and Broderick; whichever came out on top would win the fourth leg of the Lucas Oil Five Crown Tour.

On the lap 21 restart, the No. 51 and the No. 5 had the lapped car of Tim Hunter sandwiched in between. Broderick would move by him on that lap and catch a quick caution for Doug Bowman to set up a four lap shootout.

On the final restart on lap 22, Howland moved to the bottom in turn one, giving him some distance; in turns three and four, Broderick rode the cushion incorrectly and gave Howland the lead he needed to take it home for the win.

"I wasn't sure what the cars were going to do after they went through a heat cycle on that caution," Howland reflected. "The car had picked up a little bit of a push but it was still pretty strong."

Howland clearly hit championship form in the final five races of the season, as he collected two wins and runner-ups in the other three races. He is the first three-time Patriot Champion, coming in just six seasons of competition.

"I just have an amazing team and incredibly prepared cars," stated Howland.

Broderick would have to settle for second for the second straight race at Eriez, ending the season on a positive note.Kyle Drum would pick up best Patriot finish since 2005, with a third place showing in Paul Johnson's No. 3T.The three-digit cars completed the top-five with Judi Bates fourth for her career-best Patriot finish and Gordy Button fifth in their first appearances at the Northwest Pennsylvania Sunday Night Staple.

Kyle Moffit came from the B-Main to run up to sixth place, incidentally his worst finish at a track he takes very well to. Jared Fink would run up to seventh with Darren Long eighth. Tim Kelly and Don Adamczyk completed a stout top-10.

A total of 26 cars would enter the pits for the final point night of the season, a Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot record at Eriez. All four cars that would not qualify for the feature struggled with motor issues, including Jared Zimbardi, who entered the night with an outside shot and capturing the 2009 Championship. The No. 35 team swapped cars for the night and the engine in that car was unable to sustain power.

National Parts Peddler Heat wins went to Bonnell, Button and Howland.JBrad Knab won the Bonnell's Collision Center Four Laps of Fame Dash and Blake Breen would capture the B-main. Trevor Lewis was able to lock up the Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Award, the first time the winner has been someone who did not run the full season.

Lucas Oil ASCS Patriots Results: 9/6/09, Eriez Speedway, ERIE, PA. A-Main (25 Laps)- 1. Bryan Howland (51), 2. Bubba Broderick (5), 3. Kyle Drum (3T), 4. Judi Bates (121), 5. Gordy Button (714), 6. Kyle Moffit (7), 7. Jared Fink (21F), 8. Darren Long (7L), 9. Tim Kelly (12), 10. Don Adamczyk (21), 11. Blake Breen (8), 12. Brad Knab (38), 13. Dave Wickham (80), 14. Vern Wasson (5x), 15. Derek Jonathan (81), 16. Devin Caron (24k), 17. Tim Hunter (45x), 18. Trevor Lewis (21L), 19. Doug Bowman (57), 20. Scott Bonnell (3B), 21. Mark Zemcik (22z), 22. Brandan Warner (10B)

Lap Leaders- Howland 1-25.

B-Mains (Top 6 Transfer to A-Main)-

Race 1: 1. Blake Breen (8), 2. Kyle Moffit (7), 3. Brandan Warner (10B), 4. Doug Bowman (57), 5. Derek Jonathan (81), 6. Vern Wasson (5x), 7. Robert VanTassel (69x), DNS: Jared Zimbardi (35), DNS: Joe August (47), DNS: Bobby Breen (9).

Bonnell's Collision Center Four Laps of Fame Dash (4 Laps)- 1. Brad Knab (38), 2. Jared Fink (21F), 3. Tim Kelly (12), 4. Darren Long (7L), 5. Tim Hunter (45x), 6. Devin Caron (24k).

National Parts Peddler Heats (8 Laps Each)-

Race 1: 1. Scott Bonnell (3B), 2. Trevor Lewis (21L), 3. Bubba Broderick (5), 4. Tim Kelly (12), 5. Tim Hunter (45x), 6. Don Adamczyk (21), 7. Blake Breen (8), 8. Kyle Moffit (7), 9. Jared Zimbardi (35).

Race 2: 1. Gordy Button (714), 2. Kyle Drum (3T), 3. Judi Bates (121), 4. Brad Knab (38), 5. Mark Zemcik (22z), 6. Doug Bowman (57), 7. Derek Jonathan (81), 8. Vern Wasson (5x), 9. Robert VanTassel (69x).

Race 3: 1. Bryan Howland (51), 2. Dave Wickham (80), 3. Darren Long (7L), 4. Jared Fink (21F), 5. Devin Caron (24k), 6. Brandan Warner (10B), 7. Joe August Jr. (47), 8. Bobby Breen (9).

Contingency Awards-

Ohsweken Speedway/Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Award- Howland

M&W Aluminum Products Top-5 Award- Button

Ultra-Shield Race Products Top-10 Award- Fink

Rod End Supply 20th Anniversary Award- Bonnell

Final King of OH/PA $heriez Standings (Top-10)- 1. Bryan Howland 568, Tie-2. Trevor Lewis and Bubba Broderick 560, 4. Blake Breen 558, 5. Don Adamczyk 512, 6. Scott Bonnell 496, 7. Jared Zimbardi 466, 8. Derek Jonathan 455, 9. Kyle Moffit 382, 10. Judi Bates 380.

Final Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Standings (Top-10)- 1. Trevor Lewis 59, Tie-2. Bryan Howland and Jared Zimbardi 55, 4. Blake Breen 48, 5. Bubba Broderick 44, 6. Don Adamczyk 36, 7. Tommy Wickham 33, 8. Michael Parent 28, 9. Jamie Collard 26, 10. Tim Kelly 24.

Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Points (Top Ten): 1. Bryan Howland 3,088, 2. Jared Zimbardi 2,939, 3. Don Adamczyk 2,878, 4. Bubba Broderick 2,808, 5. Bobby Breen 2,414, 6. Blake Breen 2,237, 7. Gordy Button 2,028, 8. Chris Muhleisen 1,790, 9. Derek Jonathan 1,757, 10. Scott Kreutter 1,700.

-credit: ascs

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