Patriot Merrittville results 2006-06-24

Howland Merits ASCS Patriot Victory Honors at Merrittville THOROLD, ONT (June 24, 2006) - Bryan Howland's search for his first Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group win of the season came at a place he never expected, especially...

Howland Merits ASCS Patriot Victory Honors at Merrittville

THOROLD, ONT (June 24, 2006) - Bryan Howland's search for his first Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group win of the season came at a place he never expected, especially when considered that he had never seen Merrittville Speedway before Saturday night.

Last year's ASCS Patriot champion led all 20 laps of the series' seventh "A" Main of the season en route to his first victory with the group since clinching the title at the end of 2005.

"We really haven't had a great season with the Patriots so far this year," said Howland in victory lane, despite entering the night second in the points. "We started off real tight at the beginning of the night but just kept working at it to make it better."

Howland took the early race lead in his Filtrec Corporation No. 51, but was pressured around lap seven by Rick Wilson for the top spot. Wilson was working better in turn three and four than Howland by using the top side and was set to make a bid for the lead on lap eight when Howland moved up to the top and blocked the line. Using this new line, Howland pulled away from Wilson and cruised to the win.

"I heard Ricky (Wilson) closing early in the race and knew he was using the top so I tried it out and it really seemed to work," the Auburn, NY, competitor said after the race. "Once I got up there I could hold it basically wide-open."

Howland started on the pole for the "A" Feature after moving up to a third place finish in heat three to qualify for the reorder process. He would take full advantage of the opportunity and grab his fifth career victory.

After the race the 19-year-old dedicated the race to his old brother John, who is battling cancer and has not been able to make it to the races yet this season.

Rick Wilson was able to hang for a season-best runner-up finish. Rick was pleased with the run but knew he had a chance at the win.

"Bryan found that top side in turn three and four and once he did that he just started pulling away," said the winner of heat three.J"I was hoping the lapped traffic would help out but it never did."

Blake Breen won heat two from mid-pack and made an impressive run to finish in third in the main event. Breen moved from tenth to fourth in the first two laps and inherited third place two circuits later but was not able to reel in the top two. It was his best finish with the Patriots though since his last win in August of 2004.

Jared Zimbardi followed Breen up through the pack to finish his second straight race with the Patriots in fourth. Rounding out the top five was Joe Middlemiss in just his second career ASCS Patriot start.

Brad Malloy was the last car to transfer from the "B" Main but was on the move in the finale to by picking off 16 positions to snare sixth and National Parts Peddler Hard Charger of the Night honors. Don Adamczyk continued his streak of top ten runs to finish seventh.

Heat one winner Chuck Hebing was challenging for second on lap two of the feature when he did a 360-degree spin to slip back to eighth. Hebing spun again on lap four while running sixth and collected Glenn Styres.JDespite losing the front wing, "Cobra" was still able to salvage an eighth place finish.

Brad Knab made the most of his provisional Buy-In to charge up to finish ninth, just ahead of Ken Swan who rounded out the top ten. Nick Bashford was the final car on the lead lap, finishing 11th.

Twenty-six cars were on hand for the first ever race at the Merrittville Speedway on David Chevrolet night at the track. Included in the cars running with the Patriots for the first time were Tom Huppunen, Brad Malloy, Rob Middlemiss and Jim Price, all drivers from towns near Pete and Nancy Bicknell's 3/8-mile facility.

Next Friday, the Bobcat of Buffalo will present the Mid-Season Championship for the Patriots at the Ransomville Speedway, located just on the other side of the border from Merrittville. The race will pay $1,500 for the winner, with more bonuses added throughout the pack. For more information on this event and others, log onto

Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group Results: Merrittville 6/24-

Heat Results (8 Laps, 4 Reorder)-

Race 1- 1. Chuck Hebing (45), 2. Fred Cade (12c), 3. Jared Zimbardi (35), 4. Nick Bashford (24), 5. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 6. Rob Pietz (69), 7. Gary Troutman (44), 8. Tom Huppunen (27H), 9. Brad Malloy (5M).

Race 2- 1. Blake Breen (8), 2. Keith Dempster (32), 3. Ken Swan (42s), 4. Mike Lauterborn (41), 5. Jamie Collard (33), 6. Jim Price (7), 7. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 8. Stan Zanchin (94), 9. Brad Knab (38).

Race 3- 1. Rick Wilson (42w), 2. Joe Middlemiss (11M), 3. Bryan Howland (51), 4. Glenn Styres (0), 5. Don Adamczyk (21), 6. Tim Zack (9Jr), 7. Rob Middlemiss (10x), 8. Jeremy Barnard (86).

B-Main (10 Laps, 4 Transfer)- 1. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 2. Tom Huppunen (27H), 3. Gary Troutman (44), 4. Brad Malloy (5M), 5. Brad Knab (38), 6. Jeremy Barnard (86), 7. Rob Middlemiss (10x), 8. Stan Zanchin (94).

A-Main (20 Laps)- 1. Bryan Howland (51), 2. Rick Wilson (42w), 3. Blake Breen (8), 4. Jared Zimbardi (35), 5. Joe Middlemiss (11M), 6. Brad Malloy (5M), 7. Don Adamczyk (21), 8. Chuck Hebing (45), 9. Brad Knab (38), 10. Ken Swan (42s), 11. Nick Bashford (24), 12. Chris Muhleisen (10M), 13. Gary Troutman (44), 14. Fred Cade (12c), 15. Tom Huppunen (27H), 16. Tim Zack (9Jr), 17. Geoff Quackenbush (25), 18. Glenn Styres (0), 19. Jamie Collard (33), 20. Mike Lauterborn (41), 21. Rob Pietz (69), 22. Jim Price (7), 23. Keith Dempster (32).

Buy-In Provisional- Brad Knab (38)

National Parts Peddler Hard Charger- Brad Malloy (+16)

Lap Leader- Bryan Howland (51) 1-20

DNQ- Stan Zanchin (94), Jeremy Barnard (86), Rob Middlemiss (10x).

Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Standings- 1. Don Adamczyk-27, 1. Brad Knab-27, 3. Blake Breen-23, 4.Chuck Hebing-21, 5. George Suprick-87.

Current Bobcat of Buffalo ASCS Patriot Sprint Group Points (Top Ten): 1. Chuck Hebing 1,035, 2. Bryan Howland 1,023, 3. Don Adamczyk 958, 4. Nick Bashford 941, 5. Geoff Quackenbush 878, 6. Brad Knab 869, 7. Rich Swarthout 819, 8. Chris Muhleisen 806, 9. Jared Zimbardi 790, 10. Rick Wilson 735.


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