Path Valley results 2005-06-10

Path Valley First Timers Win in Sprints Spring Run PA__ Two first time sprint winners Friday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park were Jamie Umlauf from Richboro in 600 Sprints and Ryan McAndrew of Edmund in 270 Sprints. They pointed out...

Path Valley First Timers Win in Sprints

Spring Run PA__ Two first time sprint winners Friday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park were Jamie Umlauf from Richboro in 600 Sprints and Ryan McAndrew of Edmund in 270 Sprints. They pointed out the vast spread of racers who travel to Path Valley, coming from the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh suburbs, respectively.

Tommy Beavers of Winchester VA won again in 305 Sprints just ahead of a rapidly gaining Jim "Cowboy" Kennedy, and past national champion Butch Brough of Newville won his second Legends feature of the season.

.In stock cars, Tim Burkholder of St. Thomas won his first of the year in the modified Mini Stocks and Jeremy Ott of Shippensburg outpaced the Thunder Cars for his third season win.

The negligible precipitation that had been forecast lasted less than five minutes, as the mini stocks finished lap five of their opening feature, and the freshly sprinkled and again run in track provided one of the smoothest and fastest racing surfaces to date. The rain delayed racing less than a half hour, and all racing was completed about 11 p.m. Before the mini stock teams received thanks from Two Wheel Promotions for their help finishing off the track, track maintenance foreman Mike Gipe was honored at half-time on the front stretch with a birthday cake.

Next Friday night, June 17, the V-8 Hobby Stocks take their turn while the 305 Sprints and Legends are off. Then Saturday, June 18, following the afternoon karts and quads races, the Strictly Stocks are scheduled with a special Powder Puff for hopeful female racers in the low budget "guardrail" cars.

Mike Beidel led the mini stocks when the rain came, but on the restart Tim Burkholder went to the inside and passed beneath him in turn four to take the lead until a pair of cautions at lap 16. By then Gary Dehart had locked up second and he spent laps 17 and 18 running side by side with Burkholder, but Burkholder got to the inside between turns three and four on lap 19 and then beat Dehart to the line by more than a length. The front five finishers were Burkholder, Dehart, Beidel, Kevin Thomas and Steve McCartney, and the heats went to McCartney and Dehart.

The headline 305 Sprints feature looked like a runaway for Tommy Beavers as he built up a half-turn lead by lap five ahead of Brent Comp and the field, but then he ran into lapped cars on lap seven and had to go to work as Jim Kennedy found his groove and closed up space. Then Kennedy passed Tim Damiani on lap 12 and began to close in on Beavers, but as the race continued without a restart caution, Beavers held his own line and outran Kennedy and Mike Freet, who went side by side in a separate race for second place with lots of passing back in the field. At the line the front five were Beavers, Kennedy, Freet, Von McGee and Gary Heckman.

"I knew he was right behind me, and all I could do was keep the pedal down," Beavers said of his second win this season and fourth overall. Heats went to McGee and Comp, both of whom had challenged for second in the feature.

Brothers work with brothers in the pits and then race against them on the track every week at Path Valley, and often they finish in first and second place. Rejoining the Myers, Murphy and Spahr brothers this Friday were Ryan and Sean McAndrew as they paid their third visit to victory lane together after finishing one and two in a 270 sprints feature. For his first win Ryan McAndrew got in front and stayed there while Sean dived up and down and worked hard to secure second from Craig Myers, Tom Tice, and Jesse Hare. The five in front after a lap 19 restart were Ryan, Sean, and then Hare, Craig Myers and Tice. Heats went to Matt Horst and Chad Myers.

Jeremy Ott, the big happy young Shippensburg racer who wheels his #10 Thunder Car to the front five most weeks, disposed of Joe Hawbaker on lap two and led all the way as Hawbaker and Lyle Barnes went side by side, blocking off second place and leaving Ott to run away for his third win of the season. Even a single caution on lap 13 saw Barnes and Hawbaker back in position side by side and the front five were Ott, Barnes, Hawbaker, Terry Smith and John Rasp. Heats went to Rasp and Hawbaker.

"I'd have never caught Ben Murphy, I guess I just got lucky," Jamie Umlauf said in victory lane after winning his first 600 Sprints feature. Ben Murphy lost a drive chain and Umlauf stepped up to the lead on lap four and never faltered as veteran Rodney Glass raced a separate show with Jake Murphy and Jesse Snyder for second. Snyder took second on lap 14 but Glass came back with an outside pass in lapped traffic and by then Umlauf was too far ahead to catch. The Richboro youngster said he hauls almost four hours to race at Path Valley. This is his second year in micro sprints. Umlauf, Glass, Jake Murphy, Jesse Snyder and Jimmy Brookens were the front five. Brent Marks won the consi and the ten-sprint heats went to Jake Murphy, Lyle Stroman and Nick Schlauch.

As the full field of Central PA Legends Cars kicked off, past champion Butch Brough easily raced ahead until lap five when Greg Burd from his sixth place start eased into second. Then the duo took off racing together well ahead of the field. After a lap 13 restart, they started lapping the rear of the pack on lap 17 and in a thrilling finish both broke free out of turn two on the final lap and Brough beat Burd to the checkers by half his car length. Brough, Burd, Lawrence Garrison, Jason Ewing and Nathan Fisher were the front five. Ferris Fraine won the consi and Brough, Andy Lupfer and Bob Murray won the heats.


305 Sprints -- Tommy Beavers (started 1), James Kennedy, Mike Freet, Von McGee, Gary Heckman, Mike Wagner II, Randy Kaylor, Reed Thompson, Greg Hammaker, Craig Robinson, Tim Damiani, Brent Comp, Craig Folmar. Heats to McGee, Comp.

600 Sprints -- Jamie Umlauf (started 2), Rodney Glass, Jake Murphy, Jesse Snyder, Jimmy Brookens, Nick Schlauch, Keith Woodson, Jim Young, Donnie Hendershot, Mark Strickler, Lyle Stroman, Cody Darrah, Rod Schell, Chris Crull, Brent Marks, Travis Saner, Dane Delancey, Nick Saner, Justin Frontz, Mark Palome, Jordon Frontz, Gary Linderman, Ben Murphy, Greg Kone. Consi to Marks, Heats to Jake Murphy, Lyle Stroman, Nick Schlauch.

Legends -- Butch Brough (2), Greg Burd, Lawrence Garrison, Jason Ewing, Nathan Fisher, Allen Felix, Geremey Sheaffer, Zach Deiter, Randy Fetterolf, Bill Harris, Pat McDermott, Bob Murray, Darryl Bloom, Tony Steffen, Steve Shirk, Randy Kissinger, Gerry Eldridge, Andy Lupfer, Ronald Cooper, Jim Halbert, John Shutt, Ferris Fraine, Ken Keyton, Jason Smith. Consi to Fraine. Heats to Brough, Lupfer, Murray.

270 Sprints -- Ryan McAndrew (2), Sean McAndrew, Jesse Hare, Craig Myers, Tom Tice, Matt Horst, Chad Myers, Mike Casario, Zack Zook, Aaron Spahr, Cody Darrah, DNS AJ Bast, Eric Spahr. Heats to Horst, Myers.

Mini Stock -- Tim Burkholder (1), Gary Dehart, Mike Beidel, Kevin Thomas, Steve McCartney, Kyle Wiser, Frank Gordon, Ronnie Garlock, Dave Bivens, Scott Gordan, Troy Eckenrode, Ed Kirby. Heats to McCartney, Dehart.

Thunder Cars -- Jeremy Ott (2), Lyle Barnes, Joe Hawbaker, Terry Smith, John Rasp, Wes Scofield, Melvin Bigler, Derrick Varner, Ken Lawrence Jr., Jeff Christy, Greg Fuller Jr., Tony Weller, Rocky Payne, Ricky Rosenberry, Charles Stallman, Chuck Ingram. Heats to Rasp, Hawbaker.


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