Path Valley results 2005-05-13

Comp and Glass Win Firsts at Path Valley Spring Run PA__ Brent Comp of Loysville stole the show Friday night as he led every lap in the PA 305 Sprints non-stop to the checkered flag. It was Comp's second win ever on the smooth Path Valley clay,...

Comp and Glass Win Firsts at Path Valley

Spring Run PA__ Brent Comp of Loysville stole the show Friday night as he led every lap in the PA 305 Sprints non-stop to the checkered flag. It was Comp's second win ever on the smooth Path Valley clay, and probably the first 305 Sprints feature without a caution.

Rodney Glass of Fort Loudon followed that up in a quick one-caution-flag feature with his first win ever in the 600 Sprints, and Chad Myers of Chambersburg won the second feature in his last three starts in 270 Sprints.

In Legends action defending champion Randy Kissinger of Columbia won his first of the year at Path Valley after being close but rejected previously. Defending champion John Rasp of McConnellsburg won his second feature of the season in Thunder Cars and Kevin Thomas of St. Thomas won in the Mini Stocks.

Next Friday night, May 20, the growing field of V-8 Hobby Stocks returns for their bi-weekly show, along with the regular weekly 600 Sprints, 270 Sprints, Mini Stocks and Thunder Cars. Next Saturday features Candy Scrambles for all the kids in both the afternoon kart and four-wheeler racing and in that evening's Strictly Stock races for four-cylinders, six-cylinders and V-8's.

Young Brent Comp took the lead on the first lap and roared off to pace half a lap ahead of the field until Casey Cook and Mike Freet, up from a sixth place start, began to reel him in, but Comp had too big a lead by then and took his first checkered flag of the season in a race without a single caution flag. Comp, Cook, Freet, Jim Kennedy and Gary Heckman were the front five, and Randy Kaylor and Tommy Beavers won the heats.

Former 270 Sprints standout Rodney Glass of Fort Loudon passed Jim Young on the second lap and led all the way in the 600 Sprints. By lap six Glass was half the track ahead of the field and when he began lapping slower sprints on lap eight, only Mark Strickler and past champion Jimmy Brookens were within challenging range. The only caution came on lap 17 when last week's winner, Richie Fitz, lost power in turn four.

On the restart, veteran Glass showed his experience when he slowed to the backstretch starting cone and then took off with a dive low to inside turn three that denied Brookens an inside pass coming out of turn four. Three laps later Glass finished two lengths ahead of Brookens, who has made a trademark of passing for the lead on restarts. The front five were Glass, Brookens, Donnie Hendershot, Mark Strickler, and Jamie Umlauf. Nathan Hauck won the ten-lap consi, and heat winners were Cody Darrah, Mark Strickler, Donnie Hendershot, Rodney Glass and Lyle Stroman.

With lots of spins and skids, the 270 Sprints feature was another thriller as Matt Horst took the lead from Cody Darrah and Mike Casario and raced away. But Chad Myers from a sixth place start caught Horst on lap 15 and then passed him after running wheel to wheel on a lap 18 restart. Three restarts on the final lap gave both Horst and Darrah opportunities, but Myers took the checkers followed closely by Horst, Darrah, brother Craig Myers and Sean McAndrew in the front five. Sean McAndrew, Ryan McAndrew and Chad Myers won the heats.

From the pole Randy Kissinger led the Legends to the checkers through two restarts amid heavy lapped car traffic in a field of 26 starters. Josh Morrow and then Butch Brough challenged for the lead and got close looks at Kissinger's rear bumper, but at the finish the front five were Kissinger, Brough, Nathan Fisher, Greg Burd, and Jason Ewing. Kissinger, Path McDermott, Brian Levan and Allen Felix won the heats. Kissinger, last year's national points leader and state champion, had led many laps in previous Path Valley features but was each time denied the checkers.

On a lap 19 restart, Kevin Thomas got to the inside of Steve McCartney after a four-way lead swapping feature in Mini Stocks that included Tim Burkholder who finished third, and Gary Dehart until a lap 13 flat after clashing with a lapped Charles Stallman who spun just ahead of him. Although Thomas, McCartney and Dehart were the only leaders, several ran side-by-side with them. In the front five were Thomas, McCartney, Burkholder, Kyle Wiser and Leroy Long and Dehart and Thomas won the heats.

The Thunder Cars took five tries to get started, including two in single file, and when the dust settled John Rasp, from an original fourth place, was firmly in the lead. After some lap four cautions, Rasp caught Wes Scofield on lap 11 and slowed enough that Terry Smith, who won the week before and started in the twelfth, handicap, spot, caught up and pushed by lap 19, but it was a race for Rasp who said in victory lane that his crew and family keep him going. Rasp, Smith, Chuck Ingram, Joe Hawbaker and Melvin Bigler were the front five and Bigler and Ingram won the heats.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. From March to October, Path Valley races stock cars, Legends and sprints Friday nights, karts and quads on Saturday afternoons and AMA bikes or Strictly Stock junkyard cars Saturday nights.

The phone number at the track is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2005 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


PA 305 Sprints -- Brent Comp (started 2), Casey Cook, Mike Freet, James Kennedy, Gary Heckman, Randy Kaylor, Tommy Beavers, Todd Spangler, Jim Travis, Mike Wagner II, Craig Robinson, Don Stack, Greg Hammaker. Heats to Kaylor, Beavers.

600 Sprints -- Rodney Glass (started 3), Jim Brookens, Donnie Hendershot, Mark Strickler, Jamie Umlauf, Jim Young, Ben Murphy, Lyle Stroman, Robert Robertson, Nick Schlauch Jr., Jake Murphy, Cody Darrah, Gary Linderman, Nathan Hauck, Jordon Frontz, Chris Crull, Nick Saner, Justin Frontz, Richie Fitz, Kerry Schanz, Mark Palome, Dane Delancey, Travis Saner, Jim Fitz. Consi to Nathan Hauck. Heats to Darrah, Strickler, Hendershot, Glass, Stroman.

270 Sprints -- Chad Myers (started 6), Matt Horst, Cody Darrah, Craig Myers, Sean McAndrew, Danny Holtgraver, Ryan McAndrew, Nathan Hauck, Rick Casario, Aaron Lynch, Earl Hoon Jr., Justin Grosz, Dave Thrush, Aaron Spahr, Eric Spahr, Tom Tice, Chad Hough, Jesse Howell, Mike Casario, Zack Zook, Jesse Hare, A.J. Bast, Bob Robertson. Heats to Sean McAndrew, Ryan McAndrew, Chad Myers.

Legends -- Randy Kissinger (started 1), Butch Brough, Nathan Fisher, Greg Burd, Jason Ewing, Randy Fetterolf, Allen Felix, Lawrence Garrison, Pat McDermott, Gerry Eldridge, Josh Morrow, Ken Keyton, Robert Sobieski, Geremey Sheaffer, Bob Moyer, Darryl Bloom, Jim Halbert, Bob Murray, Ferris Frine, Cody Darrah, Steve Shirk, John Shutt, Brian Levin, Amy Staver, Ronald Cooper, Zach Deiter. Heats to Kissinger, McDermott, Levan, Felix.

Mini Stock -- Kevin Thomas (started 2), Steve McCartney, Tim Burkholder, Kyle Wiser, Leroy Long, Ronnie Garlock, Frank Gordon, Dave Staley, Jeremy Ott, Mike Beidel, Kirk Knable, Dave Bivens, Troy Eckenrode, Gary Dehart, Dale Cutshall, Charles Stallman, Ralph Morgan. Heats to Dehart, Thomas.

Thunder Cars -- John Rasp (started 4), Terry Smith, Chuck Ingram, Joe Hawbaker, Melvin Bigler, Jeff Christy, Tony Weller, Wes Scofield, Ricky Rosenberry, Rocky Payne, Derrick Varner, Lyle Barnes, Ken Lawrence Jr., Greg Fuller Jr., Bob Starr, and Eric Seibert. Heats to Bigler, Ingram.


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