Path Valley results 2005-05-06

Path Valley Sprinters Repeat Wins Spring Run PA__ Richie Fitz of Crystal Springs in 600 Sprints and Sean McAndrew of Edmund in 270 Sprints became the season's first repeat winners Friday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park. Cody Darrah ...

Path Valley Sprinters Repeat Wins

Spring Run PA__ Richie Fitz of Crystal Springs in 600 Sprints and Sean McAndrew of Edmund in 270 Sprints became the season's first repeat winners Friday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park. Cody Darrah became the first, perhaps ever, to win heat races in both sprint classes on the same night.

Tony Daniels of Harrisonville outran Mike Duck in the V-8 Hobby Stocks. Ronnie Garlock of Mt. Union won in the Mini Stocks and Terry Smith of Willow Hill won in the Thunder Cars.

All racing was complete before 10:30. The PA 305 Sprints and the Central PA Legends return next Friday, May 13, taking their turn and replacing the Hobby Stocks in the schedule rotation.

The night opened with Cody Darrah of Red Lion winning heats in both the 270 Sprints and the 600 Sprints. Aaron Spahr of York performed the flip of the night overtop his wing with his brother Eric close behind in the first 270 Sprints heat race, and his crew got him back out for the feature.

After passing Gary Linderman twice for the 600 Sprints win, Richie Fitz said in victory lane that "This is the second time the lapped cars have helped me win, and I was sure glad for that last lap caution because it let me catch my breath." Linderman and Fitz, who started fourth, were in lapped traffic by lap four and Fitz and his Bullrider Chassis team said they always enjoy a full field to race among. The front five were Fitz, Linderman, Jamie Umlauf, Mark Strickler and Nick Schlauch, and Jim Young, Jimmy Brookens and Cody Darrah won the heats.

Matt Horst and Cody Darrah won the 270 Sprints heats and the pill draw for inversion, eight, put Sean McAndrew on the pole. Mike Casario beat McAndrew into turn four for the early lead, and passed McAndrew again as they swapped back and forth in lap eight, but Casario in lapped cars went off in lap 10 and McAndrew cruised to the win with Tom Tice close behind. The front five were McAndrew, Tice, Matt Horst, Craig Myers and Rick Casario.

In the new V-8 Hobby Stock feature Craig Imes and Tony Daniels raced side by side in the early laps and then past multiple track champion Mike Duck caught up and began to whittle away a two turn lead Daniels owned by lap 11. As the race went green to checkers without a caution, Daniels held tight and claimed his first win ever. Duck won the heat and the front five were Daniels, Duck, Joe DeArmitt, Dave Dunkle and Shawn Hancock.

With nearly full fields, the two four cylinder divisions thrilled the crowd as local favorites slugged it out. Ronnie Garlock came through a pack of cars from eighth high on the outside to take the lead from polesitter Steve McCartney on lap ten. Both McCartney and Frankie Gordon stayed on Garlock's bumper but couldn't get past. The heats went to Kirk Knable and Garlock, and Garlock, McCartney, Gordon, Tim Burkholder and Gary Dehart were the front five.

Terry Smith started on the pole in the Thunder Cars and led every lap with Wes Scofield right behind after lap eight. The front five finishers were Smith, Scofield, and Jeremy Ott up from thirteenth, Tony Weller and Melvin Bigler. Smith and Ott won the heats.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. From March to October, Path Valley races stock cars, Legends and sprints Friday nights, karts and quads on Saturday afternoons and AMA bikes or Strictly Stock junkyard cars Saturday nights.

The phone number at the track is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2005 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


600 Sprints -- Richie Fitz (started 4), Gary Linderman, Jamie Umlauf, Mark Strickler, Nick Schlauch Jr., Cody Darrah, Jim Young, Kerry Schanz, Rodney Glass, Sam Christy, Chris Crull, Jake Murphy, Nick Saner, Travis Saner, Jess Hager, Scott Spahr, Mark Palome, Dan Kanagy, Dane Delancey, Tim Brown, Greg Kone, Jim Brookens, Justin Frontz. Heats to Young, Brookens, Darrah.

270 Sprints -- Sean McAndrew (1), Tom Tice, Matt Horst, Craig Myers, Rick Casario, Eric Spahr, Chad Hough, Zack Zook, Aaron Spahr, Mike Casario, A.J. Bast, Cody Darrah, Jesse Howell, Dave Thrush, Mike Conners, Chad Myers, Ryan McAndrew, DQ Jesse Hare. Heats to Horst, Darrah.

V-8 Hobby Stock -- Tony Daniels (5), Mike Duck, Joe DeArmitt, Dave Dunkle, Shawn Hancock, Matt Mellott, Craig Imes, DNS Bobby Johnson. Heat to Duck.

Mini Stock -- Ronnie Garlock (7), Steve McCartney, Frank Gordon, Tim Burkholder, Gary Dehart, Mike Beidel, Kyle Wiser, Kirk Knable, Kevin Thomas, Larry Stine, Tink Allen, Dave Bivens, Troy Eckenrode, Dale Cutshall, Cletus Pittman, Shawn Moore, JR Fogelsonger. Heats to Knable, Garlock.

Thunder Cars -- Terry Smith (1), Wes Scofield, Jeremy Ott, Tony Weller, Melvin Bigler, Ken Lawrence Jr., John Rasp, Tim Varner, Jeff Christy, Ricky Rosenberry, Rocky Payne, Zac Smith, Donnie Stine, Joe Hawbaker, Jonathan Middaugh, Eric Seibert, Greg Fuller Jr., DNS Chuck Ingram, Lyle Barnes.


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