Path Valley results 2004-10-08

Cody Darrah of York raced to his first win ever ahead of a stellar field in the 270 Sprints, outlasting two red flags and six cautions. Richie Fitz of Crystal Springs won his fifth feature in 600 Sprints and Josh Morrow of Hamburg won his ...

Cody Darrah of York raced to his first win ever ahead of a stellar field in the 270 Sprints, outlasting two red flags and six cautions.

Richie Fitz of Crystal Springs won his fifth feature in 600 Sprints and Josh Morrow of Hamburg won his fourth in the INEX sanctioned Central PA Legends Cars. Joe DeArmitt of Alexandria won his second in a row in the Hobby Stocks and in the four cylinders Kevin Thomas of St. Thomas won in Mini Stocks and Chuck Ingram of Shippensburg won in Thunder Cars.

A fierce contest for season points and top ten standings continues in both sprints and stock cars for three more weeks at Path Valley with the alternating Dwarf Cars and PA 305 Sprints taking their turn in the rotation next Friday night. Then Saturday, Oct. 16, the Burris Karts and Quads are off and gates open at 3 p.m. for 50-lap features for the Strictly Stock cars in four, six and V-8 classes.

The annual Path Valley Speedway Park awards banquet is Saturday night, Nov. 20, at the Pleasant Hall Fire Co. and tickets are still available at the track each weekend.

With Sean Good leading Colby Womer by only three points at the start of the night, young Cody Darrah won the pole in the 270 Sprints pill draw for feature inversion. The feature started with four caution flags including a red flag for Womer who rolled into the turn two wall and got transported to Chambersburg Hospital for precautionary observation. Chad Myers, who won the first heat race and drew the inversion pill, flipped in turn two on lap 12 with three other cars for the feature's second red flag.

In front of the pack, Darrah picked a moderately high groove and held it through eight restarts in all to finish about six lengths ahead of A.J. Bast and Good with Jason Starr fourth and Brian Hart fifth. Chad Myers and Tom Tice won the heats.

Richie Fitz roared off in his Bullrider #1F from his pole position and led by a turn in lap four. When the first caution came in lap 13, Lyle Stroman and brother Jim Fitz were in second and third and two lapped sprints behind the leader. Jimmy Brookens worked into third at the finish and Jim Fitz took fourth with Jim Young up to fifth. Jim Fitz and Stroman won the heats.

After his fourth Legends win, Josh Morrow told announcer Rob Keller that he had finished second in the Legends Nationals, but Path Valley "is still the best track anywhere." Morrow led every lap, with only one restart, and Randy Fetterolf alongside or right behind him. Morrow, Fetterolf, Greg Burd, Allen Felix and Bill Harris were the front five and Fetterolf and Morrow won the heats.

The Hobby Stocks that race every other week thrilled the crowd when Wes Miles Sr. flipped end over end into the backstretch wall during the heat race. He walked away. Joe DeArmitt started fourth and went across the line beside early leader Shawn Hancock on lap five. Both went high in turn two and Matt Mellott dove inside them to take the lead to lap 15 when DeArmitt discovered the faster tacky outside line and held it to the finish. DeArmitt, Mike Duck, Davey Gross Jr., Mellott and Hancock were the front five finishers and Duck won the heat race.

Chuck Ingram led the Thunder Cars all the way with only Lyle Barnes showing him a bumper after the only restart on lap seven. Ingram, Barnes, John Rasp, Tony Weller and Melvin Bigler were the front five and Bigler won the single heat race.

Five restarts by lap eight let Kevin Thomas work forward from fourth to catch and then pass Ronnie Garlock on lap eight in the signature Path Valley modified Mini Stocks. Garlock again caught up to Thomas on lap 14 and then fell back to leave second to Tim Burkholder, followed in the front five by Jerry Bard, Frankie Gordon and Mike Beidel. "These are great guys to race with because they know what they are doing and won't take you out by accident," Thomas praised his competition. Gary Dehart and Jerry Bard won the heats.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track is 717-349-7111.

For information on the 2004 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the track's website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


600 Sprints -- Richie Fitz (started 1), Lyle Stroman, Jim Brookens, Jim Fitz, Jim Young, Doug Dodson, Donnie Hendershot, Jim Callahan, Jordon Frontz, Greg Kone, Jason Starr, Chris Crull, Dan Kanagy, J.C. Walling, Chris Smith, Adam Dimm. Heats to Jim Fitz, Stroman.

270 Sprints -- Cody Darrah (1), A.J. Bast, Sean Good, Jason Starr, Brian Hart, Tom Tice, Tony Jackson, Randy Myers, Frank Edwards, Craig Myers, Lee Benjamin, Chad Myers, Nate Snyder, Jim Myers, Colby Womer, DNS Terry Aultz, Eric Spahr, Aaron Spahr, Dave Thrush. Heats to Chad Myers, Tice.

Mini Stock -- Kevin Thomas (4), Tim Burkholder, Jerry Bard, Frank Gordon, Mike Beidel, Gary Dehart, Ronnie Garlock, Troy Eckenrode, Ralphie Morgan, Bob Starr, Kyle Wiser, Jeremy Ott, Dave Bivens. Heats to Dehart, Bard.

Hobby Stocks -- Joe DeArmitt (4), Mike Duck, Davey Goss Jr., Matt Mellott, Shawn Hancock, DNS Chad Walter, Wes Miles Sr., DQ Scott Sipes. Heat to Duck.

Thunder Cars -- Chuck Ingram (1), Lyle Barnes, John Rasp, Tony Weller, Melvin Bigler, Terry Smith, Jeff Christy, Rocky Payne, Ken Lawrence Jr. Heat to Bigler.

Legends -- Josh Morrow (1), Randy Fetterolf, Greg Burd, Allen Felix, Bill Harris, Denny Rothermel, Harry Garber, Butch Brough, Laura McGonnell, Jim Halbert, Nathan Fisher, Robert Sobieski, John Shutt. Heats to Fetterolf, Morrow.


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