Path Valley results 2004-08-13

Myers Races to First Path Valley Feature Win Spring Run, PA_ Fans stood and cheered Friday night as Chad Myers of Fayetteville led every lap and raced to his first ever win in the 270 Sprints at the Path Valley Speedway Park, finishing just...

Myers Races to First Path Valley Feature Win

Spring Run, PA_ Fans stood and cheered Friday night as Chad Myers of Fayetteville led every lap and raced to his first ever win in the 270 Sprints at the Path Valley Speedway Park, finishing just ahead of national Valvoline Cup points leader Colby Womer.

Womer pulled alongside Myers on lap eight, but the youngster in his #32 held a firm outside line and regained the lead. Only one caution on lap nine allowed a restart and after the scare on lap eight Myers built a bigger lead. "The track was real good," Myers said after thanking his family and sponsors. The front five finishers on the soft, sticky clay were Myers, Womer, Jim Callahan up from the 12th place handicap spot for winning the week before, Mike Dicely and Cody Darrah. Rodney Glass and Womer won the heats.

Josh Morrow of Hamburg won in Legends and Alan Crum of Mercersburg won his second feature in the V-8 Street Stocks. The four-cylinder features went to veterans John Rasp of McConnellsburg in Thunder Cars and Jerry Bard of Shippensburg in the Mini Stocks. Veteran Jimmy Brookens of Fayetteville started fourth in the 600 Sprints and worked hard for his win.

Two Wheel Promotions announced that a few lap, heat race and feature sponsorships remain available for the Sunday, Sept. 25 All Sprint Nationals and teams and businesses that are interested should contact the track as soon as possible. The annual All Sprint Nationals feature the 270 Sprints, 600 Sprints and PA 305 Sprints, and all of the laps for the 270 Sprints feature are already sponsored, as are the first heat races in each class.

In other track housekeeping, Two Wheel Promotions partners John Winsett and Jack

Flowers announced that the Farewell Feature for the V-8 Street Stocks will be August 27. The V-8 Hobby Stock class will replace them for the remaining scheduled races. Track points will be awarded for the last time for that class and drivers in attendance at the Nov. 20 banquet will be recognized.

"We won't cheat any of the drivers who have supported us, but we will not cheat our fans with a two-car feature. Because the car count keeps dropping as the cost of these cars increases, we are going to replace them with a much less expensive full-size V-8 car," senior race director John Winsett explained.

Rules are posted for the new class on the website and the hobby stock cars that race at Hesston Speedway Saturday nights and at other tracks are meant to be legal at Path Valley on Friday nights. This is a transition class from the V-8 bare-bones strictly stocks that race every other Saturday into a full roll cage stock car.

The 600 Sprints opened with a caution as Ben Murphy met the back stretch wall and Jim Young went to the rear. Lyle Stroman took off and started building a lead ahead of the big field of sprints, but Jimmy Brookens stayed right behind him and finally made the high groove work with an outside pass coming out of turn two on lap 12. Brookens did not get into lapped cars until lap 18, and after passing two he used them as a buffer to hold off Stroman. Brookens, Stroman, Jim Fitz, Chad Criswell and Mike Dicely were the front five finishers and Young, Stroman and Ben Murphy won the heats.

The Central PA Legends Cars raced without a caution for all 20 laps and from fourth young Josh Morrow of Hamburg passed John Schrik for second on lap four and then on lap 11 charged down the backstretch fender to fender and slid away to the inside of Randy Fetterolf to take the lead inside turn three. At the finish Morrow had gained a half a turn lead on past national INEX champion Allen Felix, followed by Fetterolf, Greg Burd and Harry Garber. Bob Murray and Morrow won the heats.

A four-car inversion put John Rasp on the pole for the Thunder Car start and after two bad starts Rasp took off with Lyle Barnes right beside him. Barnes went off amid lapped cars on lap 11 and then Tony Weller tried and failed to catch Rasp, even after a final restart on lap 18. Rasp, Weller, Joe Hawbaker, Ken Lawrence Jr., and Melvin Bigler were the front five finishers and Weller and Terry Smith won the heats.

Jerry Bard seized the lead from Steve McCartney on the first lap and built up a half-turn lead in the signature Mini Stock feature as the next front three cars finished less than a length apart. Top five honors were for Bard, Ronnie Garlock, McCartney, Gary Dehart and Tim Burkholder and Bard and McCartney won the heats.

As only two of the four V-8 Street Stocks finished the first lap, heat winner Alan Crum raced to his second win with Randy Patterson two lengths behind. With only two racing, the checkered flag flew at lap 10.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track is 717-349-7111.

For information on the 2004 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the track's website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


600 Sprints -- Jim Brookens (started 4), Lyle Stroman, Jim Fitz, Chad Criswell, Mike Dicely, Gary Linderman, Richie Fitz, Rod Schell, Aaron Eichelberger, Jim Young, Timmy Barrick, Mark Hendershot, Jason Starr, Dan Kanagy Justin Frontz, Chris Smith, Chris Crull, Dusty Heistand, Jordon Frontz, Donnie Hendershot, Ben Murphy, DNS Greg Kone. Heats to Young, Stroman, Murphy.

270 Sprints -- Chad Myers (started 1), Colby Womer, Jim Callahan, Mike Dicely, Cody Darrah, Sean Good, Rodney Glass, Josh Dressler, Aaron Lynch, Eric Spahr, Craig Myers, Jason Starr, Aaron Spahr, Craig Folmar, Brian Walker, DNS Tom Tice. Heats to Glass, Womer.

4-Cyl. Thunder Cars -- John Rasp (started 1), Tony Weller, Joe Hawbaker, Ken Lawrence Jr., Melvin Bigler, Ricky Rosenberry, Tim Varner, Terry Smith, Eric Seibert, Terry Carlin, Wes Scofield, Lyle Barnes, Chuck Ingram, DQ Richard Cline. Heats to Weller, Smith.

Mini Stock -- Jerry Bard (started 2), Ronnie Garlock, Steve McCartney, Gary Dehart, Tim Burkh9lder, Ricky Harper, Barry Welch, Mike Beidel, Jeremy Ott, Ralphie Morgan, Kyle Wiser, DNS Troy Eckenrode, Dave Bivens, Frank Gordon. Heats to Bard, McCartney.

Legends -- Josh Morrow (started 4), Allen Felix, Randy Fetterolf, Greg Burd, Harry Garber, Randy Kissinger, John Schrik, Bob Murray, Nathan Fisher, Denny Rothermel, Darryl Bloom, Bill Harris, Andy Lupfer, Zach Deiter, Laura McGonnell, Dave Kline, Paul Fitzsimmons, Robert Sobieski. Heats to Murray, Morrow.

V-8 Street Stock -- Alan Crum (started 2), Randy Patterson, DNS Kevin Keefer, Wayne Hawbaker. Heat to Crum.


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