Path Valley results 2004-08-06

Path Valley Welcomes Three First Time Winners Spring Run, PA_ Jim Callahan of McVeytown in 270 Sprints, Ken Lawrence of Gettysburg in Thunder Cars, and Jim Wentz of Carlisle in 305 Sprints won their first races of the season at the Path Valley...

Path Valley Welcomes Three First Time Winners

Spring Run, PA_ Jim Callahan of McVeytown in 270 Sprints, Ken Lawrence of Gettysburg in Thunder Cars, and Jim Wentz of Carlisle in 305 Sprints won their first races of the season at the Path Valley Speedway Park Friday night.

Richie Fitz in 600 Sprints and Mike Hay in Dwarf Cars each won for the third time this season on the smooth, tacky Path Valley clay Friday night while Kyle Wiser of Mt. Union took his second win in a close Mini Stock feature. Racing was delayed by a passing storm cloud for an hour but all six features were finished at 11:15.

Jim Callahan used the outside groove to take third from Sean Good on lap eight of the 270 feature and then Callahan followed Colby Womer around defending champion Brian Walker after Walker had led the first 16 laps.

With no cautions to slow the final laps, Callahan again went to the outside on the final lap and beat Womer into turn one and out of two for his first win of the season. Callahan said, after leading several previous races, that he has worked out all the bugs in the same chassis and engine combination he won the track title with four years ago. The front five were Callahan, Womer, Craig Fulmar, Good and Chad Myers. Callahan, Womer, and Good won the heats.

Richie Fitz in his 600 Sprints Bullrider factory car took the lead on the first lap and stayed barely a length ahead of Gary Linderman until he could use lapped cars as a shield from lap 11 on. Fitz, Linderman, Donnie Hendershot, Jim Brookens and Jim Young were the front five finishers and the heat winners were Chad Criswell, Linderman, and Donnie Hendershot.

Jim Wentz grabbed the 305 Sprints lead on the first lapped and raced just ahead of Greg Hammaker to the checkered flag in spite of three cautions that regrouped the field. Wentz, Hammaker, Von McGee, Todd Spangler and Brent Comp were the front five finishers and Mike Freet and Randy Kaylor won the heats.

Kyle Wiser raced merrily away in the Mini Stocks as Jerry Bard and Gary Dehart maneuvered for second, but when Bard pulled beside him through laps 12 and 13, Wiser went high and wide to take over the lead from the outside. "It's just great racing beside Jerry Bard," the recent Rookie of the Year said. Wiser, Bard, Steve McCartney, Frankie Gordon and Jeremy Ott were the front five finishers and Bard and Dehart won the heats.

Ken Lawrence took the front of the Thunder Cars on a lap one restart and charged ahead of Chuck Ingram and a variety of third place challengers with only one late race caution to regroup the field. Lawrence said his last win at Path Valley was in a go-kart. Lawrence, Ingram, Joe Hawbaker, John Rasp and Melvin Bigler were the front five and Rasp and Bigler won the heats.

The Dwarf Cars closed the program with a tour de force win for Mike Hay of Somerset as he came from tenth to take the lead on lap 11 and cruise to his fourth win of the season overall just ahead of neighbor Lynn Knepper. Eddie Benedict, Josh Sigman and Tom Showman filled out the front five and Gary Funck won the single ten-Dwarf heat.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track is 717-349-7111.

For information on the 2004 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the track's website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


Dwarf Cars -- Mike Hay (started 10), Lynn Knepper, Eddie Benedict, Josh Sigman, Tom Showman, Gary Funck, Frank Dunkle, Ron Nester, Dennie Kaylor, Eric Hay.

600 Sprints -- Richie Fitz (started 2), Gary Linderman, Donnie Hendershot, Jim Brookens, Jim Young, Chad Criswell, Jesse Snyder, Jordon Frontz, Rod Schell, Aaron Eichelberger, Dusty Heistand, Jason Starr, Justin Frontz, Doug Dodson, Jim Travis, Steve Dull, Lowbed Johnson, Greg Kone, Chris Crull, Dan Kanagy, JC Walling, Tim Barrick, Colby Womer, Shawn Lawler, Mark Hendershot. Heats to Criswell, Linderman, Donnie Hendershot.

Mini Stock -- Kyle Wiser (started 2), Jerry Bard, Steve McCartney, Frank Gordon, Jeremy Ott, Ricky Harper, Ronnie Garlock, Mike Beidel, Tim Burkholder, Gary Dehart, Vance Kennedy, Jeremy Truax, Troy Eckenrode, Kevin Thomas. Heats to Bard, Dehart.

PA 305 Sprints -- Jim Wentz (started 2), Greg Hammaker, Von McGee, Todd Spangler, Brent Comp, Randy Kaylor, Joey Hershey, Don Slack, Cody Schmiedel, Mike Freet, Bob Gutshall, DNS Frankie Reisinger. Heats to Freet, Kaylor.

270 Sprints -- Jim Callahan (started 4), Colby Womer, Craig Fulmar, Sean Good, Chad Myers, Tom Tice, Brian Walker, Craig Myers, Jason Starr, Rodney Glass, Greg Robinson II, Jim Dawson, Aaron Spahr, Tigh Miller, Nicole Bittner, Randy Pitt, Henry Sparks, Brandon Yarlett, Cody Darrah, DNS Zack Zook, Eric Spahr. Heats to Callahan, Womer, Good.

4-Cylinder Thunder -- Ken Lawrence (started 1), Chuck Ingram, Joe Hawbaker, John Rasp, Melvin Bigler, Lyle Barnes, Wes Scofield, Terry Smith, Ricky Rosenberry, Anthony Varner, Jeff Christy, Tony Weller, Mike Krepps, Charles Stallman, Richard Cline, DNS Gary Hendershot, Rocky Payne, Joe Walker. Heats to Rasp, Bigler.


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