Path Valley results 2003-07-11

Spring Run, PA_ Mike Dicely in his two Hyper Chassis factory sprints became only the second racer in recent history to win two features in two different divisions on the same night at the Path Valley Speedway Park Friday. Dicely was fresh from...

Spring Run, PA_ Mike Dicely in his two Hyper Chassis factory sprints became only the second racer in recent history to win two features in two different divisions on the same night at the Path Valley Speedway Park Friday.

Dicely was fresh from a national championship race win the weekend before in Illinois and he won both his heat races and started fourth in the 270 Sprints and fifth in the 600 Sprints after the pill draws for starting position inversions. In the 600 feature he took the lead from Jimmy Brookens, who had himself won in both classes on the same night two years ago, on lap eight and scooted ahead to take the checkers after a lap 15 caution. "I didn't think I had a chance starting fifth," Dicely said, "but my crew again gave me a great sprint car and the smooth track let me put it wherever I wanted."

Past winner Todd Steffy easily led the first three laps of the 270 feature and then ten sprints piled up in turn four on lap four with three against the outside wall and the rest piled up on the inside. On the restart Steffy closed off the inside groove so Dicely went to the longer outside line and passed going through turns one and two. Then Dicely moved to the inside building up a turn lead by lap 17 when he started lapping the rear of the field. A lap 19 restart gave Matt Miller, Mike Boyer and Steffy one final chance to catch him, but Dicely outran them to the finish line.

The front five in the 600 Sprints were Dicely, Jim Brookens, Donnie Hendershot, Jim Young, and Butch Harrington and Hendershot, Dicely and Harrington won the heats. The top five finishers in the 270 Sprints were Dicely, Matt Miller, Mike Boyer, Todd Steffy, and Brian Walker and Walker, Boyer, Dicely, and Miller won the heats while Tom Tice won the consi.

Next Friday night, July 18, Dicely will be handicapped to start twelfth on Service Tire and Truck Center Race Night as the 305 Sprints and the Dwarf Cars return for a seven-feature event. Path Valley will celebrate both Fan Appreciation Night and Driver Autograph Night.

Matching the sprints for thrills and drama with an added touch of tragedy was the mini stock feature that opened the show as past champion Arlin Brougher took the lead from Gary Dehart on lap seven passing outside of turn two. On lap 18 Brougher had a decisive lead and was about to pass the #25M for the second time when Mike Harlow bobbled out of turn four and turned sharply right into the side of Brougher, who hit the wall hard. Through the final three laps Dehart and past champion Ricky Harper raced side by side and Harper fought to the inside going into turn three on the final lap and took the shorter line to the flag for his second win of the season by less than a length. "Arlin had it until he got wrecked," Harper said, and of his win, "He (Dehart) got too wide with one lap to go and I knew if I could get to the inside I could beat him." The front five finishers were Harper, Dehart, Jerry Bard, Kevin Thomas and Mike Beidel and the heat winners were Bard and Brougher.

Lawrence 'Louie' Garrison raced to his third win of the season and second at Path Valley in the Legends Cars after passing a faltering Marc Davis on lap four. Only two minor cautions slowed the action and the front five were Garrison, Kip Erb, Nathan Fisher, Butch Brough, and Greg Burd. Kip Erb and Allen Felix won the heats.

With only two cautions to give the field a chance to regroup, John Rasp took the lead in the thunder cars from the outside front and led all the way for his fourth season win. Rasp, Dave Ricker, Derrick Casner, Melvin Bigler, and Charles Stallman were the front five and Bigler, Joe Hawbaker and Rasp won the heats.

Terry O'Donel won his third feature of the season in the V-8 Street Stocks in a race that ended as a bumper-to-bumper match race with Doug Hoffman who never gave up trying to pass O'Donel. The front five finishers were O'Donel, Hoffman, Steve Lowery, Randy Patterson and Matt Kauffman and Barry Welsh won the single heat.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track for promoter Ken Geesey is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2003 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


600 Sprints _ 1. 44 Mike Dicely, 2. 11 Jim Brookens, 3. 31 Donnie Hendershot, 4. 8 Jim Young, 5. 31H Butch Harrington, 6. 00 Rod Schell, 7. 19 Terry Peters, 8. 3 Mark Watkins, 9. 36 Ben Murphy, 10. 7 Tim Barrick, 11. 11J Justin Frontz, 12. 20 J.C. Walling, 13. 2K Kody Armentrout, 14. 14x Randy Reed, 15. 18 Jake Murphy, 16. 47 Pat Klose, 17. 111 Jim Callahan, 18. 82 Gary Linderman, 19. 2T Ron Taggert, 20. 91 Lyle Stroman, 21. 87 Duane Harbaugh, DNS 22. 18w Rich Gilmore, 23. 12S Gary Suchy. Heats to Hendershot, Dicely, Harrington.

270 Sprints _ 1. 44 Mike Dicely, 2. 29 Matt Miller, 3. 41x Mike Boyer, 4. 98 Todd Steffy, 5. 38S Brian Walker, 6. 02A Jim Young, 7. 41 Tom Tice, 8. 1P Randy Pitt, 9. 43 Doug Dodson, 10. 32 Chad Myers, 11. 47 Alex Cunningham, 12. 5 Roy States, 13. 00 Jason Houtz, 14. 40 Scott Smith, 15. 17 Sean Good, 16. 93 Aaron Lynch, 17. 007 Josh Dressler, 18. 21 Craig Folmar, 19. 16 Craig Myers, 20. 301 Rob Griffin, 21. 3K Ray Peters, 22. 61 Jared Allen, 23. 84 Rodney Glass, 24. 88 Zack Zook. Consi to Tom Tice, Heats to Walker, Boyer, Dicely, Miller.

Legends _ 1. 29G Lawrence Garrison, 2. 10E Kip Erb, 3. 6F Nathan Fisher, 4. 4x Butch Brough, 5. 21 Greg Burd, 6. 8 Allen Felix, 7. 46 Ray Swank, 8. 44 Darryl Bloom, 9. 55 Bill Harris, 10. 34 Marc Davis, 11. 7M Bob Murray, 12. 88 Andy Lupfer, 13. 28 Zach Deiter, 14. 3 Justin Smith, 15. 14W Ed Wentz, 16. 54 Jason Ewing, 17. 22 Randy Fetterolf, 18. 7R Denny Rothermel, DNS 19. 88 Bree Boyer. Heats to Erb, Felix.

Mini Stock _ 1. 75 Ricky Harper, 2. 25 Gary Dehart, 3. 26 Jerry Bard, 4. 3C Kevin Thomas, 5. 3D Mike Beidel, 6. 1 Steve McCartney, 7. 03 Bryan Neff, 8. 2B Brenda McCartney, 9. 02 Tim Burkholder, 10. 53 Ed Kirby, 11. 34 Kyle Wiser, 12. 21 Arlin Brougher, 13. 25M Mike Harlow, 14. 3 Korey Washinger, 15. 65 Randy Wible, 16. 25S Barry Welch, 17. 7s Ronnie Garlock, 18. 27 Greg Short, 19. C33 Chris Casner. Heats to Bard, Brougher.

4-Cyl Thunder _ 1. 11 John Rasp, 2. 73 Dave Ricker, 3. 33 Derrick Casner, 4. 25 Melvin Bigler, 5. 44 Charles Stallman, 6. 88 Ray Middaugh, 7. 5W Wes Scofield, 8. C33 Chris Casner, 9. 70 Duane Ricker, 10. 10 Jeremy Ott, 11. 87 Keith Armolt, 12. 1 Ryan Kuhns, 13. 25S Marteena Starr, 14. 35V Derrick Varner, 15. 18S Terry Smith, 16. 1H Joe Hawbaker, 17. 69 Jeremy Truax, 18. 99 Jason Erwin, 19. 85 Vance Kennedy, 20. 29 Tracy Linn, 21. 8D Josh Detra. Heats to Bigler, Hawbaker, Rasp.

V-8 Street Stock _ 1. 2T Terry O'Donel, 2. 27 Doug Hoffman, 3. 48 Steve Lowery, 4. 03 Randy Patterson, 5. 9 Matt Kauffman, 6. 25 Barry Welsh, 7. 6 Wayne Hawbaker. Heat to Welsh.


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