Path Valley results 2003-06-15

Path Valley Fathers Day Wins to Callahan and Boyer Spring Run_ Jimmy Callahan of McVeytown looked high and low and finally found an opening on the high side of turn four to pass 600 Sprints leader Terry Peters on a lap six restart and beat the...

Path Valley Fathers Day Wins to Callahan and Boyer

Spring Run_ Jimmy Callahan of McVeytown looked high and low and finally found an opening on the high side of turn four to pass 600 Sprints leader Terry Peters on a lap six restart and beat the Tower City youth into turn one.

"My only chance was the high side, so I took it," Callahan said in his Father's Day interview at the Path Valley Speedway Park after the rare daytime features rescheduled from the rainout June 13.

From his pass for the lead on lap six, Callahan built up a lead of a full turn in two laps and by half the track on lap 16 when he encountered a fast sprint at the rear of the field that he tagged onto. Peters, Jim Young, Pat Klose and Jimmy Brookens filled in the top five at the finish. Before the 14-lap dash to the finish Brookens restarted at the rear and displace Dave Socks from the front five on the last lap. Callahan and Chad Criswell won the heats and the inversion pill draw put Callahan in fifth for the start.

Mike Boyer of Jonestown won an equally thrilling 270 Sprints feature after wrenching the lead from Colby Womer on a lap eight restart that required eight tries before the lap was scored. Spins, crashes and breaks on the daytime track included a lap one pileup on turn two that included half the field, but only one sprint failed to restart. A fuel stop under a lap 17 caution gave racers one final chance to catch Boyer, but at the finish the front five were Boyer, Brian Kishbaugh, Matt Miller, Ray Peters, and Todd Steffy who started last as an alternate. Josh Dressler, Mike Boyer and Rob Griffin won the heats.

The closest win of the day and perhaps the season to date went to John Fraker of Newville in the Legends Cars as he bored out of turn four to pass race-long leader Randy Fetterolf by inches at the finish line. It was Fraker's first Path Valley win since 2000. The front five were Fraker, Fetterolf, Denny Rothermel, Allen Felix and Darryl Bloom. Fraker and Felix won the heats.

Tim Fedder of Newport got past Terry O'Donel on lap six coming high out of turn four and cruised to his fourth street stock win. Terry Smith of Willow Hill beat Melvin Bigler to the checkers by half a turn in the four-cylinder thunder cars for his third win.

In a fierce field of mini stocks Steve Haines led the first sixteen laps with Ricky Harper of Three Springs right behind. Harper found a line high outside on turn two in lap 17 to pass Haines and race ahead of the pack to his second win of the season.

The sprints and stock cars return to their regular Friday night next week for Public Service Appreciation Night and Pepsi Night with the PA 305 Sprints back and the Dwarf Cars making up a seven-feature night. All firemen, ambulance workers, highway and public maintenance crewmembers, policemen and anyone else with appropriate identification will be admitted free to the grandstands. Pepsi will again provide door prizes and bonus purse money for all classes.

Then Saturday Path Valley will again run karts and quads starting at 10 a.m. and an AMA motorcycle and quads race with the American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association Regional (AHMRA) event combined for a full evening of racing.

The weekend's fourth event will be a full day of karts racing Sunday, June 22, for the second of the season's Burris Racing sponsored Pennsylvania Dirt Karters Association (PDKA) State Championship Series and WKA regional races.

The following Friday's Driver Appreciation Night June 27 will also include the Mark Leidy Memorial with the new car Leidy built and never lived long enough to race a featured attraction.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track for promoter Ken Geesey is 717-349-7111. For information on the 2003 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


600 Sprints
1. 111 Jim Callahan
2. 19 Terry Peters
3. 8 Jim Young
4. 47 Pat Klose
5. 11 Jim Brookens
6. 37 Dave Socks
7. 36 Ben Murphy
8. 18 Jake Murphy
9. 7 Tim Barrick
10. 00 Ray Peters
11. 11F Jim Fitz
12. 84 Chad Criswell
13. 20 J.C. Walling
14. 87 Duane Harbaugh

Heat 1, Jim Callahan
Heat 2, Chad Criswell

270 Sprints
1. 41x Mike Boyer
2. 76 Brian Kishbaugh
3. 29 Matt Miller
4. 3 Ray Peters
5. 98 Todd Steffy
6. 02A Jim Young
7. 19 Colby Womer
8. 301 Rob Griffin
9. 47 Alex Cunningham
10. 93 Aaron Lynch
11. 21X Andy Martin
12. 61 Jared Allen
13. 16 Craig Myers
14. 84 Rodney Glass
15. 32 Chad Myers
16. 92K Greg Kone
17. 7J Jason Hall
18. 79 Davey Sammons
19. 007 Josh Dressler
20. 1P Randy Pitt
21. 01 Danny Crum
22. 2 Eric Walls
23. 21 Craig Folmar
24. 38S Brian Walker

Heat 1, Josh Dressler
Heat 2, Mike Boyer
Heat 3, Rob Griffin

1. 75 Ricky Harper
2. 26 Jerry Bard
3. 87 Steve Haines
4. 25 Gary Dehart
5. 3 Korey Washinger
6. 9 Randy Wible
7. 1 Steve McCartney
8. 2B Brenda McCartney
9. 28C Calvin Fredrick
10. 88 Barry Welch
11. 3C Kevin Thomas
12. 34 Kyle Wiser
13. 3D Mike Beidel
14. 03 Bryan Neff
15. 25M Mike Harlow
16. 33 Derrick Casner
17. 53 Ed Kirby

Heat 1, Barry Welch
Heat 2, Jerry Bard

1. 12 John Fraker
2. 22 Randy Fetterolf
3. 7R Denny Rothermel
4. 8 Allen Felix
5. 44 Darryl Bloom
6. 55 Bill Harris
7. Z James Black
8. 88 Andy Lupfer
9. 10E Lawrence Garrison
10. 7M Bob Murray
11. 21 Greg Burd
12. 34 Marc Davis
13. 2 Bryan Swartz
14. 6F Nathan Fisher
15. 34F Butch Brough

Heat 1, John Fraker
Heat 2, Allen Felix

1. 18S Terry Smith
2. 25 Melvin Bigler
3. 11 John Rasp
4. 44 Charles Stallman
5. 25S Marteena Starr
6. C33 Chris Casner
7. 70 Duane Ricker
8. 1H Joe Hawbaker
9. 8D Josh Detra
10. 5W Wes Scofield
11. 33 Derrick Casner
12. 87 Keith Armolt
13. 73 Dave Ricker
14. 88 Raymond Middaugh

Heat 1, Terry Smith
Heat 2, Keith Armolt

Street Stock
1. 34 Tim Fedder
2. 2T Terry O'Donel
3. 27 Doug Hoffman
4. 03 Randy Patterson
5. 6 Wayne Hawbaker
6. 9 Matt Kauffman

Heat to Fedder


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