Path Valley report 2002-03-23

Good wins Path Valley 270 Sprints first on Saturday Spring Run, PA_ Veterans dominated the winners circle Saturday at the Path Valley Speedway Park, but Sean Good of Middleburg proved an exception as he won his first ever Path Valley feature in...

Good wins Path Valley 270 Sprints first on Saturday

Spring Run, PA_ Veterans dominated the winners circle Saturday at the Path Valley Speedway Park, but Sean Good of Middleburg proved an exception as he won his first ever Path Valley feature in the 270 Sprints ahead of a big field including some notable veterans.

Rodney Glass, who won the week before, started in the handicap twelfth spot and worked up to second on lap eight but then his engine cut out on the back stretch and Good continued to scamper ahead of the rest of the field. In the winners circle Good said his father's engine work was the key factor and that he learned his skills in nine years of kart racing. The front five were Sean Good, Josh Dressler, Rick Brehm, Bill Hockenberry and Alex Cunningham. Glass, Dressler and Tony Jackson won the heats.

In the final Saturday afternoon race before the stock cars and sprints shift back to Friday nights, Jim Brookens of Fayetteville won in the 600 Sprints leading every lap ahead of past champions Donnie Hendershot, second, and in third Terry Peters.

Lawrence Garrison of Beaver Springs held off two rookies for his win in the Central PA Legends Cars that produced two INEX national champions last season. Lloyd Hockenberry of Shy Beaver led all the way in the Vintage Cars modified division while Fred Thompson won in the Sportsman division of antique racecars.

In the stock car classes, Mike Beidel of Fayetteville won in the thunder cars that now race with sealed engines after passing 18-lap leader John Rasp out of turn two with two to go, and Tim Fedder survived three lap one restarts to lead every lap of the street stock main.

Ricky Harper of Three Springs took the lead from Larry Duvall at the end of lap one in the mini-stock feature and led by a turn by lap six. In heavy lapped traffic he stayed a length or two ahead of Duvall from the only restart on lap seven to the winners circle. At the new weight limit minimum of one pound per cc of engine displacement, all of the top ten mini stocks were past feature winners.

"We had some great racing and a lot of fun and, with 100 cars on hand, finished the seven-feature show in just over six hours. That promises an earlier night when we switch to our regular Friday nights next week, March 29," said Promoter Ken Geesey.

Geesey noted that the track was forced to demonstrate that both track rules and tech rules will be enforced and that three drivers were disqualified. "We will have clean, fair racing every week," he said. He said the pound per cc rule in the mini stocks is working well and so is the sealed engines rule in the thunder cars. Three regular classes, the PA 305 Sprinters, Legends Cars and now Vintage Cars enforce their own technical rules.

Friday, March 29, the sprints and stock cars go to Friday night racing with gates open at 5 p.m. On tap next Friday are the PA 305 Sprinters, Legends, 600 Sprints, 270 Sprints, V-8 Street Stocks, modified mini stocks, and four-cylinder thunder cars.

Back to back kart and motorcycle races are scheduled Saturday, March 30, with an Easter egg hunt in between. Gates open at 11 a.m. for the karts and quads Bug Day races in all classes. Then at 5 p.m. gates open for the AMA District 6 sanctioned motorcycle and quads flat track races.

For information on the 2002 schedule and track, race teams and fans can call the owners at 717-426-4756 or 717-426-2910, consult the website at

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike.

Finish order:

270 Sprints -- Sean Good, Josh Dressler, Rick Brehm, Bill Hockenberry, Alex Cunningham, Dusty Shatzer, Brad Zook, Jason Bargo, BJ Brehm, Danny Crum, Kelly Hall, Chad Myers, Rodney Glass, Colby Womer, Devin Docherty, Craig Myers, Tony Jackson, Chris Heckendorn, Greg Kane, Jason Hall, DNS Shelby Rowles. Heats, Glass, Jackson, Dressler.

Legends -- Lawrence Garrison, Ray Swank, Rich Landis, Rick Potts, Donnie Potts, George Craker, Greg Burd, Mickey Ritter, Nathan Fisher, Vern Smith, Bill Harris, Ricky Harring, Allen Felix, Darryl Bloom, Bob Murray, Mike Failor, Jim Black, Denny Rothermel, Austin Kirby, Kip Erb. Heats, Garrison, Harring, Swank.

600 Sprints -- Jim Brookens, Donnie Hendershot, Terry Peters, Jim Young, Ron Lewis, Jeff Lewis, DNS Justin Frontz, Jim Callahan. Heat, Young.

Vintage Sportsman -- Fred Thompson, Willie Brymesser, Sean Caghill, Mike Martin, Stew Wenner Vintage Modified -- Lloyd Hockenberry, Tom Swanger, Larry Felty, Tom Martin, Bryan Brooks; Heats to Swanger, Thompson.

V-8 Street Stock -- Tim Fedder, Randy Patterson, Weston Alleman, Dan Rhome, Jeff Johnson, Steve Lowery, James Andrews, Gary Johnston, Earl Tabb, Wayne Hawbaker, DNS Terry O'Donel, DQ Doug Hoffman; Heats to Patterson, Fedder.

Mini Stock -- Ricky Harper, Larry Duvall, Brian Lessley, Steve McCartney, Kyle Wiser, Dave Staley, Frank Gordon, Gary Dehart, Joe Jakubic, Jeremy Ott, Erik Mellott, Mark Fleegal, Tim Burkholder, Andy Stouffer, Jerry Bard, DNS Chuck Ingram, Ed Kirby, Mike Strait; Heats to Lessley, Wiser.

4-Cyl. Thunder Car -- Mike Beidel, Jeremy McCartney, John Rasp III, Derrick Casner, Terry Smith, Brenda McCartney, Mike Rosenberry, Chris Casner, Mike Harlow, Marteena Starr, DQ Melvin Bigler, Keith Walls; Heats Smith, Beidel.


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