Path Valley Labor Day race results

Heistand and Glass Win Labor Day Sprint Features at Path Valley Spring Run, PA: Dusty Heistand of Manheim won his first Path Valley feature Monday in the $400 special for 600cc Sprints and gave all the credit to his brother Drew because, as...

Heistand and Glass Win Labor Day Sprint Features at Path Valley

Spring Run, PA: Dusty Heistand of Manheim won his first Path Valley feature Monday in the $400 special for 600cc Sprints and gave all the credit to his brother Drew because, as winner of the first heat, Drew drew a four pill for feature inversion that put Dusty up front for the start. The front five finishers were Dusty Heistand, Kevin Bastian, Drew Heistand, Brian Leppo and Mike Pychinka. Drew Heistand and Kevin Bastian won the heats.

Rodney Glass of Ft. Loudon picked up his fourth Path Valley win by leading flag to flag in the 270cc Sprints to earn $450. The front five were Glass, Jim Horwat, Ed Krupa, Jim Brookens, and Sean Good. Brookens got to the feature by way of a win in the first consi and Randy Baughman won the second consi. Heat winners were Mike Bittinger, Brad McClelland, Rodney Glass and Jim Horwat.

In the special classes Tim Tomson of Kutztown won the Legends Cars feature and Larry Felty of Jonestown won in the Vintage Cars Sportsman feature while Lloyd Hockenberry of McConnellstown won in the Modified Vintage class.

The first place finishers disqualified in two of the regular stock car features.

The V-8 Street Stock win went to Randy Patterson of Shippensburg after the #62 disqualified for a carburetor infraction and defending mini-stock champion Ricky Harper of Three Springs got the win after the #26 disqualified for an illegal roller cam.

Lynn Hyle of Lebanon in the Joker car numbered with a question mark (#?) fought to the four-cylinder thunder car lead on a lap 11 restart and held on for his first ever Path Valley win.

Monday's features were non-points events, but points racing for all divisions resumes next Friday. More than 158 cars and sprints filled the Path Valley pits, and all eight features were completed before 6 p.m.

The next specialty race at Path Valley is the mechanics' race scheduled Friday, Sept. 7, when the 305 Sprints are the featured guests and the Legends, 270 Sprints, mini-stocks, thunder cars and V-8 Street Stocks continue their chase for the season points championships. The points race season has been extended to Sept. 14 because of the rainout August 31.

Sept. 8 the karts and four-wheelers return to Path Valley for a Fall National afternoon race and the All-Sprint Saturday Night races resume that evening. Points races for the Saturday night sprints and Legends continue until Sept. 23 because several classes were late getting started. The track races until the middle of October and the season climaxes with the Four-Cylinder Shootout for $1000 to win on Sept. 29.

The Second Annual Path Valley Speedway Park Combined Awards Banquet will be Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Pleasant Hall Fire Co. with doors open at 5 p.m. Tickets are limited to 400 and available from the track on a first-come first-sold basis." Dodies" will cater the meal and the entertainment will include DJ Phantom Shadow.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike off Route 75.


Sportsman Vintage Cars -- Larry Felty, Stew Wenrich, Mike Martin, bill Schaeffer, Willie Brymesser, Fred Thompson, Tom Langshaw, John Miller.

Modified Vintage Cars -- Lloyd Hockenberry, Greg Emlet, Tom Swanger, Joe Langshaw, Phil Barkins, Bryan Brooks, Tom Martin.
Heats -- Stew Wenrich and Fred Thompson.

600cc Sprints -- Dusty Heistand, Kevin Bastian, Drew Heistand, Bryan Leppo, Mike Pychinka, Lyle Stroman, Jared Ferri, Dale Thomas, Richie Fitz, Nathan Hauck, Bill Unglert, Kyle Purks, Jason Rhoades, Rich Gilmore, Dave Emory, Scott Doellinger, Lucas Wolfe, Ryan Greth, Kevin Nouse, Terry Peters.
Heats -- Drew Heistand, Kevin Bastian.

270cc Sprints -- Rodney Glass, Jim Horwat, Ed Krupa, Jim Brookens, Sean Good, Jesse Snyder, Dusty Shatzer, Steve Buckwalter, Brad McClelland, Jeff Furlong, Keith Woodson, Jim Callahan Jr., Dave Socks, Randy Baughman, Jeremy Mondock, Mike King, JJ Brehm, Danny Crum, Bo Gordan, Mike Bittinger, Jason Bargo, Craig Myers, Joel VanBuskirk, Tony Jackson.
Consi 1 -- Jim Brookens;
Consi 2 -- Randy Baughman,
Heats -- Mike Bittinger, Brad McClelland, Rodney Glass, Jim Horwat.

Legends -- Tim Tomson, Harry Garber, Kip Erb, Rodney Kistler, Rick Potts, Nathan Fisher, Scott Houdeshell, Randy Fetterolf, George Craker, Denny Rothermal, Butch Brough, Darryl Bloom, Greg Burd, Lawrence Garrison, Mike Amoroso, Jason Ewing, Donnie Potts, Ray Swank, Allen Felix, Jim Black.
Heats -- Harry Garber, Donnie Potts.

Mini Stock -- Ricky Harper, Barry Welch, Dave Staley, Larry Duvall, Jerry Schott Jr., Kirk Knable, Danny McAllen, Raymond Moore, Gary Dehart, Mark Fleegal, Matt Glinski, Larry Long, Bob Dunn, Shawn Moore, Ed Kirby, Josh Angle, Joe Jakubic, Chuck Ingram, Glenn Gipe, Austin Kirby, DQ Jerry Bard, Tim Smith Jr., DNS Kyle Wiser;
Heats -- Jerry Schott Jr., Tim Smith Jr., Raymond Moore, Barry Welch.

4-Cyl Thunder -- Lynn Hyle, Jeremy Ott, Brenda McCartney, Derrick Casner, John Fraker, John Rasp III, Jeremy McCartney, Adam Miller, Dave Ricker, Mike Kalinich, Marteena Starr, Keith Walls, Ben Hardy, Keith Armolt, Duane Hardy, Ben King, Jason Erwin, DNS Steve Seibert.
Heats -- John Rasp III, Jeremy Ott.

V-8 Street Stock -- Randy Patterson, Steve Bailor, Jeff Johnson, James Andrews, Doug Hoffman, Tim Fedder, Brad Long, Wayne Hawbaker, Shawn Whitsel, DQ John Redshaw, DNS Tom Lowe.
Heat -- James Andrews Jr.


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