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Path Valley Honors Top Sprints and Stocks Racers Spring Run, PA_ Two Wheel Promotions and the Path Valley Speedway Park family of racers honored Friday night sprint and stock car drivers at the Pleasant Hall Firehall with trophies, jackets from...

Path Valley Honors Top Sprints and Stocks Racers

Spring Run, PA_ Two Wheel Promotions and the Path Valley Speedway Park family of racers honored Friday night sprint and stock car drivers at the Pleasant Hall Firehall with trophies, jackets from Goshorn Racing Supply and points money Saturday night.

The final stage of the four-event awards banquet recognized 2004 champions Joey Hershey of Greencastle in PA 305 Sprints, Jimmy Brookens of Fayetteville in 600 Sprints, Sean Good of Middleburg in 270 Sprints, Josh Morrow of Hamburg in Legends, and Josh Sigman of Carlisle in Dwarfs. Stock car champions honored were Jerry Bard of Shippensburg in Mini Stocks, John Rasp of McConnellsburg in Thunder Cars and Randy Patterson of Shippensburg in V-8 Street Stocks.

If no news is indeed good news, Senior Race Director John Winsett pleased everyone when he announced that there would be no major changes to the rules or schedule in 2005. Minor changes for the new Friday night Hobby Stocks and the Saturday night Strictly Stock classes will soon be published.

The 2005 season starts with Bug Day for stocks, sprints and Legends at noon March 12, with a rain date the next day, March 13.

Strictly Stocks, karts and quads, and motorcycles and quads were all honored in separate awards ceremonies, and the 2005 season for bikes, karts, and quads starts with Bug Day at noon March 19 with a rain date for March 20. The official season opener is March 25.

All of the top ten racers in each class who attended received trophies and prizes, but with the final points standings long-posted, the night's drama went to the special awards.

"He takes his lumps and doesn't complain. He races to win every week. He watches everyone and offers help and advice to anyone who asks, and on Saturdays he coaches the karts racing," Winsett said in honoring Jimmy Brookens as Sportsman of the Year. Brookens is tied with Jack Dover of Springfield NE for the 2004 Valvoline Cup national points championship in micro sprints.

The second Owners Award went to Melvin Bigler of Shippensburg as the Flat Tire King. Bigler finished fourth in the four-cylinder thunder cars, due in large part to the many flat tires he suffered during feature events.

Wayne Hawbaker of Mercersburg earned the more traditional annual Hard Luck Award and announcer Rob Keller jokingly dubbed it the "Busted Axle Award" for the bad luck that left him a solid second in V-8 Street Stocks. A special hard luck award also went to Tom Tice of Middleburg for his persistence in 270 Sprints that earned him sixth place.

Several Friday night drivers earned Rookie of the Year honors in different divisions. In the Thunder Cars, Ken Lawrence was named the top rookie and Winsett joked with him about one race when Lawrence had to be sent off the track because he forgot to wear his fire suit. Rookie of the Year in Mini Stocks went to Dave Bivens. Jordon Frontz of McAllisterville was the Rookie of the Year in 600 Sprints, and Greg Hammaker of Camp Hill finished second in points to earn Rookie of the Year in the full-size 305 Sprints.

Champion Joey Hershey said he will keep his 305 Sprint ready to race, but he plans to move up to the 410 Super Sprints in 2005. Jerry Bard will race a Late Model next season rather than defend his title. Bard said he might be back in a Mini Stock now and then, but not every week.

The Legends Cars provided the closest championship points race of the season as Morrow beat out Greg Burd by only four points and past national INEX champion Harry Garber by only ten points. Morrow said he plans to move into a sprint car seat next season. Josh Sigman said Path Valley is the top track for Dwarf Cars, and he hopes they will be at least scheduled for some special appearances in 2005, even though they won't be on the regular schedule.

Jimmy Brookens plans no changes in his 600 Sprints campaign, but does hope to race and win at lots of tracks in 2005. Sean Good, who won the 270 Sprints title in an Elite Chassis housecar from East Coast Motorsports, said he hopes to climb into the 600 Sprints next season, "but that all depends on my sponsors and owners."

John Rasp said he expects no changes in 2005 and his red #11 is ready to race back to the winners circle, and Randy Patterson will race at other tracks in the V-8 Street Stocks that have been replaced by Hobby Stocks at Path Valley for 2005.

The Path Valley Speedway Park is located in Spring Run PA a mile north on PA Route 641 from the intersection with PA Route 75, halfway between Port Royal and Hagerstown. It is five miles east from the Willow Hill Exit 14 of the PA Turnpike. The new phone number at the track is 717-349-7111.

For information on the 2005 schedule and rules, race teams and fans can consult the track's website at or they can email Two Wheel Promotions at


305 SPRINTS 44/55 Joey Hershey 308 74 Greg Hammaker 273 33T Todd Spangler 269 8 Randy Kaylor 239 88 Jim Wentz 238 0/11 Mike Freet 222 1/2/11 Von McGee 221 5 Brett Comp 211 115 Scott Ellerman 145 10 Cody Schmeidel 132

600 SPRINTS 11 Jim Brookens 795 8/00 Jim Young 650 31 Donnie Hendershot 533 88 Aaron Eichelberger 490 1F Richie Fitz 458 12/1F Jim Fitz 454 5 Mark Hendershot 367 7 Tim Barrick 362 82 Gary Linderman 358 84 Chad Criswell 347

270 SPRINTS 17/B4 Sean Good 630 32 Chad Myers 599 19 Colby Womer 561 16 Craig Myers 552 38S Brian Walker 537 41 Tom Tice 449 B4/17/'01/93 Jim Callahan 420 84 Rodney Glass 413 17/1 A.J.Bast 409 93 Aaron Lynch 303

LEGENDS 29A Josh Morrow 367 21/20 Greg Burd 363 23C/THP Harry Garber 357 8 Allen Felix 356 555 Bill Harris 334 22/20 Randy Fetterolf 313 7R Denny Rothermel 302 6F Nathan Fisher 301 48 Randy Kissinger 267 7M Bob Murray 224

MINI STOCK 26 Jerry Bard 742 25 Gary Dehart 714 34 Kyle Wiser 676 02 Tim Burkholder 569 3D Mike Beidel 514 75 Ricky Harper 433 3C Kevin Thomas 406 1-Apr Frank Gordon 326 48/11 Ronnie Garlock 309 2B/1 Steve McCartney 279

4-CYL. THUNDER 11 John Rasp 741 64H Lyle Barnes 692 18S Terry Smith 635 25 Melvin Bigler 614 63 Ken Lawrence(R) 584 12J Tony Weller 561 2 Chuck Ingram 550 22 Jeff Christy(R) 452 5W Wes Schofield 418 35V Tim Varner 366

V-8 STREET STOCK 24 Randy Patterson 291 6 Wayne Hawbaker 211 03 Alan Crum 209 72 Kevin Keefer 208 34 Tim Fedder 40

DWARFS 33 Josh Sigman 300 10/9J Lynn Knepper 283 101 Gary Funck 199 22 Mike Hay 188 32 Tom Showman 187 21 Eddie Benedict 176 122 Eric Hay 144 D98 Frank Dunkle 122 17 Frankie Dunkle 109 9J Greg Johnson 92


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