NST: Grays Harbor results 2005-04-30

FAUVER GETS FIRST WIN OF SEASON AT GRAYS HARBOR RACEWAY It was wire to wire for Rick Fauver of Everett, WA in his win at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, WA on Saturday, April 30th, but the wire stretched out to about an hour's worth of time as ...


It was wire to wire for Rick Fauver of Everett, WA in his win at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, WA on Saturday, April 30th, but the wire stretched out to about an hour's worth of time as several incidents slowed the Feature Event on the three-eights high banked oval.

"Man, that was a long night," said Fauver. " In fact, it's been a long weekend. I really need to thank my crew and sponsors for getting us here tonight. It's a new team and they have worked their tails off."

With eighteen of the 42 cars in attendance on the super-fast track and looking for an 'A' Main win, action started of with two cars flipping on the opening lap of the 30 event. Defending NST champion Roger Crockett of Eugene, OR flipped while trying to avoid Monroe, WA rookie Jared Ridge in turn four and Matt Steinhauer of Arlington, WA tagged the wall in turn three and rolled at the same time.

Off and running in the lead, Fauver was followed by Shawn Rice of Tacoma, WA, Thursday night winner Joe Ramaker of Boise, ID, Randy Van Aagten of Shelton, WA and Everett, WA youngster Jesse Whitney.

Brock Lemley brought out the yellow on lap 4 when the Bellingham, WA driver couldn't make it to the pit exit after he lost power and then it was the red flag flying again two laps later when Chris Schmelzle flipped and Nick Enberg tagged the wall hard in turn 2 while trying to avoid the Victoria, BC car. Enberg, of Burlington was shaken but walked from the accident.

Two laps later Nampa, ID driver Chris Adams tapped the wall in turn 3 to put the amber light on again. On the restart Ridge had the right side rear axle break in turn four, pitching him hard into the wall and the front straight catch fence. The sixteen-year-old rookie was not hurt but the race was delayed for the second night in a row as the track crew spent several minutes fixing the damaged area.

With the field thinned and racing underway again, Whitney, in Fauver's ride of last year, took second from Rice on the restart and the battle for second was on as Fauver held a 3-5 car length lead. As Fauver led the way for the next 10 laps it was Rice and Whitney slicing and dicing for position with Rice regaining and then losing the spot on lap 15.

The race stopped again on lap 20 when Brendan Boyce of Cottage Grove, OR went over in the first turn and on lap 22 with Travis Whitney of Lake Stevens, WA nosed into the turn two wall.

The last eight laps had Fauver opening a comfortable lead as the top 5 drivers ran at 5-10 car length intervals. Central Point, OR driver Billy Nutter held down the fourth place spot from around the 10th lap while Dallas Zuniga moved past Cottage Grove's Dale Smith, Ramaker and Van Aagten putting the Creswell, OR driver in 5th at the checkered flag.

When asked about the competition coming from Whitney in is old ride, Fauver commented, " Jesse is doing a good job. It was a friendly parting and it looks to be a fun year racing against them". Asked about Rice, Fauver said "My hat's off to Shawn. He is going to be a real challenge this year. It's going to be a battle with both of these guys running hard." In is final statement Rick said "We've got a good start to the year. Everybody's working real hard and I'm just the monkey behind the steering wheel."

Like the 'A' Feature event, the 'B' also got off to a rocky start when Henry Van Dam of Enumclaw, WA went over three times in the first turn on the first lap. Then on the restart Ron Reed of Montesano, WA tagged the fourth turn wall.

Whitney, who led from the initial green, saw the yellow on lap 2 for two cars that tangled and spun and then was faced with another red on the restart when Mitch Olson of Puyallup, WA got upside down in turn one.

After two more yellows Whitney blew the doors open and soon had a 20 car lead over the field leaving Nutter, Crockett and Jacobsen trailing as Glenn Borden, Jr. out of Raymond, WA and Danny Horner of Cottage Grove battled for the back-up spot for the feature.

At the line the top four held the same positions while Horner barley edged Borden for fifth.

The 'C' Feature went to Jeff Jansma of Clearlake, WA. It took Jansma about 4 laps to get a comfortable lead over Alex Hantel of Everett with Cole coming in third. Shawn Smith of Nampa, ID edged out Kirkland, WA's Steve Vague for fourth with Bryce Fugate of Bandon, OR in sixth.

Heat race action had Schmelzle taking the opening heat with Enberg beating Fauver to the line in the second heat. Travis Rutz of Langley, BC had the heat three win but engine woes kept him out for the rest of the evening. The final hear went to local driver Van Aagten.

The dash read Fauver, Rice, Van Aagten, Ramaker and Ridge at the end of six laps with Rutz unable to start.

On a track that was extremely fast, Billy Nutter set a new 360 Sprint track record with a lap of 12.669 seconds.


Fast qualifier: Billy Nutter, 12.669 seconds (New Track Record for 360 sprints)

Heat 1 (10 laps): 1. Chris Schmelzle, 2. Dallas Zuniga, 3. Josh Dewitt, 4. Jared Ridge, 5. Travis Jacobson, 6. Danny Horner, 7. Billy Nutter, 8. Jay Cole, 9. David Gilmore, 10. Roger Oudman, 11. Danny Kirkpatrick.

Heat 2 (10 laps): 1. Nick Enberg, 2. Rick Fauver, 3. Matt Steinhauer, 4. Brian Kirkpatrick, 5. Ernie Seager, 6. Roger Crockett, 7. Jeff Jansma, 8. Brad Holmes, 9. J.J. Hickle, 10. Jesse Whitney,

Heat 3 (10 laps): 1. Travis Rutz, 2. Dale Smith, 3. Chris Adams, 4. Joe Ramaker, 5. Henry Van Dam, 6. Shawn Smith, 7. Ron Reed, 8. Steve Vague, 9. Randy Pierce, 10. Derek Ingalls

Heat 4 (10 laps): 1. Randy Van Aagten, 2. Brock Lemley, 3. Shawn Rice, 4. Brendan Boyce, 5. Mitch Olsen, 6. Steve Martin, 7. Robert McNulty, 8. Bryce Fugate, 9. Glenn Borden Jr., 10. Alex Hantel.

C-Main (10 laps): 1. Jansma, 2. Hantel, 3. Cole, 4. Smith, 5. Vague, 6. Fugate, 7. McNulty, 8. Seager, 9. 7j J.J. Hickle.

Dash (6 laps): 1. Fauver, 2. Rice, 3. Van Aagten, 4. Ramaker, 5. Ridge , DNS 8r Travis Rutz

B-Main (15 laps): 1. Whitney, 2. Nutter, 3. Crockett, 4. Jacobson, 5. Horner, 6. Borden Jr., 7. Cole, 8. Smith, 9. Pierce, 10. Martin, 11. Jansma, 12. Holmes, 13. Gilmore, 14. Olson, 15. Hantel, 16. 16. Kirkpatrick, 17. Van Dam, 18. Reed.

A-Main (30 laps): 1. Fauver, 2. Whitney, 3. Rice, 4. Nutter, 5. Zuniga, 6. Smith, 7. Van Aagten, 8. Ramaker, 9. Dewitt, 10. Lemley, 11. Horner, 12. Crockett, 13. Jacobson, 14. Boyce, 15. Adams, 16. Ridge, 17. Schmelzle, 18. Enberg, 19. Kirkpatrick, 20. 26 Matt Steinhauer.


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