NST: Cottage Grove results 2006-07-25

Horner Victorious Again With Northern Sprint Tour Home town kid Danny Horner won for the second time in as many nights by taking the Northern Sprint Tour's 30 lap main event at Cottage Grove Speedway in Cottage Grove, Oregon. ...

Horner Victorious Again With Northern Sprint Tour

Home town kid Danny Horner won for the second time in as many nights by taking the Northern Sprint Tour's 30 lap main event at Cottage Grove Speedway in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Just as he did the night before, Horner breezed his way to the victory over the 38 car field. The win also gave Horner a healthy lead in the Northwest Speedweek points standings.

Horner had to earn the win in the race's early stages. Fresno, Calif.'s Steve Kent jumped to the lead. Power problems resulting in no traffic lights on the track resulted in a 10 minute delay just two laps in. It didn't hamper Kent though as he remained in the lead. It didn't hamper Kent though as he remained in the lead.

Just prior to the event's first stoppage coming out on lap 6 when Everett, Wash. competitor Rick Fauver stopped in turn two, Horner moved around both Brent Kaeding of Campbell, Calif. and Central Point, Ore.'s Bill Nutter to go from fourth to second. On the ensuing restart, Travis Jacobson who hails from Lake Stevens, Wash. flipped on the front straightaway while running in the fifth position. The following restart held up and Dallas Zuniga of Creswell, Ore. was able to get around Kaeding for fourth. At the same time Horner made his way past Kent to take over the top spot.

Horner caught the tail end of the field on lap 11 but it hardly slowed him. He maintained his almost full straightaway length lead over the next 7 laps before Medford, Ore. racer Roger Crockett came to a stop in turn three. Once the race got back underway, it only lasted for a lap as Kaeding spun in turn two and collected Rob Held out of Sutherlin, Ore. causing Held to flip over. The incident occurred a half lap after Kaeding had passed Nutter for third.

The remaining 11 laps played out much like the previous 11 had: with Horner dominating. He cruised to the victory over Kent, Bartlett, Tenn.'s Jason Sides, Nutter, and Braden Etchison from Eugen, Ore. The rest of the top-10 was Shawn Smith out of Nampa, Idaho, Mitch Olson from Puyallup, Wash., Zuniga, Kaeding, and Langley, B.C. native Travis Rutz.

Sides jumped to the early lead of the 15 lap "B" main. David Gilmore out of Maple Valley, Wash. brought out a fourth lap caution with a spin in turn one. He would later spin for a second time on lap 10 thus ending his evening. The leaders had just caught traffic when Cosmopolis, Wash. native Brad Holmes spun over the cushion in turn two to bring out one last yellow flag on lap 14. Sides would hang on for the victory and a transfer to the "A" main along with Henry Van Dam of Enumclaw, Wash., Smith, and Rutz.

Kent's win in the 6 lap dash that set the top six starters in the feature event put him on the pole of the "A Main". The rest of the top-5 starters in the main event were Nutter, Kaeding, Horner, and Etchison.

The 8 lap "C" main event was being led by Fairbanks, Alaska's Steve Martin until he spun coming to the white flag. Martin was able to keep going, but not before falling out of a transfer position. Snohomish, Wash. rookie Seth Bergman picked up the win and moved up to the "B" main along with Meridian, Idaho's Randy Pierce, Cale Carder from Phoenix, Ore., and Chris Pattenaude out of Ferndale, Wash.

The quartet of 10 lap heat races started off with Marc Huson out of Mt. Vernon, Wash. being victorious in the leadoff heat followed by fellow "A" main transfers of Held, Crockett, and Braden Etchison. Heat two ended in a drag race with Sacramento, Calif. native Herman Klein barely edging T.J. Winningham out of Gold Hill, Ore. as well as Horner, and Fauver. The third heat was won by Jacobson ahead of Olson, Nutter, and Kaeding. The final heat saw Junction City, Ore. native Shane Forte pick up the victory over Zuniga, Kent, and Jimmy Trulli from Placerville, Calif.

Sides set the evening's quick time at 10.937. The session was eventful, however, it was for all the wrong reasons. Seth Bergman flipped in turn two on his first lap but would return at the end to post a time. Jeff Thompson also went over in the second turn but had already posted what would be his official lap.


Northern Sprint Tour
Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

38 Cars
Quick Time -- 33 Jason Sides 10.937

Heat 1 (10 Laps) -- 1. 73 Marc Huson, 2. 68 Rob Held, 3. 11 Roger Crockett, 4. 24 Braden Etchison, 5. 57C Chris Schmelzle, 6. 33V Henry Van Dam, 7. 33 Jason Sides, 8. 23X Richie Peterson, 9. 12P Randy Pierce, 10. 7T Jeff Thompson

Heat 2 (10 Laps) -- 1. 5K Herman Klein, 2. 9T T.J. Winningham, 3. 75H Danny Horner, 4. 26 Rick Fauver, 5. 8R Travis Rutz, 6. 8 David Gilmore, 7. 7AK Steve Martin, 8. 5H Brad Holmes, 9. 23 Seth Bergman

Heat 3 (10 Laps) -- 1. 7J Travis Jacobson, 2. 98M Mitch Olson, 3. 3N Bill Nutter, 4. 69 Brent Kaeding, 5. 32S Shawn Smith, 6. 35A Adam Main, 7. 7C Cale Carder, 8. OJ Jay Cole, 9. 21 Chris Pattenaude

Heat 4 (10 Laps) -- 1. 26F Shane Forte, 2. 4Z Dallas Zuniga, 3. 7N Steve Kent, 4. 33T Jimmy Trulli, 5. 34 Melissa Yates, 6. 12 Jared Ridge, 7. 7 Randy Van Aagten, 8. 14 Robert McNulty, 9. 4D Pat Desbiens

C Main (8 Laps) -- 1. Pattenaude, 2. Pierce, 3. Carder, 4. Pattenaude, 5. McNulty, 6. Desbiens, 7. Martin

Dash (6 Laps) -- 1. Kent, 2. Nutter, 3. Kaeding, 4. Horner, 5. Jacobson, 6. Etchison

B Main (15 Laps) -- 1. Sides, 2. Van Dam, 3. Smith, 4. Rutz, 5. Ridge, 6. Van Aagten, 7. Thompson, 8. Schmelzle, 9. Main, 10. Yates, 11. Bergman, 12. Cole, 13. Peterson, 14. Pierce, 15. Carder, 16. Pattenaude, 17. Holmes, 18. Gilmore

A Main (30 Laps) -- 1. Horner, 2. Kent, 3. Sides, 4. Nutter, 5. Etchison, 6. Smith, 7. Olson, 8. Zuniga, 9. Kaeding, 10. Rutz, 11. Fauver, 12. Winningham, 13. Klein, 14. Crockett, 15. Forte, 16. Huson, 17. Trulli, 18. Van Dam, 19. Held, 20. Jacobson


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