Northern Sprint Tour State Fair results 2002-06-07

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour State Fair Raceway Yakima, WA June 7, 2002 Hot action on a cold June night at State Fair Raceway. A night that felt more like the 7th of March than the 7th of June was waiting when racers and fans got to State...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
State Fair Raceway
Yakima, WA June 7, 2002

Hot action on a cold June night at State Fair Raceway.

A night that felt more like the 7th of March than the 7th of June was waiting when racers and fans got to State Fair Raceway in Yakima, WA on Friday night. But, the racing was hot as Eugene, Oregon's Roger Crockett became the fifth winner in five races, taking the lead with less than two laps to go to pick up his first hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour win of 2002.

Burlington, WA hot shoe Jason Solwold looked to be on his way to win number two for the season until a broken steering rod put him into the turn two wall on lap 16 to end to his night of racing. Solwold had been all over leader Chad Hillier soon after the leaders caught slower traffic in just five trips around State Fair's three-eighths oval and took the lead when Hillier went up on the back of a slower car entering the first turn at the start of lap 10. The Sedro Wooly, WA driver backed of and saved it from a flip, but Solwold was through on the inside and into the lead.

With Solwold out and back in front, Hillier opened a gap over Dan Menne in second as Crockett and Jayme Barnes of Everett, WA diced for and traded the number three spot. By lap 21 Menne, of Ft. Jones, CA was in a battle with Crockett for second losing the position two laps later in the first turn. A lap 24 yellow gave Barnes the break he was waiting for to close the gap on Menne and he took third by going low into turn three on the restart lap.

With five laps to go in the 30 lap feature, Hillier and Crockett were nose to tail in front as Barnes, Menne, Rick Fauver, Shawna Wilskey, and Glenn Borden, Jr. were running wheel to wheel for position back to 7th place.

With two to go Barnes and Menne diced for third as Wilskey had nailed down 5th and Borden 6th with Fauver shuffled back two spots to 7th.

Going down the back chute on lap eight Hillier' tail slid out for just a second and it was all Crocket, hard on the pedal, needed to get past and into the lead.

In the winners circle Crocket said he didn't know how many laps were left to go so his strategy was "press, press, press the leader". Hiller was "happy to take second" after the problems of last week when he was in a big crash.

In the B-main Shawna Wilskey took the lead over Tony Menard on the green flag and opened good 20 car lead. That gave the fans a chance to watch to Mark Hinkle who do a good job of holding off Rick Fauver who finally made his move into second on a restart after a lap 8 red for a flipping Joe Constance. Constance brought out the red when he tagged the turn two wall and flipped on a yellow flag restart. Hinkle dropped out with three laps to go while running third.The last half was all Wilskey with Fauver, Cale Carder, Chris Schmelzle and Geoff Beck following in the top five.

Heat one had Cale Carder lead till he caught the turn four berm and spun giving the lead to Jay Cole and bringing out the yellow. Cole led it to the checkered flag with no pressure. Travis Hawthorne broke during the pre-race hot lap but made it out for the feature while Todd Heikes came to a stop on the first lap and was out for the night.

Heat two saw Steve Walker lead wire to wire over Tyler Pincemin who was pushed the last couple of laps by Barnes.

The third heat went to Solwold after he caught Borden, Jr. going to the white flag at the end of lap nine. Crockett was close behind but settled for third and Wilskey dropped out mid race when she lost a muffler.

Jason Solwold took control of dash from his outside front row position and led to the finish. Hillier closed Solwold's lead to about 6 cars lengths with two laps to go. As Barnes drooped back from an early challenge on Hillier for second, Crockett's try for a turn two exit pass on Menne for 4th on lap 4 ended in a nice looking but unwanted wheelie. At the line it was Solwold, Hillier, Barnes, Menne Crockett and Hodgson.


Heat 1 -- Jay Cole, Dan Menne, Jeff Hodgson, Dawn-L Morrison, Brandon Harkness, Joe Constance, Cale Carder, Todd Heikes, Travis Hawthorne.

Heat 2 -- Steve Walker, Tyler Pincemin, Jayme Barnes, Chad Hillier, Scott Aumen, Mark Hinkle, Geoff Beck, Rick Fauver.

Heat -- 3 Jason Solwold, Glenn Borden, Jr. Roger Crockett, Mike Sather, Tony Menard, Chris Schmelzle, Steve Vague, Shawna Wilskey.

Dash -- Solwold, Hillier, Barnes, Menne, Crockett, Hodgson.

B-Main -- Shawna Wilskey, Rick Fauver, Cale Carder, Chris Schmelzle, Geoff Beck, Mark Hinkle, Brandon Harkness, Joe Constance, Tony Menard.

A-Main -- Crockett, Hillier, Barnes, Menne, Wilskey, Borden, Fauver, Hodgson, Carder, Walker, Harkness, Sather, Aumen, Pincemin, Beck, Schmelzle, Morrison, Solwold, Cole, Hawthorne.


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