Northern Sprint Tour Portland report 2001-06-23

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Portland Speedway Portland, OR June 23, 2001 The weekend was made for Shawna Wilskey as the Lake Stevens, WA driver carried her Friday night winning form from Yakima State Fair Raceway to Portland...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
Portland Speedway
Portland, OR
June 23, 2001

The weekend was made for Shawna Wilskey as the Lake Stevens, WA driver carried her Friday night winning form from Yakima State Fair Raceway to Portland Speedway to make it two in a row and become the first repeat winner in the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour 2001 season.

Going from the Travis Brearty green to checkered, the action never slowed after Wilskey took the lead from pole sitter Jason Solwold on the back straight of the opening lap. Solwold, of Burlington, WA, was instantly in a fight for second with Rio Linda, CA hot shoe Roger Crockett hot on his heels.

As Wilskey opened a 15 car lead at a speed that had her into traffic by the seventh lap, Crockett kept the pressure on Solwold until he had the place position behind the leader on lap eight.

Lapped traffic playeda big part in the racing action and by mid-race Wilskey saw her lead cushion over Crockett drop from a couple of lapped cars to inches as Crockett closed the gap.

Although Crockett managed to get even with Wilskey in the corners a few times, he couldn^Òt carry the advantage on the straights and was again battling to keep from being blocked by lapped traffic, as was Solwold who was staying in the battle for a podium finish.

While the action for the lead was drawing the attention of most, Rick Fauver was the car to watch if it was passing you wanted to see. Starting dead last, the Everett, WA based driver found his groove on the high side and proceeded to ride the wall past 16 of his fellow drivers and had Solwold in his sights as time ran out and he had to settle for fourth.

Within all the action, other good races for position were waged between B Main winner Richie Peterson, Jeff Thompson and Dan Menne for 5th and Jay R. Harkness, Barry Martinez and Jeremy Cooper for 9th.

Wilskey had lapped half the field when the checkered fell in what has to be one of the fastest 30 lap features in hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour history, even though on a half mile track.

Following the leader across the line the top six were Wilskey, Crockett, Solwold, Fauver, Thompson and Peterson.

Great Falls, MT driver Richie Peterson went wire to wire to take the B Main win, jumping to a good 20 car length lead that he held for most of the race.

Jayme Barnes, points leader going into the evening^Òs program, settled into second with Jay Cole in third and Jay R. Harkness fourth.

Shane Matthews and Joe Ramaker had a great battle going for 5th until Ramaker was black flagged for being too loud from losing a muffler. Eric Trask, Jeff Osburn and Seth Carder also had a good battle for 6th going mid race.

Top six at the line were Peterson, Barnes, Cole, Harkness, Matthews and Trask with the first five transferring to the feature event.

The V-Mac team of Tony Menard and Scott Aumen had a good night in the heats as both came away with wins.

Menard went to a quick win as J. Cooper and Fauver battled for their second and third finishes. Chasing them to the flag were Menne and Wilskey.

Martinez took the second heat over Crockett with Crockett closing to challenge in the last couple of laps. Scott Adams, Tony Thomas and Solwold followed to take transfer spots.

Aumen took the final heat over Thompson, Gus Cooper, Brandon Harkness and Shawn Rice, with the best battle for position going to Cooper and Harkness.

Solwold took home the dash win over Wilskey, Thompson, Crockett, Menne and B. Harkness. Wilskey and Menne both grabbed a position on the opening lap, but Menne lost his back to Crockett after a close battle on laps 3 and 4 of the six lap dash.

SUMMARY Fast Time - Jayme Barnes - 18.375

Heat 1 - Tony Menard, Jeremy Cooper, Rick Fauver, Dan Menne, Shawna Wilskey, Jay Cole, Jayme Barnes, Melissa Yates, Jeff Osburn.

Heat 2 - Barry Martinez, Roger Crockett, Scott Adams, Tony Thomas, Jason Solwold, Joe Ramaker, Richie Peterson, Seth Carder, Eric Trask.

Heat 3 - Scott Aumen, Jeff Thompson, Gus Cooper, Brandon Harkness, Shawn Rice, Jay R. Harkness, Shane Matthews, Jim Cress.

Dash - Solwold, Wilskey, Thompson, Crockett, Menne, B. Harkness.

B main - Peterson, Barnes, Cole, J. Harkness, Matthews, Trask, Osburn, Carder, Cress, Ramaker, Yates.

A Main - Wilskey, Crockett, Solwold, Fauver, Thompson, Peterson, Menne, Barnes, B. Harkness, J. Harkness, Martinez, J. Cooper, Thomas, Adams, Cole, Menard, Rice, Matthews, Aumen, G. Cooper.

-George Hespe

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