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<pre> hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour State Fair Raceway Yakima, WA July 19, 2001 hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour "Northwest Speedweek" Kent. Again. At the finish of the Thursday night race of hy-per-lube ...

<pre> hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour State Fair Raceway Yakima, WA July 19, 2001

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour "Northwest Speedweek" Kent. Again.

At the finish of the Thursday night race of hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour's "Northwest Speedweek", Steve Kent continued his quest to be the second driver to sweep Speedweek as he racked up win number four at State Fair Raceway in Yakima, WA on July 19th.

With his stiffest competition so far, Brent Kaeding, heading back to California to compete this upcoming weekend, the Fresno, CA based driver set the pace for the 30 lap A-Feature event at a speed none of the other 19 drivers could match.

        Kent grabbed the point from his outside front row starting position and
never looked back,  as he took home the hardware and money once again.

Action slowed on lap 6 for a spinning Chris Schmelzle and again six laps later when Rick Fauver took his turn in bringing out the yellow flag.

A red on lap 14 collected five cars when Marc Dupperon found himself in a slide he couldn't correct in turn four and collected Randy Ridge and Barry Martinez with all three stopping on the inside berm. The Harkness brothers, Jay R. and Brandon came together while trying to miss the three car tangle and ended up in a double flip. When action resumed, J. Harkness and Ridge were out of the heat.

The last 17 laps went to the checkered flag with the top three again opening their previous leads and letting the close racing fall to those behind them.

Chad Hillier and Jason Solwold spent several laps fighting for 5th place behind Johnny Rodriguez, with first Hillier and then Solwold holding the spot, and then in the last five laps both drivers made it past Rodriguez. Farther back, Jeremy Cooper and Wade Fleming were waging an equally tight battle for 10th place.

Jay Cole made the drive of the night coming from 20th to finish in 9th place.

A scary moment in pre-feature event hot laps occurred when the car of Richie Peterson pulled into the infield on fire. Quick action by a push truck driver and the fire crew had things under control in a matter of seconds, but Peterson still suffered some burns and was transported to the hospital to be checked and treated.

After a wild ride through the fence in a new car the night before, Rick Fauver was back in the old car and picked up the B-main win, taking a big lead in the first lap. Running behind Stan Yockey in second, B. Harkness and Jeff Hodgson diced for third for several laps before Harkness finally nailed down the spot for good.

Cole moved six positions in the B-main to take 5th and then made the feature when Peterson had to drop out.

The C-main went to Cale Carder who took the lead when pole sitter Kaylene Vervilla slid high in the first turn on the green flag. Going wire to wire, Carder made it look easy with John Tharp, Vervilla and Jim Cress also getting transfers to the B-main.

It took Kent nearly half of the 10 laps of the first heat to get past Peterson for second, but he couldn't catch winner Solwold in the last half. With three to go and into traffic, Kent had caught Solwold but Solwold managed to get through but Kent was stuck in traffic to the finish.

Heat two went Chris Schmelzle with the best race in the race between Fleming and Rodriguez who gave the crowd a good show as they battled for third. With J. Harkness in second, Rodriguez got past Fleming on the back chute after a lap 8 restart.

Martinez took the third heat from the pole, and points leader Shawna Wilskey saw the chance for another good finish disappear when she crashed into the turn three wall on lap 6 and was out for the night.

The final heat went to Scott Adams as he held off Crockett for the win. Rod Perkins was third with Dupperon getting the final transfer to the feature.

Crockett won the dash and Kent had fast time with a 15.021 trip around the three-eights mile circuit.


SUMMARY Fast Time - Kent - 15.021 Heat 1 - Jason Solwold, Steve Kent, Richie Peterson, Jeremy Cooper, Rick Fauver, Brandon Harkness, Jay Cole, Ron Myska, Rod Perkins, Dan Dunlap. Heat 2 - Chris Schmelzle, Jay R. Harkness, Johnny Rodriguez, Wade Fleming, Tony Menard, Ed Weirsma, Dave Smith, Jim Cress, Scott Aumen, Danny Kirkpatrick. Heat 3 - Barry Martinez, Randy Ridge, Jayme Barnes, Chad Hillier, Stan Yockey, Kaylene Vervilla, Dawn-L Morrison, Shane Spurlock, Shawna Wilskey. Heat 4 - Scott Adams, Roger Crockett, Rod Perkins, Marc Dupperon, Jeff Hodgson, Chad Bauer, Geoff Beck, Cale Carder, Mark Ellis. Dash - Crockett, Kent, Barnes, Rodriguez, Fleming, Hillier. C-Main - Carder, Perkins, Vervilla, Cress, Ellis, Morrison, Dunlap. B-Main - Fauver, Yockey, B. Harkness, Hodgson, Cole, Myska, Carder, Menard, Smith, Bauer, Beck, Ellis, Weirsma, Cress, Spurlock, Tharp. Aumen, Vervilla. A-Main - Kent, Crockett, Barnes, Solwold, Hillier, Rodriguez, B. Harkness, Fauver, Cole, Cooper, Fleming, Martinez, Dupperon, Perkins, J. Harkness, Ridge, Yockey, Hodgson, Schmelzle.

Action now moves to Grays Harbor Raceway Park in Elma, WA for the final two Northewst Speedweek races with the "Evergreen State Sprint Challenge" on Friday and Saturday.

-George Hespe

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