Northern Sprint Tour Grays Harbor Raceway Park 2000-08-17

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour Grays Harbor Raceway Park Elma, WA August 17, 2000 Jay Smith went from second place to extremely sideways to first place in 50 feet and it all paid off with a win at Grays Harbor Raceway Park in Elma, WA...

hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour
Grays Harbor Raceway Park
Elma, WA
August 17, 2000

Jay Smith went from second place to extremely sideways to first place in 50 feet and it all paid off with a win at Grays Harbor Raceway Park in Elma, WA on August 17th, his second in a row and third of the season. After chasing leader Jayme Barnes for 18 laps, Smith hooked a turn one rut and got completely sideways but managed to gather it up and keep running. Meanwhile, Barnes had spun just ahead in turn two and was unable to keep going, giving Smith the lead on the restart. That was the last mistake Smith was to make as the Stanwood, WA based driver dominated the rest of the race to the checkered flag. Barnes, from Everett, WA, looked strong as he took the lead on a restart after pole sitter Jay Cole spun in turn two on the opening lap. After opening a small lead, Barnes then held a closing Smith at bay as they worked the traffic and held about a three car length lead when, as Jayme stated, ‘driver error’ put him to the rear of the pack and Smith in the lead on the 19th circuit of the race. On the restart eighth starting and defending champion Shawna Wilskey, went low into the first turn to blast past Rick Smith and Chad Hillier into second place. Hillier and Smith , who had been battling for second prior to Wilskey’s pass, continued the fight until Rick Fauver worked in between them on lap 27. While R. Smith lost two positions to Randy Ridge and Greg Brown as they worked the traffic, Fauver’s race came to an end less than two laps from the finish when the front brake rotor broke and put the Everett, WA hot shoe into the turn one wall at the start of lap 29. With just two laps to go, J. Smith had a cushion of 3 lapped cars over Wilskey on the restart and he easily went to the win with a clear track in front of him. Wilskey kept second place while Sedro Woolley, WA’s Hillier beat out Ridge for the final podium spot. Pole sitter Cole worked his way from the rear to finish a respectable seventh behind Ridge, Brown and R. Smith. Wilskey held Hillier at bay the entire 15 laps of the B main while Barry Martinez followed in third. Jeff Thompson and Shawn Rice diced for fourth in the opening laps until Thompson suffered a flat tire and went to the rear. Ron Reed took up the challenge with Rice, and Thompson roared back through the pack to rejoin the battle. At the finish the top six read Wilskey, Hillier, Martinez, Rice, Thompson and Reed. In early evening action, R. Smith lead the first nine laps of the first heat in a tight race with Fauver, but Fauver put the pass on him on the last lap to snatch the win. Jimmy Kirkham surrendered third to Donny Fry in the closing laps, but held on for the transfer to the feature. Heat two saw Brown lead Cole by a car length the entire 10 laps while Thompson ran a good race to hold off feature event winner J. Smith for third place. Glenn Borden, Jr. looked to have heat three locked into a win until he coasted to a stop with major motor problems on lap seven. With Borden watching for the rest of the night, it was Ridge taking the win over Kirk Haefs. Travis Hawthorne went wire to wire to take the final heat win over Scott Adams, with Steve Walker beating out Barnes for third. The dash got off to a red flag start when Dan Menne got sideways in turn two on the green flag lap and was clipped by Fauver who then laid over on his side, unable to restart with a bent Jacobs ladder. On the restart, Cole out powered J. Smith through the first two turns and went on to the win. Barnes finished third with Fry beating out Menne for fourth.


Fast Time - Rick Fauver- 13.813

Heat 1 - Rick Fauver, Rick Smith, Donny Fry, Jimmy Kirkham, Jeff Thompson, Rob Squillace, Jim Cress.

Heat 2 - Greg Brown, Jay Cole, Jay Smith, Cale Carder, Ron Reed, Shawn Rice, Dan Dunlap.

Heat 3 - Randy Ridge, Kirk Haefs, Pat Desbiens, Dan Menne, Bob McCord, Glenn Borden, Jr., Chad Hillier.

Heat 4 - Travis Hawthorne, Scott Adams, Steve Walker, Jayme Barnes, Shawna Wilskey, Barry Martinez.

Dash - Cole, J. Smith, Barnes, Fry, Menne, Fauver.

B-Main - Wilskey, Hillier, Martinez, Rice, Thompson, Reed, Cress, Dunlap, Squillace, McCord, Borden.

A-Main - J. Smith, Wilskey, Hillier, Ridge, Brown, R. Smith, Cole, Fry, Rice, Adams, Carder, Hawthorne, Haefs, Fauver, Barnes, Walker, Kirkham, Desbiens, Martinez, Menne.

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