New Esypt Speedway results 2000-09-30

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 30) -- Former asphalt star Eddie Bohn of Freehold, NJ, finally found the fast line around New Egypt Speedway, ending a frustrating season on Saturday with a convincing Modified victory, his career-first on dirt. In the ...

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 30) -- Former asphalt star Eddie Bohn of Freehold, NJ, finally found the fast line around New Egypt Speedway, ending a frustrating season on Saturday with a convincing Modified victory, his career-first on dirt. In the companion URC Sprint car event, Allentown, PA's Brian Seidel capitalized on Kramer Williamson's misfortune to notch his second win at the Central Jersey raceway.

"It's about time," said Bohn, after becoming the 19th different Mod winner on the New Egypt clay. "I think the monkey finally died of old age. We really struggled all year with this big-block. I'm glad we're finally here."

Bohn and three-time winner Tom Carberry tussled rail-to-rail in the 25-lap Modified event, before Bohn opened up and set sail with 10 to go. At the line, it was Bohn in a very popular performance over Carberry, invader Chip Slocum, Mike Hendershot and Steve Moss. Newly crowned division champ Billy Pauch made it to fourth before a turn 2 pileup on lap 17 put him pitside.

In the URC Sprint race, Kramer Williamson looked like a sure thing before his car failed him on lap 15. Seidel picked up the point and cruised over the line first over Mike Haggenbottom, Greg Coverdale, Scott Pursell and Steve Siegel.

Mt. Laurel, NJ's Jack Swain aced the 15-lap Sportsman race for his second win on the year, in a nipper with six-time winner Ryan Godown. Swain inched out Godown, Larry Archer, division champ Ron John Koczon and Chuck Flesch for the victory in the caution-plagued event.

Bill Gerber of Waterford, NJ, stole the lead from a flyin' Bryan Reed with two to go and went on to win his fourth of the year in the 15-lap Street Stock fray. Reed settled for second, with Al Cheney III, Pat Conaway and George Quinlan trailing at the line.

Winners of the OfficeMates 5 of Englewood Cliffs Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature event were Pauch (Mods, 14.896), Koczon (Sportsman, 15.956) and Quinlan (Street Stock, 17.090).

Opdyke Lumber of Frenchtown and Belle Mead, NJ, sponsored the winner's trophies this night, as well as a T-shirt toss into the grandstands. TW Metals also contributed to the fan giveaway spree.

New Egypt Speedway will be dark next week, returning with its second annual Legends of the Fall season finale on Saturday, October 14. The afternoon special, a tribute to the region's retired stock car champs, will feature a $5,000-to-win 50-lapper for the big-block Modifieds, big-money races for the Sportsman and Street Stocks, and an exhibition of restored vintage race cars. Raindate is Sunday, October 15. Gates open at 12 noon, and the festivities get underway at 2:30 pm. Adult admission is $20, children 7-12 are $6, and kids 6 and under are free. For more information, call the track at (609) 758-1900.

<pre> MODIFIED RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Bitner 2. Pauch 3. McCaughey 4. Slocum 5. Osmun 6. VanGorder

2nd Heat: 1. Carberry 2. Miloszar 3. Worthington 4.Velenger 5.Hendershot 6.Adams

3rd Heat: 1. Grosso, Jr.  2. Bohn 3. Butler 4. Brown 5. Cox  6. Drayton 
B Main:  1. Moss 2. Keimig 3. Taylor 4. Scagliotta  5. Hammond 6. Martz (Fans 

Prov: Tom Hager)

Feature (25 laps): 1.Eddie Bohn 2.Tom Carberry 3.Chip Slocum 4.Mike Hendershot 5.Steve Moss 6.Bob Drayton 7.Darren McCaughey 8.Bryant Brown 9.John Miloszar 10.Sam Martz 11.Rich Scagliotta 12.Rick Grosso Jr. 13.Bob Worthington 14.Gary Velenger 15.Billy Pauch 16.Mark Bitner 17.Gary Butler 18.Willie Osmun 19.Tom Hager 20. Lee Taylor, Jr. 21.Art Adams 22.Scott VanGorder 23.Tad Cox 24.Korey Keimig 25.Ken Hammond

DNQ: Jack Amundsen, J.R. Crouse, Art Liedl, Randy Laird, Ryan Godown, Stan Ploski III, Barry Voss

SPORTSMAN RESULTS 1st Heat: 1.Hager 2. Swain 3. Tinnes, Jr. 4. Hoffman 5. Archer

2nd Heat: 1. Flesch 2. Kessler 3. Marra 4. Mongiello 5. Carpenter

3rd Heat: 1. Morrison 2. Reutter, Jr. 3. Reed 4. Ely 5. B. Godown

4th Heat: 1. Wasson 2. Taylor 3. R. Godown 4. Fleming 5. Singley

1st B Main: 1. Koczon 2. Mears 3. L. Kline 4. Falzini

2nd B Main: 1. Scagliotta 2. Buffalino 3. Liedl 4. Zangli

Feature (15 Laps): 1.Jack Swain 2.Ryan Godown 3.Larry Archer 4.Ron John Koczon 5.Chuck Flesch 6.Scott Singley 7.Brian Godown 8.Rich Scagliotta 9.J.C. Mears 10.Larry Kline 11.Brien Ely 12.Mickey Kessler 13.Jeff Carpenter 14.Doug Liedl 15.Paul Marra 16.Dominick Buffalino 17.Lee Taylor Jr. 18.Jim Zangli 19.Mike Mongiello III 20.Jim Falzini 21.Mike Reutter Jr. 22.Dave Hoffman 23.Gary Hager 24.Joey Tinnes Jr. 25.Keith Fleming 26.Kyle Morrison 27.Chris Wasson 28.Larry Reed.

DNQ: Tom Eppolite Jr., Mike Lyons, John Snook, Mike David, Tom Tomasko, Jimmy Hoelterling, Joe Szwed, Gene Stravinsky, John McClelland, Rob Pfister, Scott Reid, Steve Ramsey, John Bush, Pat Priore, Darrell Delnero, Brian Pearson, Bob Burlew.

STREET STOCK B Main: 1. Bauma 2. John Hewitt 3. Bifulco 4. Hanson 5. Avery 6. Miller 7.

Quick 8. Horner 9. Miscoski

Feature (15 laps):1.Bill Gerber 2.Bryan Reed 3.Al Cheney III 4.Pat Conaway 5.George Quinlan 6.Ralph Gargiulo 7.Steve Mongiello 8.Kim Cooke 9.Carol Whitehouse 10.Bob Bauma 11.Evan Berardi 12.Joe Mongeau 13.Kory Fleming 14.Brian Wagner 15.Bill Miscoski 16.Joel Quick 17.Whitey Miller 18.Wayne Hansen 19.Tony Horner 20.Dale Haines 21.Art Avery 22.Kevin Bifulco 23.Jim Hewitt 24.John Hewitt

DNQ: Jason Seredy, Shawn Carr, Spider Ensinger, Rich Roveda Sr., Pete Fogarty, Ryan Miscoski, Brian Barker.

URC SPRINT CARS 1st Heat: 1. Eldreth 2. Haggenbottom 3. Clarke 4. F. Hogue 5. Massey

2nd Heat: 1. Bobby Seidel 2. Rittenhouse, Jr. 3. Brian Seidel 4. Pursell 5. Gerber

3rd Heat: 1. Anderson 2. Williamson 3. Siegel 4. Case 5. McGough

4th Heat: 1. Martin 2. T. Hogue 3. Brian 4. Coverdale 5. Suprick

B Main: 1. Whary 2. Darling 3. Wise 4. Green

Feature (25 laps): 1.Brian Seidel 2.Mike Haggenbottom 3.Greg Coverdale 4.Scott Pursell 5.Steve Siegel 6.Danny Massey 7.Bill Brian Jr. 8.Becca Anderson 9.Jeff Whary 10.George Suprick 11.Bill Case 12.Fran Hogue 13.Todd Rittenhouse Jr. 14.Jon Eldreth 15.Dave McGough 16.Pete Green 17.Matt Gerber 18.Glen Clarke 19.Tim Hogue 20.Bobby Seidel 21.Kramer Williamson 22.Todd Wise 23.Kevin Darling 24.Jimmy Martin

DNQ: Fred Kennedy, Midge Miller, Jim Walter, Scott Baker, Stew Brown, Chuck Wilde, Jimmy Martin Jr., Trevor Lewis, Ian Borden.

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