New Egypt Speedway 1999-10-02

Laureno and Seidel Score Big At New Egypt New Egypt, NJ (Oct 2) -- In a one-lap shootout, 1998 Modified champion Roger Laureno of Ivyland, PA, held off the challenges of his nephew, Tim Tanner Jr., to score his second feature win of the...

Laureno and Seidel Score Big At New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (Oct 2) -- In a one-lap shootout, 1998 Modified champion Roger Laureno of Ivyland, PA, held off the challenges of his nephew, Tim Tanner Jr., to score his second feature win of the season on Bally's Night Saturday at New Egypt Speedway. Brian Seidel ended a two-year retirement to win the companion URC race.

"I guess I taught him everything he knows," Laureno said of Tanner. "But I didn't teach him everything that I know."

Tom Carberry led the way from his pole start but Tim Tanner Jr. made his presence known early on. On a lap 6 restart, Tanner made a charge on the high side to take second as Laureno snaked through traffic into third. Laureno powered out front with five to go, with Tanner in tow. It looked to be a two-man shootout until Gary Butler made it a three-way, almost stealing the top spot on a two-to-go restart that was negated by an 11th hour caution. Tanner pressed but Laureno held on for the victory. Tanner settled for second, with Butler turning in a super run for third. Rick Grosso Jr. and Sportsman regular Larry Archer completed the top five.

It was a two-car battle to the line in the 25-lap URC event as Brian Seidel took the checkered flag over newly crowned '99 club champ Sean Michael. The two swapped the lead numerous times with Seidel getting the edge on the two-to-go flags. Trailing Seidel and Michael at the checker were Mike Haggenbottom, Jon Eldreth and Kramer Williamson.

Mt Laurel, NJ's Jack Swain was the early leader in the 20-lap Sportsman feature and convincingly showed the way through to the finish for his third win of the year. "It's been a great racing season and it's a great race track. I love this place and the people," Swain related from victory lane. Mickey Kessler, Rocco Infante, Tom Eppolite Jr. and 1999 division champion Bob Worthington followed Swain to the stripe.

Taking his eighth Street Stock win of the season was Brick, NJ's Ralph Gargiulo, who battled teammate Richie Byrne throughout the 15-lap event. "We've always wanted to run like that," Gargiulo said of the doorhandle-to-doorhandle battle. Completing the top five were Bill Gerber, Billy Bauma and Kevin Bifulco.

The weekly 50/50 was worth $1,672 to one lucky fan. Bally's Park Place Casino, the night's sponsor, distributed T-shirts and sweatshirts to the first 2,000 through the gates, while the New Egypt Fire Department entertained the littlest fans with Smokey the Bear and a friendly firefighting Dalmation.

The track will be dark on October 9, but will return on Saturday, October 16 with its "Legends of the Fall" 1999 season finale. The afternoon program, commencing at 2 p.m., will pay tribute to the region's past driving champions and feature big-money, extra-distance races for the Modifieds, Sportsman and Street Stocks, as well as an exhibition of vintage race cars. Adult admission is $18, children 7-12 are $6 and under 6 are free.

10/2/99 MODIFIED RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Laureno 2. Tanner, Jr. 3. Carberry 4. Bitner 5. Short 6. Glenn 2nd Heat: 1. Polenz 2. Scagliotta 3. Manmiller 4. Leach 5. Bohn 6. Grbac 3rd Heat: 1. Hoffman 2. Butler 3. Grosso 4. Hendershot 5. Hager 6. Archer 'B' Main: 1. McVay 2. Osmun 3. VanGorder 4. Bunting 5. Cox 6. Ostwald (Fans' Prov: Miller) Feature (25 laps): 1. Roger Laureno 2. Tim Tanner, Jr. 3. Gary Butler 4. Rick Grosso, Jr. 5. Larry Archer 6. Keith Hoffman 7. Mark Bitner 8. Tom Hager 9. Willie Osmun 10. Rich Polenz 11. Eddie Bohn 12. Tom Carberry 13. H.J. Bunting 14. Doug Manmiller 15. Tad Cox 16. Doug Ostwald 17. Jerry Glenn 18. Larry McVay 19. Rich Scagliotta 20. Chris Grbac 21. Norman Short 22. Scott VanGorder 23. Mike Hendershot 24. John Leach 25. Jeff Miller DNQ: Kenny Huchko, Korey Keimig, Carmen Scarpati, Jim Hawkes. SPORTSMAN RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Ely 2. Lippincott 3. Priore 4. Reed 5. Rossell 6. Pearson 2nd Heat: 1. Eppolite 2. L. Kline 3. Flesch 4. Roth 5. Marra 6. Coffey 3rd Heat: 1. Swain 2. Worthington 3. Kessler 4. Infante 5. Lyons 6. Mears 'B' Main: 1. Gareis 2. Mongiello III 3. Wasson 4. Holsten 5. Clickner 6. McAleer Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jack Swain 2. Mickey Kessler 3. Rocco Infante 4. Tom Eppolite Jr. 5. Bob Worthington 6. Bryan Coffey 7. Paul Marra, Sr. 8. Larry Kline 9. Kenny Roth 10. Rick Holsten 11. Mike Lyons 12. Chuck Flesch 13. George Gareis 14. Mike Mongiello, III 15. Larry Reed 16. Dale Clickner 17. Brian Pearson 18. Brien Ely 19. Jimmy Rossell 20. Frank McAleer 21. Pat Priore 22. Chris Wasson 23. J.C. Mears 24. Larry Lippincott DNQ: Dom Buffalino Jr., Joe Garey, Bob Burlew, Bryant Brown, Joe Szwed, Rob Pfister, Bryan Lamparter. STREET STOCKS RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Whitehouse 2. Cooke 3. Martin 4. Nixon 5. Leote 6. Gargiulo 7. Bifulco 8. Bauma 9. Search 2nd Heat: 1. Conaway 2. Cheney 3. Quinlan 4. Hammond 5. Gerber 6. Byrne 7. Wagner 8. Mongiello 9. Haines 'B' Main: 1. Rutcky 2. VanDyke 3. Riley 4. Young 5. Ensinger 6. Goff Feature (15 laps): 1. Ralph Gargiulo 2. Richie Byrne 3. Bill Gerber 4. Billy Bauma 5. Kevin Bifulco 6. Kim Cooke 7. Craig Martin 8. George Quinlan 9. Dale Haines 10. Pat Conaway 11. Richie Rutcky 12. Al Cheney III 13. Jim Young 14. Lenny Riley 15. Brian Wagner 16. Ricky Goff 17. Carol Whitehouse 18. Kenny Hammond 19. Mick Search 20. Mike Nixon 21. Dave VanDyke 22. Steve Mongiello 23. Bruce Leote 24. Spider Ensinger DNQ: Bill Miscoski, Chip Grant, Tom Cremer, Al Budge, Chuck Barker, Anthony Knighten, Allen Hurley. URC SPRINT CAR RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. J. Eldreth 2. Haggenbottom 3. Higgins 4. Coyle 5. McGough 2nd Heat: 1. T. Eldreth 2. Trout 3. Massey 4. T. Hogue 5. Gable 3rd Heat: 1. F. Hogue 2. Seidel 3. Pursell 4. Anderson 5. Rittenhouse 4th Heat: 1. Coverdale 2. Michael 3. Williamson 4. Clarke 5. Martin 'B' Main: 1. Ellis 2. Miller 3. Darling 4. Stitzel Feature (25 laps): 1. Brian Seidel 2. Sean Michael 3. Mike Haggenbottom 4. John Eldreth 5. Kramer Williamson 6. Jeremy Trout 7. Glenn Clarke 8. Greg Coverdale 9. Jimmy Martin 10. Dave McGough 11. Scott Pursell 12. Becca Anderson 13. Billy Ellis 14. Jimmy Stitzel 15. Fran Hogue 16. Tim Higgins 17. Tim Hogue 18. Tim Eldreth 19. Midge Miller 20. Kevin Darling 21. Dan Massey 22. Dave Gable 23. Chris Coyle 24. Todd Rittenhouse DNQ: Fred Kennedy, Kyle Jones, Ian Borden, Gary Thayer, Bill Courtwright, Jim Walter, Tom Freschetta, Mike Stoer, Kevin Kelly, Travis Quinn.

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