New Egypt Speedway 1999-06-16

Pauch "Sprints" To Mid-Week Checker At New Egypt New Egypt, NJ (June 16) -- Saturday night regular Billy Pauch outran some of Sprint car racing's best in the 30-lap Philadelphia Inquirer 410 Sprint Special at the New Egypt Speedway on Wednesday...

Pauch "Sprints" To Mid-Week Checker At New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (June 16) -- Saturday night regular Billy Pauch outran some of Sprint car racing's best in the 30-lap Philadelphia Inquirer 410 Sprint Special at the New Egypt Speedway on Wednesday evening.

"I've got to thank Gene Jacobs for giving me this car to drive and I've got to thank the crew of the (J&M Motorsports) #55. A driver's not a driver without a good car under him," Pauch told the sell-out crowd from Victory Lane. In addition to the $3,000 feature prize, Pauch also won the Rt. 30 Seafood Dash for Cash, which paid $300, and $1,000 in the Media Camping Center pole shuffle.

By virtue of winning the pole shuffle, Pauch lined up first for the start alongside race promoter Fred Rahmer. Pauch quickly took charge at the drop of the green flag with Tennessee's Greg Hodnett moving past Rahmer for second, trailed by Keith Kauffman and P.J. Chesson. Within five laps, Pauch was approaching slow traffic and, at the lap10 mark, began using it to his advantage as he opened a lead on Hodnett. The first and only caution waved on lap 12 when Brian Gobrecht spun in the second turn. On the restart, Pauch quickly charged ahead of the field with Hodnett racing past the lapped cars that lined up between them. Hodnett began to gain ground as the top two raced through lapped traffic; however, on lap 18 Hodnett got caught behind a backmarker and Keith Kauffman charged by on the inside to take second. Pauch, meanwhile, was increasing his lead on the field. On the last lap, P.J. Chesson, the fast qualifier of the night, swept under Kauffman in lapped traffic and Chesson raced under the checker for second. Kauffman, Hodnett and Jeff Shepard followed.

Jeff Rohrbaugh took the checkered flag in the K.L. Harring Transport Non-Qualifiers' race. "We had a bit of bad luck tonight. I'm just glad to get out here and do a little racing," Rohrbaugh commented.

The first lady of the Garden State, New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, made her initial visit to the New Egypt Speedway. Whitman toured the track as a passenger in the Billy Pauch driving school car, with "The Kid" behind the wheel. After several quick laps, Pauch thrilled the Governor and the crowd with some quick donuts on the frontstretch. "I have a new respect for the drivers and how they have to set it up in the corners. I want to thank the Grosso family for what they've done here -- they've helped to make racing the #1 spectator sport in the country and it's a plus for New Jersey," the Governor told the crowd.

The evening's 50/50 was worth a whopping $4,598 to one lucky fan.This Saturday night, it will be Dad's Appreciation Night as the Modifieds, Sportsman and Street Stocks see action. Gates open at 4 p.m., warm-ups are at 5:45 p.m. and the first heat will get underway at 6:30. Adult admission is $12, children 7-12 are $4 and under 6 are free.

6/16/99 410 SPRINT RESULTS

Time Trials: 1.P.J. Chesson (12.653) 2.Jeff Shepard (12.670) 3.Keith Kauffman (12.815) 4.Billy Pauch (12.868) 5.Greg Hodnett (12.886) 6.Fred Rahmer (12.962) 7.Cris Eash (13.006) 8.Lance DeWease (13.040) 9.Dave Haight (13.191) 10.Shawn Keen (13.281) 11.Brian Gobrecht (13.293) 12.Kenny Brightbill (13.446) 13.Don Kreitz Jr. (13.474) 14.Randy Wolfe (13.640) 15.Todd Shaffer (13.735) 16.Billy Sims (13.820) 17.Brian Monteith (13.830) 18.Dave Ely (13.853) 19.Dave Hahn (13.905) 20.Len Thompson (13.942) 21.Judi Bates (13.951) 22.Brook Weibley (13.965) 23.Pat Cooper (14.010) 24.Bob Bennett (14.054) 25.Jeff Rohrbaugh (14.110) 26.Bill Brian Jr. (14.165) 27.Glendon Forsythe (14.248) 28.Jim Walters (14.253) 29.Cliff Brian (14.437) 30.Billy Dietrich (14.481) 31.George Suprick (14.485) 32.Shawn Weaver (14.577) 33.Brett Romano-No Time 34.Jimmy McBee-No Time.

1st Heat: 1.Hodnett 2.Haight 3.Chesson 4.Monteith 5.Kreitz 2nd Heat: 1.Shepard 2.Rahmer 3.Keen 4.Ely 5.Wolfe 3rd Heat: 1.Kauffman 2.Eash 3.Hahn 4.Shaffer 5.Gobrecht 4th Heat: 1.Pauch 2.Brightbill 3.DeWease 4.Sims 5.Thompson

'B' Main: 1.B. Brian Jr. 2.Suprick 3.Weibley 4.Bennett

Cash Dash: 1.Pauch ($300) Pole Shuffle: 1.Pauch ($1000)

Non-Qualifiers Race: 1.Rohrbaugh 2.C. Brian 3.Dietrich 4.Cooper 5.Romano 6.Forsythe 7.Bates 8.Walters DNS: Weaver, McBee.

Feature (30 laps): 1.Billy Pauch 2.P.J. Chesson 3.Keith Kauffman 4.Greg Hodnett 5.Jeff Shepard 6.Fred Rahmer 7.Cris Eash 8.Kenny Brightbill 9.Lance DeWease 10.Shawn Keen 11.Dave Haight 12.Don Kreitz Jr. 13.Brian Gobrecht 14.George Suprick 15.Bill Brian Jr. 16.Len Thompson 17.Todd Shaffer 18.Brook Weibley 19.Randy Wolfe 20.Brian Monteith 21.Dave Ely 22.Dave Hahn 23.Bob Bennett 24.Billy Sims.

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