NEI Charity Cup results 2003-09-14

Vinton, IA - Duane VanDeest led all twenty-five laps of the NEI Dirt Tour's "Charity Cup" Sunday, September 14th at the Benton County Speedway in Vinton, IA. The event raised $434.00 for the American Red Cross. On the Aikey Auto...

Vinton, IA - Duane VanDeest led all twenty-five laps of the NEI Dirt  Tour's
"Charity Cup" Sunday, September  14th  at  the  Benton  County  Speedway  in
Vinton, IA.  The event raised $434.00 for the American Red Cross.

On the Aikey Auto Salvage A-Main redraw, VanDeest drew the outside front row, and was able to jump into the lead driving off of turn two. Scott Badker and Jerry Luloff stayed close behind battling for second.

After a couple of yellows, VanDeest was able to open a five car advantage. Cal "Buck" Swanson joined Badker and Luloff for the battle for second. Luloff worked his way ahead of Badker. A few laps later, Swanson worked his way into third. Swanson put on a great show in front of his hometown track passing Luloff for second on lap fourteen.

Darin Duffy started eighth and quietly worked his way into the top three by lap fifteen. The next lap Duffy passed Swanson and set his sights on VanDeest. Duffy was able to close in on VanDeest's back bumper when a yellow flag flew on lap nineteen when Swanson's motor let go ending his great run.

Duffy tried during the last six laps to get underneath VanDeest, but VanDeest was able to hold Duffy off for the win.

Duffy was second. Vern Jackson survived an tough night to finish third. Badker and Richie Gustin rounded out the Top 5.

VanDeest was awarded the Action Sign Heat Race Bonus for winning his Heat Race and the A-Main. Action Sign & Banner of Waterloo, IA offered an extra $50 all season to any driver who can win his Heat Race and the A-Main in the same night.

Heat Races, present K-98.5, 97.7 KCRR, 92.3 KOEL, saw wins got to Scott Badker, Jerry Luloff, Richie Gustin, Joey Schaefer, Duane VanDeest, and Dan Bohr.


Pos. Driver / Hometown (Iowa unless noted)
1. Duane VanDeest / Conrad
2. Darin Duffy / Hazelton
3. Vern Jackson / Waterloo
4. Scott Badker / Klemme
5. Richie Gustin / Marshalltown
6. Heath Kusel / Belle Plain
7. Marty Diercks / Bettendorf
8. Robbie Schmucker / Vinton
9. Jerry Luloff / Independence
10. Cal "Buck" Swanson / Cedar Falls
11. Max Leonard / Ladora
12. Jamie Aikey / Cedar Falls
13. Joey Schaefer / Waterloo
14. Jeff Mason / Sumner
15. Charlie McKenna / Clear Lake
16. Kyle Diercks / Princeton
17. Patrick Flannagan / Cedar Rapids
18. Dan Bohr / Decorah
19. Troy Cordes / Raymond
20. Tom Hanson / Vinton
21. Keith Pittman / Waterloo

CUMULUS MEDIA HEAT RACES: (10 Laps, Top 2 Transfer & Redraw)

K-98.5 HEAT RACE 1: Scott Badker, Max Leonard, Mike Mason (Manchester), Kyle Diercks, Heath Kuseul, Scott Welsh (Cedar Rapids), Todd Jensen (Waterloo), Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown).

97.7 KCRR HEAT RACE 2: Jerry Luloff, Robbie Schmucker, Troy Cordes, Charlie McKenna, Tommy Belmer (Jesup), Clayton Thomas (Waterloo), Doug Firegard (Hudson), Steve Ricks (Cedar Rapids).

92.3 KOEL HEAT RACE 3: Richie Gustin, Jamie Aikey, JD Auringer (Evansdale), Chad Lerch, Vern Jackson, Keith Schmitz (Swaledale), Ken Hanson (Vinton), Brian Sondag (Vinton), Buster Pate (Hiawatha).

K-98.5 HEAT RACE 4: Joey Schaefer, Tom Hanson, Keith Pitman, Cal "Buck" Swanson, Brian Krall (Readlyn), Brett Root (Vinton), Randy Trefz (Vinton), Max Corporon (Marion), Corey Dripps (Cedar Falls).

97.7 KCRR HEAT RACE 5: Duane VanDeest, Jeff Mason, Shawn Fisher (Van Horne), Darin Duffy, Curt Badker (Clear Lake), Johnny Spaw (Cedar Rapids), Ed Thomas (Waterloo), Mike Liddle (Plainfield), Jeff Hogan (Vinton).

92.3 KOEL HEAT RACE 6: Dan Bohr, Patrick Flannagan, Brett Diercks (?), Marty Diercks, Garry Stuber (Waterloo), Michael Darnall (West Union), Scott Hogan (Vinton), DNS Clutch - Chad Knipp (Raymond). B-MAINS
(14 Laps, 1-2 Transfer TO A-Main, 3-4 Transfer To Non-Qualifier) B-MAIN 1: McKenna, Kusel, Cordes, K. Diercks, Firegard, J.Gustin, Manson, Thomas, Welsh, DNS-Belmer, DNS-Jensen. B-MAIN 2: Pittman, Swanson, Flannagan, Root, Trefz, Pate, Auringer, K. Hanson, Corporon, Sondag, Dripps, Schmitz, Jackson, Lerch. B-MAIN 3: Duffy, M. Diercks, B. Diercks, C. Badker, Spaw, Darnall, J. Hogan, Liddle, Stuber, S. Hogan, DNS-Knipp.

NEI DIRT TOUR PROVISIONAL: Vern Jackson based on 2003 NEI points
BENTON CO. PROVISIONAL: Troy Cordes based on 2003 Track Points.

K.Diercks, C. Badker, Krall, Root, Firgard, DNS-B. Diercks.
K. Diercks opted to start 21st in Aikey Auto Salvage A-Main

ACTION SIGN HEAT BONUS: Duane VanDeest. Action Sign & Banner of Waterloo, IA awarded VanDeest an extra $50 for winning his Heat Race and the A-Main.


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