NARC Kings Speedway Results 98-08-21

HANNAGAN WINS LEGENDS OF KEARNEY BOWL FEATURE AT KINGS "Wins great open wheel battle with Tommy Tarlton" Hanford, CA (August 21) . . . Randy Hannagan won a hard fought sprint car battle with Tommy Tarlton to score top honors in...

HANNAGAN WINS LEGENDS OF KEARNEY BOWL FEATURE AT KINGS "Wins great open wheel battle with Tommy Tarlton"

Hanford, CA (August 21) . . . Randy Hannagan won a hard fought sprint car battle with Tommy Tarlton to score top honors in Friday's entertaining NARC-Budweiser "Legends of Kearney Bowl" 30-lap feature event at Kings Speedway.

It was Hannagan's seventh victory of the season and 14th of his NARC career, driving Terry Hannagan's ICORE Autosports/Carrera Shocks Gaerte-Hurricane.

The final 12-laps of this contest rate as the best of the season as Hannagan and Tarlton dueled wheel to wheel in lapped traffic on the multi groove three-eighths mile oval. The two drivers made up the front row of the stellar 22-car line up and clearly established themselves as the class of the field in the early going.

With Tarlton riding the highest line on the track, and Hannagan protecting the bottom and middle, the two sliced their way through the field in an event that only had one caution flag.

Tarlton actually took the lead three times, but was unable to make the moves stick. He was best poised to steal the victory with only three laps remaining, but Hannagan answered the call with some defensive driving.

Tarlton got a good run as he swept through the third and fourth turns, but Hannagan moved up on the track to block his momentum. Hannagan threaded his way through heavy traffic in the waning laps to lock up the exciting three car length victory.

"Tommy wasn't going to go away," said Hannagan in winners circle.

"He showed me his cards too early by showing me the fastest way around. When he did, I knew I needed to move up a few feet on the race track. It was a good race."

Tarlton's season-tying best finish came aboard his father Tom Tarlton's Baselite/Suburban Propane TCR.

"I knew that I was going to have only one chance to get ahead of Randy and I blew it," explained Tarlton afterwards. "He wasn't going to let me pass him twice in the same spot." Northern Auto Racing Club championship point leader Brent Kaeding started fifth and was gaining on the two frontrunners in the late going, but had to settle for third at the checkered. Kaeding's podium finish was posted in the Al's Roofing/Kaeding Performance Maxim.

Fast qualifier Randy Tiner finished fourth in the Eldorado Casino/Craviotto Drums Tiner. Monte Faccinto rounded out the top five in Buhl Gustafson's Village Tire entry.

The second five finishers included Bobby McMahan, former National Sprint Car Poll rookie of the year Blake Robertson, semi-transfer Jason Meyers, 16-year-old Roger Crockett, and Graydon Cross.

Earlier, Tiner blasted through the timing lights in 13.350 seconds to earn his fourth quick time award of the season. Twenty-six cars made qualifying attempts.

The three 10-lap heats were won by Brian Coelho, Jim Taves, and Greg DeCaires.


FAST TIME: Randy Tiner - 13.350 seconds

HAMMERDOWN! RACE GEARS FIRST HEAT (10 laps): Brian Coelho, Monte Faccinto, Todd Bammer, Tommy Tarlton, Tiner, Steve Kent, Davey Pombo, Daniel Hood

SHAVER RACING ENGINES SECOND HEAT (10 laps): Jim Taves, Bobby McMahan, Randy Hannagan, Steve Coelho, Roger Crockett, Ricci Faria, Jason Meyers, Anthony Simone

RODECK THIRD HEAT (10 laps): Greg DeCaires, Graydon Cross, Kevin Pylant, Bud Kaeding, Brent Kaeding, Blake Robertson, Jerry Bonemma, Ryan Bailey, Charlie Louder

BUDWEISER DASH FOR CASH (6 laps): Hannagan, Tarlton, Crockett, Tiner, Br. Kaeding, Faccinto, Bu. Kaeding, McMahan

SEMI-MAIN EVENT (12 laps): Kent, Robertson, Faria, Meyers, Bailey, Bonemma, Pombo, Hood, Louder, Simone; 30-LAP BUDWEISER SHOOT OUT: Hannagan, Tarlton, Br. Kaeding, Tiner, Faccinto, McMahan, Robertson, Meyers, Crockett, Cross, Bammer, B. Coelho, Pombo, Pyl ant, Taves, DeCaires, DeCaires, Kent, B. Coelho, Bu. Kaeding, Bonemma, Faria, Bailey.

LAP LEADERS: Hannagan 1-20, Tarlton 21, Hannagan 22-30.

NARC-BUDWEISER SHOOT OUT SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS STANDINGS (AFTER 29 EVENTS IN 31-RACE SERIES 1. Brent Kaeding 1572 2. Randy Tiner 1475 3. Randy Hannagan 1377 4. Steve Kent 1306 5. Bobby McMahan 1264 6. Peter Murphy 1218 7. Tommy Tarlton 1161 8. Jason Meyers 1154 9. Kevin Pylant 1151 10. Jason Statler 1139 11. Paul McMahan 1138 12. Todd Bammer 960 13. Greg DeCaires 950 14. Graydon Cross 913 15. Brian Coelho 870 16. Bud Kaeding 844 17. Brad Furr 837 18. Jason Lund 807 19. Ronnie Day 683 20. Lee Brewer 675

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