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TINER WINS SPEEDWEEK THRILLER AT CALISTOGA SPEEDWAY "Charges from the back in tire eating feature event"

Calistoga, CA (July 3) . . . Randy Tiner scored top honors in Friday's wild 25-lap NARC-Budweiser Shoot Out Series Silver Legacy Speedweek sprint car feature at Calistoga Speedway.

Tiner started Rod Tiner's Eldorado Casino-North State Racing Tri-C sprinter on the pole, but was forced to charge from the back of the pack after being sidelined with a flat tire. In fact, this main event, which took place on an abrasive track surface, forced 14 of the 22 starters to adopt NASCAR style pit stops for fresh rubber.

Tiner had no peer on the half-mile oval during the first 15 circuits, as Brent Kaeding and Randy Hannagan frantically dueled for the runner-up spot and the Speedweek championship 15 car lengths behind. However, Tiner's quick pace had its consequences, forcing the leader to duck into the pits with a flat tire as the caution flag waved for the damaged car of Peter Murphy. Tiner's crew made repairs and he returned to the back of the pack.

Quick qualifier Randy Hannagan took over at that point, but caught the attention of NARC officials, who were attempting to determine if there was a problem with his exhaust system. While Hannagan paced the field, Kaeding, Ronnie Day, and Kevin Pylant were locked in a great battled for second.

Kaeding was the next caution flag recipient, pulling to a stop on the frontchute with a flat right rear on lap 20. Four other cars used the opportunity to shoot into the pits in search of new rubber.

Steve Kent had the same problem a lap later, forcing NARC officials to stop the event for fuel, due to an excessive number of caution flag laps. During the race stoppage, Hannagan's car was inspected and disqualified, because of a defective exhaust system that did not meet California's state mandated sound requirements. The next restart line up featured Ronnie Day and Kevin Pylant running up front on original tires, followed by Paul McMahan, Jason Meyers, and Tiner.

The final four laps rate as the most entertaining laps of the NARC season. Tiner moved up high on the cushion in the third and fourth corners and roared past McMahan and Meyers on the restart. Wasting no time, Tiner reeled in the leaders, who were now fighting the ill effects of worn tires.

Pylant fell prey to Tiner in turn three on lap 22, and Day a lap later as the duo raced out of the fourth corner. Tiner raced unchallenged the remaining distance to the checkered.

"I can't believe we did this," said the enthusiastic Tiner, after heaving his helmet and driving gloves into the cheering crowd in a wild victory lane celebration. "The track was hard on tires and I was upset when I had to come into the pits. But once I got back out on the track, I realized my car felt really comfortable and I could still win this race."

Kaeding, steering the Al's Roofing Supply/Kaeding Performance Maxim with new McCreary rubber, was also on the prowl during the final two miles. He picked off Pylant and Jason Statler on the backchute of the white flag lap to finish second.

"I kind of figured that the first guy who pulled into the pits for fresh tires would win this deal," said Kaeding. "After I got tires, we were a lot faster than those who didn't get the opportunity."

As a result of his finish and Hannagan's misfortune, Kaeding leads the Silver Legacy Speedweek point standings by a 482-448 margin entering the Speedweek finale at San Jose Speedway.

Pylant held on to third and was one of only four drivers in the top ten to finish with the same tires they started with. His efforts came aboard Don Pylant's U.S. Print-backed Maxim.

Sixteenth starter Jason Statler, and Paul McMahan rounded out the top five. The second five included Steve Kent, Steve Coelho, Day, Meyers, and Todd Bammer.

Brad Furr won the 12-lap semi. The heat races were won by Hannagan, brother's Tim and Bud Kaeding, and Bammer. T. Kaeding was uninjured when he flipped in the first lap of the main. RACE RESULTS:

FAST TIME: Randy Hannagan - 17.094 seconds

FIRST HEAT (10 laps): Hannagan, Bobby McMahan, Steve Coelho, Steve Kent, Greg DeCaires, Kasey Kahne, Kyle Schild, Duane Bonini Jr., Butch Barr;

SECOND HEAT (10 laps): Tim Kaeding, Peter Murphy, Monte Faccinto, Ronnie Day, Brad Furr, Graydon Cross, David Fowler, Daniel Hood;

THIRD HEAT (10 laps): Bud Kaeding, Randy Tiner, Jason Meyers, Paul McMahan, Lee Brewer, Tommy Tarlton, Ryan Riley, Dave Clarke;

FOURTH HEAT (10 laps): Todd Bammer, Jason Statler, Brent Kaeding, Kevin Pylant, Brian Coelho, Johnny Rodriguez, Roger Crockett, Jason York;

BUDWEISER DASH FOR CASH (6 laps): Tiner, Br. Kaeding, Pylant, Hannagan, Day, P. McMahan, Kent, Faccinto;

SEMI-MAIN EVENT (12 laps): Furr, Kahne, Brewer, B. Coelho, Cross, Crockett, Fowler, Riley, DeCaires, Schild, Rodriguez, Bonini, Hood, York, Barr, Tarlton, Clarke;

25-LAP BUDWEISER SHOOT OUT: Tiner, Br. Kaeding, Pylant, Statler, P. McMahan, Kent, S. Coelho, Day, Meyers, Bammer, Cross, Faccinto, Crockett, Hannagan, Murphy, Bu. Kaeding, Brewer, Furr, B. McMahan, Kahne, B. Coelho, T. Kaeding.

LAP LEADERS: Tiner 1-15, Hannagan 16-21, Day 22, Tiner 23-25.

SILVER LEGACY SPEEDWEEK ‘98 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS STANDINGS - 7/3/98 (AFTER SIX EVENTS IN SEVEN RACE SERIES) 1. Brent Kaeding 482 2. Randy Hannagan 448 3. Randy Tiner 432 4. Paul McMahan 422 5. Peter Murphy 415 6. Jason Statler 394 7. Steve Kent 376 8. Bobby McMahan 329 9. Roger Crockett 326 Kevin Pylant 326

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