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Danny Schlafer Wins Wilmot! Saturday, August 24th, 2004 - Wilmot, WI - On a an extremely fast and tacky Wilmot Speedway, Danny Schlafer catapulted to the win in convincing fashion to notch his third Feature win of the season. The win helped ...

Danny Schlafer Wins Wilmot!

Saturday, August 24th, 2004 - Wilmot, WI - On a an extremely fast and tacky Wilmot Speedway, Danny Schlafer catapulted to the win in convincing fashion to notch his third Feature win of the season. The win helped Schlafer narrow his second place rank in the points chase on leader Doug Schenck.

The Feature opened up with a first lap melee on the front stretch as second row starting Dean Erfurth lost control of his car doing a wheelie out of turn four collecting Scott Kuxhouse and sending Kuxhouse for a hard flip into the wall, Kuxhouse was not injured. Joe Wipperfurth, Rob Pribnow and Alex Crimmings suffered race ending damage trying to avoid the incident as a tangle of five cars came to a stop against the infield wall.

The full restart saw Schlafer coming from the second row go three wide into turn three launching past front row starters Scott Conger and Chris Wiser. Attempting to keep pace with Schlafer, fourth running David O'Neal punctured his right front tire on the rear bumper of Conger but was able to stay in the race on the three remaining wheels.

With the race shortened to 10 laps due to time constraints, the action was fast and exciting as many cars were lifting the front wheels out of the corners. Schlafer opened up an untouchable lead while Scott Semmelmann, Al Schlafer and Doug Schenck hastened forward through the field, Tim Haddy was quickly making up ground after having to restart at the rear.

Danny Schlafer went on to win with a straightaway lead, Wiser and Conger posted their best ever MSA finishes following in second and third respectively. David O'Neal was able to nurse his car to a fourth place finish barely edging out the last lap charge of Semmelmann.

Mark Wernes Jr. held on to sixth place, and Al Schlafer earned KSE Hard Charger honors advancing nine positions to finish seventh. Doug Schenck advanced to finish eighth and John Fahl followed in ninth. Tim Haddy had an impressive run from the rear to round out the top ten.

In the Triton Trailers/Racing Optics B-Main, Al Schlafer was able to hold off the hard charge of Crimmings for the win. Also tranfering to the feature were Shane Wenninger, Chad Tessman, Bill Taylor, Mike Henkel and Keith Fellner.

The Hepfner Race Products first heat was green to checker Schenck with O'Neal giving chase. The second heat sponsored by JB Enterprises had Rookie Pribnow notching his second heat win of the year with Danny Schlafer finishing second. In the MPD Racing Products third heat Conger snatched the checker from Wernes with a photo finish in an exciting last lap charge.

Next week, the MSA returns to Wilmot Speedway on Saturday July 31st and then on Sunday August 1st the MSA will appear at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie. For all of the latest standings, results, pictures and more, visit the MSA website at

Midwest Sprintcar Association - Results for Jul 24, 2004

Feature -- 1. Danny Schlafer, Sussex, WI; 2. Chris Wiser, Neosho, WI; 3. Scott Conger, Eagle, WI; 4. David O'Neal, Milwaukee, WI; 5. Scott Semmelmann, Brookfield, WI; 6. Mark Wernes Jr., West Allis, WI; 7. Al Schlafer, Sussex, WI; 8. Doug Schenck, Madison, WI; 9. John Fahl, Brown Deer, WI; 10. Tim Haddy, Lomira, WI; 11. Lance Fassbender, Horicon, WI; 12. Dan Duffield, McHenry, IL; 13. Bill Taylor, Cascade, WI; 14. Chad Tessman, Jefferson, WI; 15. Michael Henkel, Plymouth, WI; 16. Keith Fellner, Sturtevant, WI; 17. Shane Wenninger, Kewaskum, WI; 18. Alex Crimmings, Mayville, WI; 19. Joe Wipperfurth, Sun Prarie, WI; 20. Rob Pribnow, Lomira, WI; 21. Scott Kuxhouse, Antioch, IL; 22. Dean Erfurth, Oregon, WI.

B-Main Feature -- 1. Al Schlafer; 2. Crimmings; 3. Wenninger; 4. Chad Tessman; 5. Taylor; 6. Henkel; 7. Fellner; 8. Joe Pantely, Beaver Dam, WI; 9. Karl Dietzel, Cedarburg, WI; 10. Craig Hemmen, New Berlin, WI; 11. Ryan Tessman, Watertown, WI; DNS Jim Lukey.

Heat Race -- First: 1. Schenck; 2. O'Neal; 3. Erfurth; 4. Wipperfurth; 5. Fahl; 6. Al Schlafer; 7. Pantely; 8. Fellner; 9. Lukey. Second: 1. Pribnow; 2. Danny Schlafer; 3. Fassbender; 4. Wiser; 5. Semmelmann; 6. Henkel; 7. Ryan Tessman; 8. Dietzel; 9. Crimmings. Third: 1. Conger; 2. Wernes; 3. Haddy; 4. Duffield; 5. Kuxhouse; 6. Wenninger; 7. Chad Tessman; 8. Hemmen; 9. Taylor.

<pre> Midwest Sprintcar Association Standings as of Jul 24, 2004 1. Doug Schenck 890 2. Danny Schlafer 849 3. Lance Fassbender 787 4. Tim Haddy 778 5. Al Schlafer 750 6. David O'Neal 741 7. Scott Conger 739 8. Rob Pribnow 644 9. Mark Wernes Jr. 631 10. Bill Taylor 620 11. Joe Wipperfurth 613 12. John Fahl 577 13. Chris Wiser 559 14. Shane Wenninger 552 15. K. J. Skelton 540 16. Chad Tessman 536 17. Keith Olejnik 482 18. Alex Crimmings 430 19. Scott Semmelmann 407 20. Jeff Becker 396 21. Scott Kuxhouse 362 22. Craig Hemmen 332 23. Karl Dietzel 315 24. Michael Henkel 300 25. Etchie Biertzer 290 26. Joe Pantely 285 27. Scott Sippel 277 28. Dan Duffield 251 29. Dean Erfurth 234 30. Jerry Ski 225 31. Rob Heywood 208 32. Keith Fellner 201 33. Lloyd Dykstra 198 34. T.J. Luedke 173 35. Mike Kertscher 166 36. Troy Wondra 158 37. Ryan Tessman 134 38. Joe Roe 94 39. Chad Deselle 90 40. Michael Emme 78 41. John Sauermilch Jr. 53 42. Jim Lukey 12


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