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Schenck Takes the MSA Checkers at Wilmot Wilmot Speedway - Wilmot, WI On a beautiful Saturday evening made for racing, 27 cars arrived to do battle at the Wilmot Speedway in Wilmot, WI. In the end, after a night of hard, wing-to-wing, ...

Schenck Takes the MSA Checkers at Wilmot

Wilmot Speedway - Wilmot, WI On a beautiful Saturday evening made for racing, 27 cars arrived to do battle at the Wilmot Speedway in Wilmot, WI. In the end, after a night of hard, wing-to-wing, wheel-to-wheel racing, points leader Doug Schenck came home with his second feature win of the season.

The night began with a bang, as strong Rookie of the Year candidate #57 Scott Kuxhouse made a great move to the outside of #24 Scott Conger on an 8th lap restart to steal the victory in the first heat. Following Kuxhouse and Conger were #0 Johnny Fahl, #26 Al Schlafer and #16 Chris Wiser taking the final transfer spot.

Heat two was action-packed as well, with #2 Joe Wipperfurth, defending MSA champion Doug Schenk, another Rookie of the Year contender #53 Shane Wenninger and #18 Keith Fellner all tangling on a lap four restart. On the ensuing restart, #11 David O'Neil pulled away for the victory, followed by #21h Tim Haddy, #3x Scott Semmelmann, Schenk who had charged back to 4th, and #99h Rob Heywood.

Heat three was fast and nearly green to checker, as #25 Danny Schlafer shot out to the lead from his third row starting spot and never looked back. Following Schlafer was the #22 of Mark Wernes Jr., #69 Bill Taylor, another strong Rookie of the Year candidate #20h Rob Pribnow, and #71 Chad Tessman. Dan Duffield, who finished 9th, had been running a strong 2nd when a mid-race overheating problem took him out of the action.

In the Triton Trailers/Racing Optics B-Main, #7 Lance Fassbender, who came into the night second in points, would take the checkers and transfer to the all important A-main, followed by a very fast #01 Alex Crimmings and #30 Etchie Biertzer who put on an exciting wheel-to-wheel battle, Wipperfurth who made an impressive run coming from his 11th place starting spot, #92 Craig Hemmen, Wenninger, and #14 Joe Pantely. The #00 of Jerry Ski had been running strong when multiple front end problems sidelined him for the night.

The night's A-Main was all Doug Schenck, who lapped over half the field on the way to his second feature win of the season, despite being slowed by four cautions. The night's most serious event came on a lap three restart, when Chris Wiser and Johnny Fahl got together going into turn one. Wiser, who took a hard ride, was uninjured, but his machine was done for the night. On the sixth lap, the two hard charging and front running cars of Danny Schlafer and Scott Conger got together, ending the night for both and shuffling the season's points race. In the end, it was Schenck taking the checkers, followed by Wipperfurth, who received the night's Hard Charger Award - moving up from his 20th place starting spot. Fahl, who had another strong run, Haddy, O'Neil, Fassbender with an impressive charge to the front, Crimmings, Chad Tessman, Biertzer and Pribnow.

The MSA returns to action this holiday weekend, with a Friday night, July 2nd show at TNT Speedway in Three Lakes, WI in its only appearance there in 2004 and then on Saturday, July 3rd at the Raceway at Powercom Park in Beaver Dam, WI, for its first of four shows at the facility.

Final results:

A-Main (25 laps) 1)71s-Schenck 2)2-Wipperfurth 3)0-Fahl 4)21h-Haddy 5)11-O'Neil 6)7-Fassbender 7)01-Crimmings 8)71-Tessman 9)30-Biertzer 10)20h-Pribnow 11)92-Hemmen 12)69-Taylor 13)22-Wernes 14)99h-Heywood 15)14-Pantely 16)26-A.Schlafer 17)3x-Semmelman 18)24-Conger 19)25-D.Schlafer 20)16-Wiser 21)53-Wenninger 22)18-Fellner

B-Main (15 laps) 1)7-Fassbender 2)01-Crimmings 3)30-Biertzer 4)2-Wipperfurth 5)92-Hemmen 6)53-Wenninger 7)14-Pantely 8)18-Fellner 9)43-Henkel 10)4-Dietzel 11)73-Duffield 12)00-Ski Heat Race 1 (10 laps ) 1)57-Kuxhouse 2)24-Conger 3)0-Fahl 4)26 A.Schlafer 5)16-Wiser 6)7-Fassbender 7)00-Ski 8)01-Crimmings 9)30-Biertzer

Heat Race 2 (10 laps) 1)11-O'Neil 2)21h-Haddy 3)3x-Semmelmann 4)71s-Schenck 5)99h-Heywood 6)53-Wenninger 7)18-Fellner 8)4-Dietzel 9)2-Wipperfurth

Heat Race 3 (10 laps) 1)25-D.Schlafer 2)22-Wernes 3)69-Taylor 4)20h-Pribnow 5)71-Tessman 6)92-Hemmen 7)14-Pantely 8)43-Henkel 9)73-Duffield

<pre> Midwest Sprintcar Association Standings as of Jun 26, 2004 1. Doug Schenck 392 2. Lance Fassbender 355 3. Joe Wipperfurth 347 4. Danny Schlafer 331 5. Scott Conger 300 6. Bill Taylor 297 Tim Haddy 297 8. Al Schlafer 292 9. John Fahl 282 10. Rob Pribnow 281 11. Scott Kuxhouse 267 12. Chad Tessman 259 13. K. J. Skelton 231 14. Shane Wenninger 225 15. Mark Wernes Jr. 223 16. David O'Neal 210 17. Etchie Biertzer 206 18. Jerry Ski 203 19. Keith Olejnik 198 20. Scott Semmelmann 192 21. Jeff Becker 191 22. Chris Wiser 177 23. Alex Crimmings 173 24. Craig Hemmen 172 25. Dan Duffield 153 26. Rob Heywood 148 27. Scott Sippel 145 28. Joe Pantely 125 29. Michael Henkel 116 30. Keith Fellner 113 31. Lloyd Dykstra 110 32. Karl Dietzel 97 33. Joe Roe 84 34. Michael Emme 78 35. T.J. Luedke 62


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