MSA Shawano race notes 2003-05-25

Troy Hepfner takes Feature at Shawano Shawano, WI - Troy Hepfner put on a masterful show to park in victory lane for the Midwest Sprintcar Association Feature on Sunday May 25, 2003 at Shawano Speedway. Michael Emme hung on to his early season...

Troy Hepfner takes Feature at Shawano

Shawano, WI - Troy Hepfner put on a masterful show to park in victory lane for the Midwest Sprintcar Association Feature on Sunday May 25, 2003 at Shawano Speedway. Michael Emme hung on to his early season points lead over Doug Schenck by a single point in what is looking to be an exciting season for the Championship chase.

After missing the first event of the season, Troy Hepfner came to the fast half mile oval of Shawano Speedway hoping to make up some lost ground. The start of the Feature had Rookie Jeff Harder jumped out from his pole starting position to seize the early race lead with Jerry Ski and Hepfner in hot pursuit. With smoke spilling from the motor Ski had to retire to the pits early in the race putting Hepfner right behind Harder.

The mini-sprint champ Harder had an impressive run holding off the experience of Hepfner for more than the first half of the 20 lap race. On a lap 12 restart, Hepfner charged hard through turns one and two around the outside of Harder to snatch the lead. Harder was unable to recover the lead as Hepfner went on to earn the win, Harder would settle for second.

After the race, Hepfner commented "I had a good run on Harder before that caution, but he drifted out on me down the backstretch and I had to let up on the throttle. It was a risky move going for the lead on the restart but it worked." In his fourth night in a sprintcar, Harder said "I had a blast, I'm just a little ticked at myself on that restart for not driving harder into turn one, that was a rookie mistake that won't happen again." Early indications are that Harder will be a force to be reconned with for the 2003 season finishing second in the race.

Doug Schenck earned the KSE Hard Charger award advancing eight spots to finish third, Troy Wondra and Dean Erfurth both advanced to take fourth and fifth respectively. K.J. Skelton was sixth and Michael Emme moved up to finish sixth. Tim Haddy finished where he started in eighth, Al Schlafer and Leroy Ostrowski rounded out the top ten.

In the Triton Trailers 12 lap B-Main, Chris Wiser led the distance to claim the checkers. Scott Conger, Andy Hunt and Aaron Schipper followed to transfer to the Feature.

In the Hepfner Race Products first heat, Skelton seized the lead two laps in and never looked back for the win, Wondra followed in second. The second heat sponsored by JB Enterprises had Lance Fassbender losing the lead with motor woes, then Tim Haddy slipping by Lloyd Dykstra on the last for the checkered flag.

In the MPD third heat, Hepfner worked his way forward to notch the win with Erfurth in a close second. The Wisconsin PC Fast Time Award went to Emme establishing a new track record with a fast lap of 19.469.

The next appearance for the MSA will be Sunday June 8th at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie in a co-appearance with the Badger Midgests. For all of the latest standings, results, pictures and more, visit the MSA website at

Midwest Sprintcar Association - Results for May 25, 2003

Feature -- 1. Troy Hepfner, Hartland, WI; 2. Jeff Harder, Glenbeulah, WI; 3. Doug Schenck, Madison, WI; 4. Troy Wondra, Lomira, WI; 5. Dean Erfurth, Oregon, WI; 6. K. J. Skelton, Cascade, WI; 7. Michael Emme, Manitowoc, WI; 8. Tim Haddy, Lomira, WI; 9. Al Schlafer, Sussex, WI; 10. Leroy Ostrowski, Milwaukee, WI; 11. Scott Conger, Eagle, WI; 12. Chris Wiser, Neosho, WI; 13. Keith Olejnik, Sun Prarie, WI; 14. Andy Hunt, Randolph, WI; 15. Mark Wernes Jr., West Allis, WI; 16. Aaron Schipper, Cascade, WI; 17. Lloyd Dykstra, Waupun, WI; 18. David O'Neal, Milwaukee, WI; 19. Jerry Ski, Milwaukee, WI; DNS Danny Schlafer, Sussex, WI; DNS Bill Taylor, Cascade, WI; DNS John Sauermilch Jr., Sheboygan, WI.

B-Main Feature -- 1. Wiser; 2. Conger; 3. Hunt; 4. Schipper; 5. Danny Schlafer; 6. Taylor; 7. Sauermilch; 8. T.J. Luedke, Plymouth, WI; 9. Russ Wetenkamp, Newton, WI; 10. Jeff Becker, Kiel, WI; DNS Lance Fassbender, Horicon, WI.

Heat Race -- First: 1. Skelton; 2. Wondra; 3. Ostrowski; 4. Ski; 5. Al Schlafer; 6. Wiser; 7. Conger; 8. Hunt; DNS Danny Schlafer. Second: 1. Haddy; 2. Dykstra; 3. Olejnik; 4. Wernes; 5. Schenck; 6. Taylor; 7. Luedke; 8. Wetenkamp; 9. Fassbender. Third: 1. Hepfner; 2. Erfurth; 3. Emme; 4. O'Neal; 5. Harder; 6. Sauermilch; 7. Becker; 8. Schipper;

Time Trials - 1. Emme, 19.469 (establish MSA track record); 2. Schenck, 19.640; 3. Ostrowski, 19.834; 4. O'Neal, 19.856; 5. Haddy, 19.863; 6. Skelton, 19.903; 7. Erfurth, 19.938; 8. Luedke, 20.015; 9. Wondra, 20.038; 10. Hepfner, 20.084; 11. Dykstra, 20.297; 12. Ski, 20.320; 13. Harder, 20.344; 14. Fassbender, 20.351; 15. Hunt, 20.408; 16. Schipper, 20.452; 17. Olejnik, 20.590; 18. Danny Schlafer, 20.700; 19. Al Schlafer, 20.708; 20. Wernes, 20.742; 21. Sauermilch, 20.932; 22. Wiser, 21.179; 23. Taylor, 21.284; 24. Becker, 21.296; 25. Conger, 22.401; 26. Wetenkamp, 37.510.

Midwest Sprintcar Association Standings as of May 25, 2003 <pre> 1. Michael Emme 182 2. Doug Schenck 181 3. K. J. Skelton 175 4. Tim Haddy 172 5. Troy Wondra 164 6. Dean Erfurth 160 7. Al Schlafer 146 8. Jeff Harder 136 9. Lloyd Dykstra 128 10. Danny Schlafer 126 11. David O'Neal 123 12. Andy Hunt 121 Mark Wernes Jr. 121 14. Scott Conger 109 15. Keith Olejnik 107 T.J. Luedke 107 17. Bill Taylor 104 18. Troy Hepfner 101 19. Chris Wiser 97 20. Leroy Ostrowski 96 21. Jeff Becker 90 22. Aaron Schipper 89 23. Lance Fassbender 85 24. Kenjay Fiedler 80 25. John Sauermilch Jr. 77 26. Russ Wetenkamp 74 27. Jerry Ski 69 28. Kurt Davis 53 29. Joe Palmisano 50 30. John Fahl 42 31. Alex Bliesner 37 32. Chad Tessman 36 33. Craig Hemmen 34 34. Keith Fellner 33


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