MSA: Powercom results 2004-08-19

Tim Haddy Takes Powercom Park Checkers Beaver Dam, WI - Tim Haddy won the 20-lap Midwest Sprintcar Association A-Main after passing Lance Fassbender on the 11th lap and finishing strong. For Haddy who started inside of row two, it marked his...

Tim Haddy Takes Powercom Park Checkers

Beaver Dam, WI - Tim Haddy won the 20-lap Midwest Sprintcar Association A-Main after passing Lance Fassbender on the 11th lap and finishing strong.

For Haddy who started inside of row two, it marked his 30th career MSA win and sixth career sprint A-Main win.

Fassbender started on the pole and quickly established a nice lead after a lap two yellow.

Series points leader Doug Schenck started eighth and moved ahead to sixth in two laps right behind Danny Schlafer who continues to chase the Madison driver for the points lead.

Troy Hepfner, who started in the eighth row steadily moved ahead and was 10th after five laps. Haddy at the same time was in third just ahead of Troy Wondra.

By the 10th lap Haddy had erased Fassbender's lead and was ready to move to the front a lap later. On lap 12, Alex Crimmings who had charged from his 17th starting spot was up to 10th, but when his car stopped on the track he was finished.

Schenck as usual continued forward and was fourth on lap 12, and a lap later moved into third. Two laps later he caught Fassbender and moved into the second spot with Schlafer not far behind.

K.J. Skelton would pass Wondra for fifth on lap fifteen, and later passed Fassbender for fourth where he would finish. In the closing laps Haddy started lapping cars before seeing the checkered flag ahead of Schenck, Schlafer, Skelton and Fassbender.

David O'Neal who started 20th charged ahead and would finish ninth giving him the KSE Hard Charger Award for passing 11 cars. Hepfner passed eight cars as did Dean Erfurth who started 22nd after getting the final transfer spot in the B.

The B-Main was easily won by Crimmings who started on the pole and shot out to a big lead early. Gary Laack finished in second after passing Chad Tessman late in the race. Tessman held on to the third spot ahead of O'Neal who had started ninth. Also transferring to the A-Main were Scott Conger and Erfurth.

The first heat race was won by Hepfner from the pole. The race went yellow on the second lap after the cars of O'Neal and Bill Taylor stopped on the race track. On the restart Haddy slipped past Crimmings to claim the fourth and final transfer spot. Rookies Robbie Pribnow and Shane Wenninger both ran well finishing in second and third.

K.J. Skelton won the second heat race after passing Al Schlafer on the low side in turn four on the fifth lap. Wondra and Joe Wipperfurth also grabbed transfer spots. The race was stopped on the second lap when Keith Fellner flipped after getting sideways in turn three.

The third heat race went to Fassbender after several yellow flag situations slowed the pace. Dean Erfurth who was running close behind Fassbender broke on the fifth lap sending him to the B-Main. A lap later the yellow waved again when Jim Lukey spun. Mark Wernes Jr., Danny Schlafer and T..J. Luedke also transferred.

The fourth heat race was stopped after Ryan Tessman flipped several times in turn one on the second lap. Scott Conger lead until he spun in turn one on lap five. Johnny Fahl then assumed the lead and stayed in front getting the win. Chris Wiser, Schenck and Semmelmann claimed transfers spots.

In Qualifying Schenck turned the fast lap ahead of Gary Laack who was making his sprint car debut.

Snoway of Hartford, the manufacturer of ice and snow removal equipment, sponsored the races. The MSA will have a week off before returning to the Calumet County Fairgrounds in Chilton on Friday August 27th.

Unofficial Results

A-Main: 1) Tim Haddy, 2) Doug Schenck, 3) Danny Schlafer, 4) K.J. Skelton, 5) Lance Fassbender, 6) Troy Wondra, 7) Chris Wiser, 8) Troy Hepfner, 9) David O'Neal, 10) Joe Wipperfurth, 11) Johnny Fahl, 12) Al Schlafer, 13) T.J. Luedke, 14) Dean Erfurth, 15) Shane Wenninger, 16) Mark Wernes Jr., 17) Gary Laack, 18) Robbie Pribnow, 19) Scott Conger, 20) Alex Crimmings, 21) Chad Tessman, 22) Scott Semmelmann.

Triton Trailers/Racing Optics B-Main: 1) Alex Crimmings, 2) Gary Laack, 3) Chad Tessman, 4) David O'Neal, 5) Scott Conger, 6) Dean Erfurth, 7) Bill Taylor, 8) Joe Pantley, 9) Karl Dietzel, 10) Jim Lukey, 11) Ryan Tessman, 12) Keith Fellner DNS, 13) Mike Henkel DNS.

HRP Racing Products First Heat: 1) Troy Hepfner, 2) Robbie Pribnow, 3) Shane Wenninger, 4) Tim Haddy, 5) Alex Crimmings, 6) Karl Dietzel, 7) David O'Neal, 8) Bill Taylor.

JB Enterprise Second Heat: 1) K.J. Skelton, 2) Al Schlafer, 3) Troy Wondra, 4) Joe Wipperfurth, 5) Chad Tessman, 6) Joe Pantley, 7) Keith Fellner.

MPD Racing Products Third Heat: 1) Lance Fassbender, 2) Mark Wernes Jr., 3) Danny Schlafer, 4) T.J. Luedke, 5) Gary Laack, 6) Jim Lukey, 7) Dean Erfurth.

B&B Oval Products Fourth Heat: 1) Johnny Fahl, 2) Chris Wiser, 3) Chad Tessman, 4) Scott Semmelmann, 5) Scott Conger, 6) Ryan Tessman, 7) Mike Henkel DNS.

Wisconsin PC Qualifying: 1) Doug Schenck 13.205, 2) Gary Laack 13.592, 3) K.J. Skelton 13.613, 4) Alex Crimmings 13.667, 5) Scott Semmelmann 13.693, 6) Danny Schlafer 13.768, 7) Troy Wondra 13.768, 8) Tim Haddy 13.777, 9) Chris Wiser 13.815, 10) Lance Fassbender 13.881, 11) Joe Wipperfurth 13.885, 12) David O'Neal 13.917, 13) Johnny Fahl 13.974, 14) T.J. Luedke 13.979, 15) Al Schlafer 13.994, 16) Shane Wenninger 13.995, 17) Scott Conger 14.002, 18) Mark Wernes Jr. 14.111, 19) Keith Fellner 14.206, 20) Robbie Pribnow 14.295, 21) Ryan Tessman 14.325, 22) Dean Erfurth 14.347, 23) Chad Tessman 14.424, 24) Troy Hepfner 14.431, 25) Bill Taylor 14.506, 26) Joe Pantley 14.525, 27) Jim Lukey 14.598, 28) Mike Henkel 14.725, 29) Karl Dietzel 15.445.


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