MSA Hales Corners summary 2003-05-16

Michael Emme opens MSA season with Feature win at Hales. Franklin, WI - Michael Emme ran off with the Midwest Sprintcar Association Feature win in the season opener Friday May 16th at Hales Corners Speedway. The Feature win is the first for...

Michael Emme opens MSA season with Feature win at Hales.

Franklin, WI - Michael Emme ran off with the Midwest Sprintcar Association Feature win in the season opener Friday May 16th at Hales Corners Speedway. The Feature win is the first for Emme, who is in his third year with the MSA, and moves him into the early lead of the points chase.

Defending points champion K.J. Skelton jumped out from his pole starting position to claim the early lead with Lloyd Dykstra giving chase. The red flag waved over the race as Kurt Davis climbed the turn one wall and rode the top of the concrete around to turn two before bouncing back on to the track, Davis was uninjured.

With the return to action, Emme quickly advanced by Dykstra then dueled past Skelton to take the lead on the seventh lap. Kenjay Fiedler, David O'Neal and Danny Schlafer advanced and had a wild three car battle for the third spot slicing and dicing each other for several laps. After a pair of mid race cautions, O'Neal had moved up to Emme's rear bumper with Fiedler and Danny Schlafer in tow.

The drop of the green had O'Neal and Emme battling for the lead, with O'Neal finally prevailing but then getting collected by the turn one wall and bringing out the red flag for the second time with 18 laps in, O'Neal was not injured. With racing again underway, Emme pulled away from the field for the comfortable win, Danny Schlafer worked past Fiedler for second and KSE Hard Charger honors, and Doug Schenck slipped past Fiedler on the last lap for third.

After the race, Emme commented "I was having a blast with O'Neal, I knew I could keep it close with him". Tim Haddy advanced well to finish fifth, Skelton slipped to sixth and Al Schlafer was seventh. Troy Wondra, Lance Fassbender and Andy Hunt rounded out the top ten.

In the Triton Trailers B-Main, Lance Fassbender took the lead from pole sitter Jeff Harder, and never looked back. T.J. Luedtke finished second, and Harder held on to third. Andy Hunt, Joe Palmisano, and Keith Olejnik capped the top 6 advancing to the Feature.

Skelton lead green to checker the Hepfner Race Products first heat with Dean Erfurth advancing to second. The second heat sponsored by JB Enterprises had Kurt Davis holding off Schenck to notch another win.

In the MPD third heat, Al Schlafer charged from the last row to claim the checker, Haddy followed in second. The B & B Oval Track Products sponsored fourth heat was a preview of the Feature action with O'Neal slipping by Emme for the win.

The MSA heads next weekend for Shawano Speedway for an appearance on Sunday, May 25th. For all of the latest standings, results, pictures and more, visit the MSA website at

Midwest Sprintcar Association - Results for May 16, 2003

Feature -- 1. Michael Emme, Manitowoc, WI; 2. Danny Schlafer, Sussex, WI; 3. Doug Schenck, Madison, WI; 4. Kenjay Fiedler, Sheboygan, WI; 5. Tim Haddy, Lomira, WI; 6. K. J. Skelton, Cascade, WI; 7. Al Schlafer, Sussex, WI; 8. Troy Wondra, Lomira, WI; 9. Lance Fassbender, Horicon, WI; 10. Andy Hunt, Randolph, WI; 11. Mark Wernes Jr., West Allis, WI; 12. Dean Erfurth, Oregon, WI; 13. Lloyd Dykstra, Waupun, WI; 14. Bill Taylor, Cascade, WI; 15. T.J. Luedke, Plymouth, WI; 16. Joe Palmisano, Neosho, WI; 17. Jeff Becker, Kiel, WI; 18. Scott Conger, Eagle, WI; 19. Jeff Harder, Glenbeulah, WI; 20. David O'Neal, Milwaukee, WI; 21. Keith Olejnik, Sun Prarie, WI; 22. Kurt Davis, West Allis, WI.

B-Main Feature -- 1. Leroy Ostrowski, Milwaukee, WI; 2. Fassbender; 3. Luedke; 4. Harder; 5. Hunt; 6. Palmisano; 7. Olejnik; 8. John Fahl, Brown Deer, WI; 9. Chris Wiser, Neosho, WI; 10. Aaron Schipper, Cascade, WI; 11. Alex Bliesner, Adell, WI; 12. Chad Tessman, Jefferson, WI; 13. Craig Hemmen, New Berlin, WI; 14. Russ Wetenkamp, Newton, WI; 15. Keith Fellner, Sturtevant, WI; 16. John Sauermilch Jr., Sheboygan, WI.

Heat Race -- First: 1. Skelton; 2. Erfurth; 3. Fiedler; 4. Wernes; 5. Harder; 6. Fahl; 7. Bliesner; 8. Hemmen; DNS Jerry Ski, Milwaukee, WI. Second: 1. Davis; 2. Schenck; 3. Dykstra; 4. Conger; 5. Fassbender; 6. Palmisano; 7. Wiser; 8. Olejnik; Third: 1. Al Schlafer; 2. Haddy; 3. Danny Schlafer; 4. Becker; 5. Luedke; 6. Wetenkamp; 7. Tessman; 8. Schipper; Fourth: 1. O'Neal; 2. Emme; 3. Taylor; 4. Wondra; 5. Hunt; 6. Sauermilch; 7. Fellner; DNS Ostrowski; <pre> Midwest Sprintcar Association Standings as of May 16, 2003 1. Michael Emme 88 2. Danny Schlafer 84 Doug Schenck 84 4. Tim Haddy 80 Kenjay Fiedler 80 K. J. Skelton 80 7. Al Schlafer 78 8. Troy Wondra 70 9. Lance Fassbender 66 Dean Erfurth 66 11. Mark Wernes Jr. 64 Andy Hunt 64 13. Lloyd Dykstra 62 14. Bill Taylor 60 15. David O'Neal 55 16. T.J. Luedke 54 17. Kurt Davis 53 18. Jeff Becker 52 19. Scott Conger 51 20. Joe Palmisano 50 21. Jeff Harder 48 22. John Fahl 42 23. Keith Olejnik 41 24. Chris Wiser 39 25. Aaron Schipper 37 Alex Bliesner 37 27. Chad Tessman 36 Russ Wetenkamp 36 29. Craig Hemmen 34 John Sauermilch Jr. 34 31. Keith Fellner 33 32. Leroy Ostrowski 10 Jerry Ski 10


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