Midwest vs Northern Plains results 2006-06-15

Johnson Adds Another ASCS Win in PJ's North/South Challenge JEFFERSON, SD (June 15, 2006) -- It was another night and yet another win for the "Racin' Cajun", Jason Johnson. Johnson scored his eighth American Sprint Car Series feature win...

Johnson Adds Another ASCS Win in PJ's North/South Challenge

JEFFERSON, SD (June 15, 2006) -- It was another night and yet another win for the "Racin' Cajun", Jason Johnson. Johnson scored his eighth American Sprint Car Series feature win of the year by wiring the field in Thursday night's ASCS Midwest vs. Northern Plains Region 20-lap feature in Park Jefferson Speedway's Annual North/South Challenge.

Johnson earned the pole position for the feature event by coming from eighth to win the third heat race, then outgunned fellow front row starter Jack Dover for the point at the drop of the green flag.

Dover, the 16-year-old racer from Springfield, NE, kept the pressure on Johnson over the first half of the race, with Sam Hafertepe, Jr., running a close third. But moments after Johnson put Bobby Becker a lap down, Becker got out of shape exiting turn two on the 12th round with Dover and Hafertepe colliding. Dover and Hafertepe, who flipped in the mishap, were both done for the night.

While Johnson led the way on the restart in Lanny Row's Wesmar-powered The Shop Diesel Service/Custom Equipment Design No. 41 Eagle, Schliemann moved into the second in front of Dusty Zomer and Chuck Swenson.

While Johnson slipped away, Zomer charged past Schliemann for second on the restart. Swenson followed suit by taking over third.

Johnson held a six car-length advantage to the checkered flag, with Zomer settling for second after starting twelfth. Schliemann battled back around Swenson in the final rounds to claim the show position, with Swenson settling for fourth.

Jesse Hockett rounded out the top five, with Brett Geldner, Jason Danley, 16th-starter Scott Winters, Brian Brown and Troy Meyer completing the top ten.

Dover, Hafertepe, Johnson, Geldner and Swenson topped heat race action for the 42-car field, with Dustin Lindquist and Winters topping the twin "B" Mains.

ASCS Midwest vs. Northern Plains Results:

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. 53-Jack Dover, 2. 15x-Jon Corbin, 3. 77-Jesse Hockett, 4. 82-Jason Danley, 5. 21v-Brent Vonk, 6. 57x-Jake Peters, 7. 29-Justin Jacobsma, 8. 5-Eric Lutz, 9. 17v-Casey Abbas.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. 15-Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 2. 9-Micah Schliemann, 3. 11m-Troy Meyer, 4. 84-Toby Chapman, 5. 87-Curt Lund, 6. 4x-Mike Chadd, 7. 2L-Dusty Ballenger, 8. 99-Shawn Van Wyhe, 9. 42-Kevin Flowers.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. 41-Jason Johnson, 2. 8b-Bobby Becker, 3. 17b-Ryan Bickett, 4. 55L-Dustin Lindquist, 5. 12-Brock Dump, 6. 13J-Jordan Martens, 7. 13m-Tim Martens, 8. 13-Seth Brahmer.

Fourth Heat (8 Laps): 1. 1b-Brett Geldner, 2. 1z-Dusty Zomer, 3. 21-Brian Brown, 4. 11x-Gregg Bakker, 5. 18-Tony Bruce, Jr., 6. 5b-Rick Ideus, 7. 20-Luke Cranston, 8. 1m-Billy Alley.

Fifth Heat (8 Laps): 1. X-Chuck Swenson, 2. 23c-Chad Humston, 3. 27-Jesse Drost, 4. R19-Scott Winters, 5. 4-Lee Grosz, 6. K9-Jason Linnell, 7. 56-Johnn Cressman, 8. 46-Rob Danielsen.

First B Feature (10 laps): 1. 55L-Dustin Lindquist, 2. 11x-Gregg Bakker, 3. 18-Tony Bruce, Jr., 4. 84-Toby Chapman, 5. 4x-Mike Chadd, 6. 17b-Ryan Bickett, 7. K9-Jason Linnell, 8. 56-Johnn Cressman, 9. 21v-Brent Vonk, 10. 13J-Jordan Martens, 11. 17v-Casey Abbas, 12. 29-Justin Jacobsma, 13. 1m-Billy Alley, 14. 99-Shawn Van Wyhe.

Second B Feature (10 Laps): 1. R19-Scott Winters, 2. 27-Jesse Drost, 3. 87-Curt Lund, 4. 57x-Jake Peters, 5. 12-Brock Dump, 6. 5b-Rick Ideus, 7. 5-Eric Lutz, 8. 2L-Dusty Ballenger, 9. 20-Luke Cranston, 10. 42-Kevin Flowers, 11. 4-Lee Grosz, 12. 13-Seth Brahmer, 13. 46-Rob Danielsen, 14. 13m-Tim Martens.

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 41-Jason Johnson, 2. 1z-Dusty Zomer, 3. 9-Micah Schliemann, 4. X-Chuck Swenson, 5. 77-Jesse Hockett, 6. 1b-Brett Geldner, 7. 82-Jason Danley, 8. R19-Scott Winters, 9. 21-Brian Brown, 10. 11m-Troy Meyer, 11. 15x-Jon Corbin, 12. 11x-Gregg Bakker, 13. 23c-Chad Humston, 14. 55L-Dustin Lindquist, 15. 27-Jesse Drost, 16. 8b-Bobby Becker, 17. 53-Jack Dover, 18. 15-Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 19. 87-Curt Lund, 20. 18-Tony Bruce, Jr.

ASCS Midwest Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Brian Brown 428, 2. Dusty Zomer 420, 3. Jake Peters 367, 4. Mike Chadd 363, 5. Jack Dover 315, 6. Chad Humston 313, 7. Rick Ideus 292, 8. Chuck Swenson 288, 9. Jason Danley 286, 10. Seth Brahmer 284.

ASCS Northern Plains Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Chuck Swenson 706, 2. Dustin Lindquist 658, 3. Jake Peters 631, 4. Curt Lund 595, 5. Gregg Bakker 560, 6. Brett Geldner 558, 7. Eric Lutz 542, 8. Lee Grosz 538, 9. Scott Winters 518, 10. Jesse Drost 479.


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