Midwest Sprintcar Association report 2002-08-20

Oshkosk, WI - In an exciting battle, David O'Neal retook the lead from Doug Schenck to claim his second Midwest Sprintcar Association Feature win of the season Tuesday August 20th at Powercom Speedzone in Oshkosh. K.J. Skelton slipped a little in...

Oshkosk, WI - In an exciting battle, David O'Neal retook the lead from Doug Schenck to claim his second Midwest Sprintcar Association Feature win of the season Tuesday August 20th at Powercom Speedzone in Oshkosh. K.J. Skelton slipped a little in the points battle with Troy Hepfner.

O'Neal launched forward from his second row starting spot and was the early leader with a lap in the books when the red flag waved for Frank Firari and K.J. Skelton getting tangled together against the front stretch wall, Firari went to the ambulance for observation and was released in satisfactory condition a short while later.

On the return to green, O'Neal again set a torrid pace, Jerry Ski quickly advanced to the second spot with Todd Hepfner and Doug Schenck in tow. With 10 laps completed, Todd Hepfner and Schenck had advanced to set their sights on O'Neal, and were both on O'Neal's rear bumper a couple laps later with Todd Hepfner momentarily taking the lead.

As the leaders were coming up on lapped traffic, disaster struck Todd Hepfner like deja vu as he was collected by a lapped car spinning out in turn two, again bringing out the red, neither driver was injured. The return to lap 12 action had O'Neal and Schenck battling for the lead, swapping the point numerous times before Schenck finally prevailed on the 19th lap.

Schenck was able to open up a three car lead over O'Neal, when the leaders again approached lapped traffic. The white flag was waving as Schenck attempted to pick through the lapped cars in the low line while O'Neal had narrowed the gap to half a car length running the high groove. In wing to wing combat, Schenck and O'Neal sprinted down the backstretch with O'Neal edging out Schenck coming out of turn four to score the Feature win.

Schenck would have to settle for second, although his effort earned him the KSE Hard Charger award after advancing 15 spots. Ski followed in the third spot, Kurt Davis and Troy Wondra both advanced from deep in the field to finish fourth and fifth.

T.J. Luedke claimed the sixth spot, and Tim Haddy advanced to finish seventh. Dean Erfurth, Lance Fassbender and Troy Hepfner would round out the top ten finishers.

In the Triton Trailers B-Main, Schenck battled from the last row to pick up the win advancing 15 spots in the process, Davis followed in second. Wondra, Aaron Schipper, Jim Uttech Sr. and Keith Olejnik capped the top six transferring to the Feature.

In the Hepfner Race Products first heat, Rookie Jermie Hedrick picked up his third heat checker of the season, Troy Hepfner followed in second. The second heat sponsored by JB Enterprises was IRA regular Todd Hepfner taking the win, O'Neal was second.

In the MPD third heat, Erfurth picked up his club leading 10th heat checker of the year, Haddy battled forward to finish second. The B & B Oval Track Products sponsored fourth heat had Ski slipping by Al Schlafer on the last lap for the win.

The Wisconsin PC Fast Time Award went to Scott Billish with a fast lap of 14.004, establishing a new track record for the MSA at Powercom Speedzone. Billish suffered brake failure returning to the pits coming to a hard stop against a concrete baricade, Billish was not injured. For all of the latest standings, results, pictures and more, visit the MSA website at www.msasprints.com.

Midwest Sprintcar Association - Results for Aug 20, 2002

Feature -- 1. David O'Neal, Greenfield, WI; 2. Doug Schenck, Madison, WI; 3. Jerry Ski, Milwaukee, WI; 4. Kurt Davis, West Allis, WI; 5. Troy Wondra, Lomira, WI; 6. T.J. Luedke, Plymouth, WI; 7. Tim Haddy, Lomira, WI; 8. Dean Erfurth, Oregon, WI; 9. Lance Fassbender, Rubicon, WI; 10. Troy Hepfner, Hartland, WI; 11. Al Schlafer, Sussex, WI; 12. Jeremie Hedrick, Shawano, WI; 13. John Sauermilch Jr., Sheboygan, WI; 14. Jim Uttech Sr., Kenosha, WI; 15. Joe Wipperfurth, Sun Prarie, WI; 16. Craig Hemmen, New Berlin, WI; 17. J.J. Stefan, Hartford, WI; 18. Aaron Schipper, Cascade, WI; 19. Todd Hepfner, Hartland, WI; 20. Keith Olejnik, Sun Prarie, WI; 21. Frank Firari, Lowell, WI; 22. K. J. Skelton, Cascade, WI.

B-Main Feature -- 1. Schenck; 2. Davis; 3. Wondra; 4. Schipper; 5. Uttech; 6. Olejnik; 7. Jeff Schmidt, Slinger, WI; 8. John Fahl, Milwaukee, WI; 9. Jay Schneider, West Bend, WI; 10. Paul Geib, Cascade, WI; 11. Joe Pantely, Beaver Dam, WI; 12. Chad Tessman, Jefferson, WI; 13. Buzz Beverly, Crest Hill, IL; 14. Chris Wiser, Sussex, WI; 15. Scott Billish, Hillside, IL; 16. Danny Schlafer, Sussex, WI; 17. Bill Taylor, Cascade, WI; DNS Andy Hunt, Randolph, WI; DNS Michael Emme, Manitowoc, WI.

Heat Race -- First: 1. Hedrick; 2. Troy Hepfner; 3. Stefan; 4. Hemmen; 5. Schipper; 6. Schmidt; 7. Hunt; 8. Wondra; Second: 1. Todd Hepfner; 2. O'Neal; 3. Firari; 4. Luedke; 5. Davis; 6. Wiser; 7. Danny Schlafer; 8. Pantely; DNS Emme. Third: 1. Erfurth; 2. Haddy; 3. Skelton; 4. Fassbender; 5. Uttech; 6. Geib; 7. Taylor; 8. Tessman; 9. Schenck. Fourth: 1. Ski; 2. Al Schlafer; 3. Wipperfurth; 4. Sauermilch; 5. Fahl; 6. Schneider; 7. Olejnik; 8. Beverly; DNS Billish.

Time Trials - 1. Billish, 14.004; 2. Haddy, 14.040; 3. Davis, 14.083; 4. Wondra, 14.140; 5. Olejnik, 14.154; 6. Skelton, 14.175; 7. Todd Hepfner, 14.209; 8. Hunt, 14.370; 9. Ski, 14.416; 10. Uttech, 14.445; 11. Luedke, 14.488; 12. Troy Hepfner, 14.503; 13. Sauermilch, 14.558; 14. Erfurth, 14.589; 15. O'Neal, 14.613; 16. Hedrick, 14.618; 17. Al Schlafer, 14.630; 18. Fassbender, 14.631; 19. Firari, 14.677; 20. Stefan, 14.721; 21. Schneider, 14.744; 22. Tessman, 14.747; 23. Pantely, 14.822; 24. Hemmen, 14.830; 25. Wipperfurth, 14.857; 26. Geib, 14.866; 27. Danny Schlafer, 14.897; 28. Schipper, 14.901; 29. Fahl, 14.929; 30. Taylor, 15.003; 31. Wiser, 15.030; 32. Schmidt, 15.130; 33. Beverly, 15.475; 34. Schenck, 19.721; 35. Emme, 90.000.


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