Midwest Region Eagle results 2008-09-07

Dover Ices ASCS Midwest Title with Nebraska Cup Triumph! EAGLE, Neb. (September 7, 2008) -- Jack Dover put the finishing touches on the American Sprint Car Series Midwest Region championship by charging to victory lane in Eagle ...

Dover Ices ASCS Midwest Title with Nebraska Cup Triumph!

EAGLE, Neb. (September 7, 2008) -- Jack Dover put the finishing touches on the American Sprint Car Series Midwest Region championship by charging to victory lane in Eagle Raceway's 25-lap Nebraska Cup finale for the second year in a row.

The 18-year-old Springfield, NE, racer climbed from the tenth starting position to take his fourth ASCS Midwest triumph of the season aboard the Eckley-powered 3D Auto Transport No. 53 Eagle, coasting underneath the checkered flag after his powerplant expired on the final round in its 35th night of duty.

While Dover needed just two laps to shoot from tenth to fourth, polesitter Chad Humston paced the opening handful of circuits before tagging the wall and exiting with damage. Mark Pace assumed the point for a pair of laps before Frank Galusha moved out front.

Dover chased down Galusha for the lead on the 16th circuit and lapped all the way up to seventh place as he notched his seventh overall ASCS feature win of the season. Mike Boston crossed the stripe in the runner-up slot, with Billy Alley taking the show position.

Pace picked up the fourth spot when apparent fourth-runner Frank Galusha failed post-race technical inspection, with Dusty Zomer rounding out the top five.

Don Droud, Jr., Jeff Lowery, Jason Danley, Gene Ackland and Eric Lutz completed the top ten.

Pace, Humston, Trevor Grossenbacher, Natalie Sather and Galusha topped heat race action for the 40-car field, with Jay Russell topping the "C" Main and then Danley winning the "B" Main.

Humston picked up a $500 bonus for winning the Pole Dash.

ASCS Midwest Region Results from Eagle Raceway:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 31-Mark Pace, 2. 7g-Mike Gabelhouse, 3. 14g-Gene Ackland, 4. 24a-Dusty Zomer, 5. 7x-Kevin Danley, 6. 99c-Nick Clifford, 7. 7-Tasker Phillips, 8. 5-Rick Ideus.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 1m-Chad Humston, 2. 4-Mike Chadd, 3. 96kx-Adam Gullion, 4. 14-Josh Riggins, 5. 28-Ken Klabunde, 6. 1x-Don Droud, Jr., 7. 71r-Ryan Anderson, 8. 20d-Dan Nekolite.

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher, 2. 45-Jeff Lowery, 3. x-Roger Sluka, 4. 8r-Gary Reber, 5. 17-Gage Dorr, 6. 77-John Klabunde, 7. 76-Jay Russell, 8. 9j-Mark Schmidt.

Heat Four (8 Laps): 1. 94s-Natalie Sather, 2. 53-Jack Dover, 3. 51-Mike Boston, 4. 82-Jason Danley, 5. 57-Tige Jensen, 6. 8b-Bobby Becker, 7. 23-Terry Holliman, 8. 6g-Bryan Gossel.

Heat Five (8 Laps): 1. 24b-Frank Galusha, 2. 5l-Eric Lutz, 3. 23r-Tadd Holliman, 4. 22-Billy Alley, 5. 24m-John Miller, 6. 27-Brad Wright, 7. 32-Chris Roseland, 8. 17b-Jason Becker.

Pole Dash (6 Laps): 1. 1m-Chad Humston, 2. 31-Mark Pace, 3. 24b-Frank Galusha, 4. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher, 5. 94s-Natalie Sather, 6. 4-Mike Chadd, 7. 45-Jeff Lowery, 8. 7g-Mike Gabelhouse.

"C" Feature (10 Laps): 1. 76-Jay Russell, 2. 32-Chris Roseland, 3. 71r-Ryan Anderson, 4. 8b-Bobby Becker, 5. 5-Rick Ideus, 6. 23-Terry Holliman, 7. 6g-Bryan Gossel, 8. 20d-Dan Nekolite, 9. 9j-Mark Schmidt, 10. 17b-Jason Becker, 11. 27-Brad Wright, 12. 7-Tasker Phillips.

"B" Feature (15 Laps): 1. 82-Jason Danley, 2. 57-Tige Jensen, 3. 1x-Don Droud, Jr., 4. 14-Josh Riggins, 5. 28-Ken Klabunde, 6. 32-Chris Roseland, 7. 77-John Klabunde, 8. 23r-Tadd Holliman, 9. 71r-Ryan Anderson, 10. 76-Jay Russell, 11. 8b-Bobby Becker, 12. 17-Gage Dorr, 13. 24m-John Miller, 14. 7x-Kevin Danley, 15. 8r-Gary Reber, 16. 99c-Nick Clifford.

"A" Feature (25 Laps): 1. 53-Jack Dover, 2. 51-Mike Boston, 3. 22-Billy Alley, 4. 31-Mark Pace, 5. 24a-Dusty Zomer, 6. 1x-Don Droud, Jr., 7. 45-Jeff Lowery, 8. 82-Jason Danley, 9. 14g-Gene Ackland, 10. 5l-Eric Lutz, 11. 94s-Natalie Sather, 12. x-Roger Sluka, 13. 14-Josh Riggins, 14. 7g-Mike Gablelhouse, 15. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher, 16. 57-Tige Jensen, 17. 4-Mike Chadd, 18. 1m-Chad Humston, 19. 96kx-Adam Gullion. Disqualified: 24b-Frank Galusha.

ASCS Midwest Region Points (Top Ten): 1. Jack Dover 1,026, 2. Mike Boston 906, 3. Bobby Becker 845, 4. Billy Alley 814, 5. Natalie Sather 808, 6. Brian Brown 712, 7. Jay Russell 613, 8. Don Droud, Jr. 548, 9. Ryan Anderson 483, 10. Lee Grosz 432.

-credit: ascs

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