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Wright Rebounds for O'Reilly ASCS Win at MMP MEMPHIS, Tenn. (September 9, 2005) -- Last Sunday night at Lake Ozark Speedway, Gary Wright took one of the wildest rides of his storied career. Just five nights later, it was back to...

Wright Rebounds for O'Reilly ASCS Win at MMP

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (September 9, 2005) -- Last Sunday night at Lake Ozark Speedway, Gary Wright took one of the wildest rides of his storied career. Just five nights later, it was back to business as usual for "The Texan" as he captured his eleventh O'Reilly American Sprint Car Series National Tour presented by Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores feature victory of the season in Friday night's 30-lapper at Memphis Motorsports Park.

Wright chased down early pacesetter A.G. Rains to take command on the twelfth round then waded through several caution periods to collect his 101st career ASCS National Tour victory aboard the Wesmar-powered Southwest Express/The Shop/Richwood Construction No. 9 Maxim.

"We needed that one!" Wright exclaimed as he climbed from his winning mount. Earlier in the night, Wright had commented that, "That hit at Lake Ozark was the hardest I've taken in a long, long time."

Gridding the feature field inside the fourth row, Wright had to work for this one.Outside front row starter Rains outgunned polesitter Chad Jones for the point at the drop of the green flag and paced the opening rounds in front of Jones, Zach Chappell and Jim Bowden, with Wright making his way into the top five after just three rounds.

Following a caution after five laps for Mike Ward's stalled mount, Wright disposed of Bowden and Chappell to take over third by the time the caution flew again two laps later for Dewayne Prince, who looped his machine in turn one.

Wright raced past Jones for second on the eighth round and set his sights on Rains, who was vying for a second career ASCS National Tour victory.JWright quickly closed the gap and after several laps of pressure, made the winning move on the high side through turns three and four on the 12th circuit.

Once in front, there was no stopping Wright as he streaked to the checkered flag unchallenged. Last year's Brodix Rookie of the Year, Rains held second to the stripe, while former ASCS National champion Chappell took over third just past the midway point and held the position to the line.

Jones settled for fourth, with Marshall Skinner charging from 18th to round out the top five. Jerrod Hull advanced from 15th to claim sixth, with 20th-starter Ernie Ainsworth, Bowden, 17th-starter Joey Montgomery and 21st-starter Toby Brown completing the top ten.

Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., had advanced from 19th to fifth by the race's midway point, only to get into the turn two guardrail on the 18th lap, collecting Raymond Stull in the process. Both drivers were done for the night.

Henry Gustavus flipped in turn two on the 19th lap as a gaggle of cars took evasive action to dodge a Ronny Howard spin. On the ensuing restart, fifth-running Dale Howard climbed Bowden's right rear tire entering turn one and launched into the turn one fencing. There were no injuries.

Mike McElya, Jones, Rains, Bowden and Chappell topped heat race action for the 40-car field. Hull made a last lap pass of Montgomery to win the first "B" Main, with Stull wiring the field in the second "B" Main.


First Heat (8 Laps): 1. Mike McElya, 2. Dewayne Prince, 3. Henry Gustavus, 4. Kenny Coke, 5. Hunter Schuerenberg, 6. Eddie Gallagher, 7. Don Young, 8. Mike Ward.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. Chad Jones, 2. Ronny Howard, 3. Jerrod Hull, 4. Jake Martens, 5. Ernie Ainsworth, 6. Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 7. Alan Courtney, 8. Eric White.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. A.G. Rains, 2. Gary Wright, 3. Jimmy Taylor, 4. Joey Montgomery, 5. Marshall Skinner, 6. Tim Montgomery, 7. Anthony Nicholson, 8. Josh Baker.

Fourth Heat (8 Laps): 1. Jim Bowden, 2. Lee Sowell, 3. Dale Howard, 4. Philip Faulkner, 5. Toby Brown, 6. Tony Bruce, Jr., 7. Jan Howard, 8. Travis Senter.

Fifth Heat (8 Laps): 1. Zach Chappell, 2. Darren Stewart, 3. Raymond Stull, 4. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 5. Josh Baker, 6. Nick Smith, 7. Travis Rilat. DNS: Greg Merritt.

First B Feature (12 Laps): 1. Jerrod Hull, 2. Joey Montgomery, 3. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 4. Nick Smith, 5. Kenny Coke, 6. Toby Brown, 7. Tim Montgomery, 8. Travis Senter, 9. Josh Howard, 10. Alan Courtney, 11. Eric White, 12. Anthony Nicholson. DNS: Travis Rilat.

Second B Feature (12 Laps): 1. Raymond Stull, 2. Marshall Skinner, 3. Ernie Ainsworth, 4. Hunter Schuerenberg, 5. Tony Bruce, Jr., 6. Sam Hafertepe, Jr., 7. Jimmy Taylor, 8. Mike Ward. DNS: Eddie Gallagher, Don Young, Jan Howard, Josh Baker, Greg Merritt.

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. Gary Wright, 2. A.G. Rains, 3. Zach Chappell, 4. Chad Jones, 5. Marshall Skinner, 6. Jerrod Hull, 7. Ernie Ainsworth, 8. Jim Bowden, 9. Joey Montgomery, 10. Toby Brown, 11. Darren Stewart, 12. Mike McElya, 13. Ronny Howard, 14. Dewayne Prince, 15. Lee Sowell, 16. Philip Faulkner, 17. Dale Howard, 18. Henry Gustavus, 19. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., 20. Raymond Stull, 21. Jake Martens, 22. Mike Ward, 23. Jan Howard.

O'Reilly ASCS National Tour presented by Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores Points (Top Ten): 1. Gary Wright 3,992, 2. Darren Stewart 3,782, 3. Tony Bruce, Jr., 3,536, 4. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 3,472, 5. Toby Brown 3,047, 6. Jake Martens 2,985, 7. Jimmy Taylor 2,431, 8. Jan Howard 2,095, 9. Zach Chappell 2,030, 10. Lee Sowell 1,937.


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